Why I Hate Wattpad by EmmaxRush
Why I Hate Wattpadby Emma Rush
Relatable rants involving all the shit on Wattpad and why I'm over it. 'Where we bond over things that make you want to throw your device at the wall. Because let's face...
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The Search For Cinderella: Season 2 ✔︎ by alexisgracexo
The Search For Cinderella: Alexis Grace
(CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE) Taylor Grace lives with crazy step-mother and sisters in her Beverley Hills mansion while her father is deployed overseas in the army. Wit...
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Wattpad Favorites by ceariacypret
Wattpad Favoritesby CcLovesBooks
For those who are looking for some new Favorites! :) Ratings on 12/17/2018: #1 in favorites #4 in authors #32 in amazing #31 in recommendations (I will be changing the c...
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Your Favourite Wattpad YA Authors by youngadultreads
Your Favourite Wattpad YA Authorsby Young Adult Reads
This book is filled with short-interview questions from some of your favourite Wattpad writers on Wattpad. Enjoy!
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Protecting the Heir | editing | by AnlaS0
Protecting the Heir | editing |by Hiatus
My name is Sofia without knowing that my dad is a mafia leader, it was all normal not until I wore this necklace where different kinds of mafia target me then the mafia...
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Lesbian one shots  by imperfect67
Lesbian one shots by imperfect67
Summ slight ??
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The NERD Girl Is a GANGSTER Girl (COMPLETE) by Blue_Marane
The NERD Girl Is a GANGSTER Girl ( Scabe
This story is about the girl who is so being tired of being bad, so her dad told her to be a NERD. But lets see if we will get the asnwer. By: Blue_Marane
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Up and Close With The Writers | Interviews by IBFanficCommunity
Up and Close With The Writers | Ishqbaaaz Fanfic Community
Wonder what your author does when they are not breaking their heads over the latest plot twist? Join us as we interview your favourite authors, asking them random questi...
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Crazy Addictive Wattpad Books  by anaveragewriter123
Crazy Addictive Wattpad Books by ♥︎ Belle ♥︎
I've been on Wattpad a long time. It's an addiction, a hole most cannot climb out of. Trust me I've tried. It's impossible to go cold turkey with this app. Having read...
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Famous Stories @ Wattpad That You'll Love by xNoOnesPropertyx
Famous Stories @ Wattpad That You' Taennie
This book included author's name, title of the book, how many votes, reads and description of the book.
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Writing POC 101 by talkthepoc
Writing POC 101by TalkThePOC
An advice book on how to successfully write POC characters by Wattpad authors. [Highest rank: #1 in Non-Fiction]
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Wattpad's Hotties by My_Little_Secret_
Wattpad's Hottiesby Saloni
You have read about them. You have swooned over them. You have loved them for each sweet and idiotic act they have committed. You have cried when their hearts have been...
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Even More Writing Prompts by Lady_of_Erudite
Even More Writing Promptsby Lady_of_Erudite
Coming back at you with more inspiration, more dialogue, more prompts. And hey, I've got another prompt book that would enjoy being read by a lovely writer, such as your...
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This awards are for all SanGini/RagSan authors. To give recognition to their books. To know more peep in.
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Wattpad Geniuses by B1ankPaper
Wattpad Geniusesby Danika
You can find the best Wattpad books of all genres, right here! Just hop into this fine selection of great reads and I'm sure you won't regret it :) I hope you enjo...
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The Heavenly Awards 2018 [CLOSED] by TheHeavenlyAwards
The Heavenly Awards 2018 [CLOSED]by TheHeavenlyAwards
[Closed, Completed] A writing contest for anyone and everyone! Are you an undiscovered writer? Or are you hugely popular? It doesn't matter. The Heavenly Awards does not...
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Naruto Watty Winners by NarutoWattyAwards
Naruto Watty Winnersby -`NWA´-
Every year people put their hearts on the line and their stories to the test. These are the people who came out on top.
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Best Werewolf Stories [ Wattpad ] by Raeddish
Best Werewolf Stories [ Wattpad ]by Poppy
#115 in werewolf 3-18-18 Are you looking for a good story in werewolf section? Stop worrying. I am here to give you a best suggestion! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE DATA/WIFI ON...
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My Book Cover Designs by GoldFantasy
My Book Cover Designsby L.C. Harrison
If you like my covers and would like me to design one for you, please answer the questions provided!! Most of these covers are ones I've done for my own writings. I can'...
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