Vampire and Slayer-(19 A Few Moments Left To Us)

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Okay. Well, Since it took me soo long to write this chapter I made it long. I was totally into making it longer but I had to stop it somewhere so I concluded it nicely I think. It's always good to end a chapter that way. *winks*

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Okay, as you're reading this imagine Do You Believe in Magic playing in the back ground. I think the irony works.

and Hey, I have part of 20 done!

Okay, i couldnt find the head band in the book. Its one that my sister has but I got everything else.


Chapter 19

A Few Moments Left To Us

The sun was cresting the horizon like monarchs headed for warmer territories. Orange, red, yellow, pink and purple danced in the sky, faceless fairies darting back and forth throughout a forest of blue. This was my home, where I was, in Ben's arms. He was holding me, fast asleep as he did, and I was sketching him. I was almost finished, the whole left side of his face perfected, the shadowy side pressed against the pillow. I had the arcs and the contours of the other side of his face finished, but the highlights weren't perfect. There was something missing.

I then realized what it was. I reached over to my bag, careful not to jostle him, and dug around inside until I found something that I had felt inclined to bring this morning, despite my tired and edginess. A little box of water colors. Wetting my finger in my mouth, I rubbed it against the dry paint. My fingertip turned aqua.

Just a smudge on his cheek, just enough to bring out the vein there, the vein that was bright blue in the sunlight, was all I wanted. It was all I got. And it was perfect. I added a touch of red on my middle finger to his pouting lower lip, not enough to paint it, but just enough to give it a pinkish tint. I did the same with brown to his hair falling over his forehead in a ruffled mess and his vampiric eyebrows, as no human man would have eye brows that perfect unless he was an actor. And it was perfect.

I stared at the drawing for a while, willing it to life. As I did Ben's lips turned up, a smile in his sleep. "Kiss me," he mumbled. I knew he was saying it only in dreams, but I did anyway. At first I was simply kissing a sleeping man's motionless lips, but then they came to life beneath mine. I put my hand on the up side of his face and closed my eyes.

At last I opened them and looked into Ben's redwood eyes. They were endless and they were two-dimensional. They were brown and they were black. They were streaked and they were solid. They were open and they were closed. And they were looking at me.

"My first dream ever to come true," he murmured. "And a good choice of dream it was."

"I love you," I sighed, rubbing his cheek. He was so amazed at his realization it was adorable. The innocence he possessed was beyond my comprehension. Most boys his age almost undeniably thought of nothing but video games and sex, or at least the ones I knew did, except for Ben. He thought about people and the things he could do to save them. He thought about his past and what he would do try to make amends for the things he done. He thought about his family and the few things he could find value in them. He thought about simple things like impressing me and making me happy on a docile and innocent level. Like what he would do for me when the time came to change me or what he would do to try to make the fight not so horrible. He didn't think about making himself happy even though when he wanted something enough, like me, he would be determined to get it but what he could do to make others happy. I don't know what he had thought when he first came here, or what truly drove him, but when he left LA he only did so to try to figure out what was causing the vampires to head northward. Maybe when he met me in Waldport, unknowing of who I really was, but with the knowledge I was a strange aromaless girl, he thought something along the lines of preserving himself and that was why he erased my memory and left me a little confused on what had happened that night.

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