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The NERD Girl Is a GANGSTER Girl (COMPLETE) by Jeane_Leane
The NERD Girl Is a GANGSTER Girl ( Scabe
This story is about the girl who is so being tired of being bad, so her dad told her to be a NERD. But lets see if we will get the asnwer. By: Blue_Marane
Writing POC 101 by talkthepoc
Writing POC 101by TalkThePOC
An advice book on how to successfully write POC characters by Wattpad authors. [Highest rank: #1 in Non-Fiction]
Dangerous [Paul LaHote] [UNDER EDITING] by agentfriutloop
Dangerous [Paul LaHote] [UNDER agentfriutloop
Jacob Black's sister was sent away shortly after his mother's death. He never forgave himself, and apparently, neither did she. Tyler Black is back in La Push, ready for...
The Search For Cinderella: Season 2 ✔︎ by alexisgracexo
The Search For Cinderella: Alexis Grace
(CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE) Taylor Grace lives with crazy step-mother and sisters in her Beverley Hills mansion while her father is deployed overseas in the army. Wit...
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Hermittpad Community Recap by HermittpadRecap
Hermittpad Community Recapby The Hermittpad Recap
Welcome to the Hermittpad Community Recap, a book written by fans, for fans, and based on fans. We are a team of Hermittpadders that update the book each Sunday with a...
Intimate Interviews by WattpadAfterDark
Intimate Interviewsby AfterDark | Ambassadors
Where the featured authors of After Dark get real and unfiltered!
Random Writing Tips (Book 2) by most_bay
Random Writing Tips (Book 2)by most_bay
#3 in non-fiction. The first book is done at 200 parts and thanks to you it was pretty successful so I decided to go for another part to continue with the random tips, q...
Fantasy Stories for some newbies by FlavusVerbum
Fantasy Stories for some newbiesby Ranz Alonzo
Sa librong ito, pwede kang makahanap ng magagandang fantasy stories. Pero depende parin yun kung magugustuhan mo. Genre's : FANTASY; Romance/Adventure/SciFi/Teenfic/Act...
Beside You- A Johnlock Fanfiction (BBC Sherlock) *UNDER HEAVY EDITING* by SherlockedDoors
Beside You- A Johnlock the rest: rust&stardust
POST REICHENBACH/JOHNLOCK AU. Two years after watching the love of his life commit suicide, John Watson has faded out. Balancing between sleepless nights or facing the n...
Wattpad's BEST Books (Reccomendations) by SimplyDilsaaa
Wattpad's BEST Books ( Dilsa
Books that I read and recommend you to read. When you're looking for a book to read, this is a place to go. Trust me, these books are off the hook! ~perfectlyunknown...
From The Ashes✔️|| A Graphic Shop (Closed for catch up) by Guinealove2005
From The Ashes✔️|| A Graphic ♕ Guinealove2005 ♕
"𝙄𝙩 𝙩𝙖𝙠𝙚𝙨 𝙛𝙡𝙖𝙢𝙚𝙨 𝙩𝙤 𝙗𝙪𝙧𝙣." ➖▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄ ▄▀▄▀▄▀➖ Commercial book covers✔️Wattpad book covers✔️ Book jackets✔️ Graphics✔️ And much mor...
Hell by HayleyButler32
Hellby HayleyButler32
When a call is made to Ashley Dover from her older brother in jail, her life takes unexpected turn. Without taking his call serious, she becomes involved in a huge gang...
You are under my control BABY!!! by crazy-author
You are under my control BABY!!!by what??--why?
zhanyi* you are my'' said zhan more like commanding w...what?? wa..way'' Baby! Baby! Ahh...... you are so stubborn . But you belongs to me '' and loud sound of l...
Gacha Cringeby Ryūnosuke Tanaka
I hope this doesn't get my account banned
hello delilah by sunvlowr
hello delilahby ari
"Hayley, I've been calling you for the past fifteen minutes. Why didn't you answer?" "Because I'm not Hayley...?" "Oh." "..." &qu...
Gamer! Male reader x Undertale (Slow Updates) by Panna-San
Gamer! Male reader x Undertale ( Panna-San
Okay so you the reader was only a ordinary gamer, played games etc. Until someone gave you a game disc with the Undertale game on it....
Cloudless Authors by inkweld1021
Cloudless Authorsby inkweld1021
When Tai Lung returns, Tigress tries to keep him out of the Valley of Peace. (Fanart cover was done by TheRufo. Not mine. I can't draw this spectacularly).
Chained Throne by Triszjhkha
Chained Throneby Triszjhkha
Ending up in the hands of the hunters, by choice this time, Serenity is now out for blood. Trying to fight off their commands and black mails she finally uses what power...
The Fourth Wall by The_Author5263
The Fourth Wallby The_Author5263
Authors are all powerful beings who rule over the story in the shadows. They watch and record events for viewers to read. Troublemakers seek to disrupt stories and cause...
Why I Hate Wattpad by dreamstate-
Why I Hate Wattpadby Dream State
Relatable rants involving all the shit on Wattpad and why I'm over it. 'Where we bond over things that make you want to throw your device at the wall. Because let's face...