The Search For Cinderella: Season 2 ✔︎ by alexisgracexo
The Search For Cinderella: Alexis Grace
(CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE) Taylor Grace lives with crazy step-mother and sisters in her Beverley Hills mansion while her father is deployed overseas in the army. Wit...
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vkook awards [ open ] by Bangtanlover95
vkook awards [ open ]by an intaellectual
Love vkook want to be a known vkook author? You are at the right place.
  • 2018
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200 Books On Wattpad You Should Read Before You Die by blackberrydragon
200 Books On Wattpad You Should Mad Hatter
Life is an open book full of blank pages, you write the story as you go
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Hello Delilah by dansquish
Hello Delilahby Ari
"Hayley, I've been calling you for the past fifteen minutes. Why didn't you answer?" "Because I'm not Hayley...?" "Oh." "..." &qu...
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The NERD Girl Is a GANGSTER Girl (COMPLETE) by Blue_Marane
The NERD Girl Is a GANGSTER Girl ( Scabe
This story is about the girl who is so being tired of being bad, so her dad told her to be a NERD. But lets see if we will get the asnwer. By: Blue_Marane
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The Best Wattpad Authors by Violet_Sparkle11
The Best Wattpad Authorsby AteGelyn
Sinulat ko to hindi dahil sa wala lang..sinulat ko to dahil gusto kung eshare sa inyo ang mga story na maganda yung pagkasulat ng mga ibat ibang author.. Kung may mga au...
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Lesbian one shots  by imperfect67
Lesbian one shots by imperfect67
Summ slight ??
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Writing POC 101 by talkthepoc
Writing POC 101by TalkThePOC
An advice book on how to successfully write POC characters by Wattpad authors. [Highest rank: #1 in Non-Fiction]
  • howtonotbeoffensive
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Best TeenFics On Wattpad by taegerx
Best TeenFics On Wattpadby ava
Read the best cliché or non cliché teen fictions on wattpad. From the author of Wattpad Love to the author of Queen&Knight. Discover the best teenfictions on wattpad.
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The Centurion Awards 2018 - [OPEN] by TheCenturionAwards
The Centurion Awards 2018 - [OPEN]by The Centurion Awards
Aiming to help writers become discovered! [OPEN] Read inside for details!
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My Boss Is My Future Husband ♥∞ ( EDITING) by Pink_Clarz23
My Boss Is My Future Husband ♥∞ ( Clarisse 23
FIRST LOVE? Salita kung saan may naniniwala ngunit mas matimbang parin ang mga hindi naniniwala. Isa na doon si Ally Porter , isang babaeng nangangarap na maging Flight...
  • ally
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Good Urban Books by imrealnayamazin
Good Urban Booksby 🌺Royal
If you're having a hard time finding books to read, you came to the right place, these books are mostly my favorites, Enjoy.
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Even More Writing Prompts by Lady_of_Erudite
Even More Writing Promptsby Lady_of_Erudite
Coming back at you with more inspiration, more dialogue, more prompts. And hey, I've got another prompt book that would enjoy being read by a lovely writer, such as your...
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Hidden Gems Awards 2018 by HiddenGemsAwards
Hidden Gems Awards 2018by Hidden Gems Awards
[status: judging] Welcome to the second annual Hidden Gems Awards! Here, you can participate in contests in order to get your story out there and known! It's hard to get...
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Immortals of Meluha (The Shiva Trilogy Book 1) by AuthorAmishTripathi
Immortals of Meluha (The Shiva AuthorAmishTripathi
1900 BC. In what modern Indians mistakenly call the Indus Valley Civilisation. The inhabitants of that period called it the land of Meluha - a near perfect empire creat...
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#56 IN RANDOM NOTICE: ONLY TEEN FICTION BOOKS! Waddup guys?! So i have been getting bored lately and this one idea just clicked in my mind.Why not recommend teen fiction...
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Muslim Books On Wattpad YOU MUST READ! by AimanShaikh8
Muslim Books On Wattpad YOU MUST AimanShaikh8
Assalamualaikum Readers!:) Hey. i am not an author . But i am a Wattpad reader . I have been reading books on wattpad since a year and I want those books to be read by m...
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Best Werewolf Stories [ Wattpad ] by Raeddish
Best Werewolf Stories [ Wattpad ]by Poppy
#115 in werewolf 3-18-18 Are you looking for a good story in werewolf section? Stop worrying. I am here to give you a best suggestion! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE DATA/WIFI ON...
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Save me / Fourtris  by stuckinfantasy-
Save me / Fourtris by ☹
•completed• || - When life falls apart, I'll be there. I'll be the shoulder you cry on - ||
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losing you / fourtris by stuckinfantasy-
losing you / fourtrisby ☹
you never know where you could find your soulmate... ...or how quickly you could lose them
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