Vampire and Slayer-(14 My Fight)

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this ones really...okay...not really...cute in my opinion. haha. that make me sick and twisted?

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Chapter 14

My Fight

I was sitting on the tables outside the front of the gym, looking over the dozen or so flip books I had made in Spanish. The first two starred Atierious, the third Alex, and so on, the next five were the same vampires I had vanquished the first week. The other ten were from more recent encounters, some of which made me burn inside. There was one that was me fighting the vampire version of myself, from that dream so many nights ago. Another was the fight in which Eric attacked Ben. The most recent was from yesterday, Monday's fight.

Ben had taken his time in chasing the vampire my way. By the time he arrived with the undead I was about ready to throw-up from boredom. "Thanks for making it speedy!" I growled and dove at the vampire with shoulder length black hair. He screeched as I jabbed my knee with a cross strapped to it into his stomach.

"Stupid, stupid slayer! Why do you fight with the one you are meant to kill? He is the 'unusual one'! You must kill him!" he threw his arms in the air to stress his point.

"Oh shut. Up. I don't have time for this!" and the bloodsucking creature whose name I believe was Billiam received a nice blow to the head from my left fist, which was tightly gripping a cross. His skin broke and burned.

"You filthy excuse for a slayer! You incessant nuisance and vampire loving freak! You terrible blood-bartering cret-" the sound of rock and ice colliding was ringing in my ears even minutes after Ben took a swing at the vampire's skull.

"She said, Shut up!" the living bellowed. "Give me a stake!" he shouted at me. I tossed the sharpened wooden rod his way and pulled out my lighter.

Billiam screeched again and the flame caught on his throat in my pathetic attempt to shut him up.

"Come on," I said to Ben, not wanting him to get himself killed in the process of getting vengeance on my verbal-abuser.

He looked at the quickly growing flames and my earnest face, then dropped the body and took my outstretched hand. I yanked him away.

Five minutes later I was dropping him off at his drive-way. I had insisted on driving him, I knew he would get moody if he actually saw one of my fights and I didn't want him to get himself hurt. This way the vampire was long since dead and the flames had put themselves out.

That was the fight on the last flip book. Of course it wasn't in so many words, but it expressed the same happenings. I sighed as a white hand took it from me.

Ben watched the motion picture then laughed. "You are artistic," he commented.

"Autistic," I corrected him.

"Not so," he frowned.

"Anyhow, do you know why I insisted on you driving?" this was a test to see how well he knew me.

He put on a mock falsetto version of my voice, "'Because I can't be with you but I still love you. If I had let you come and go on your own you would have gotten hurt in the act of inflicting as much pain as possible on the crippled vampire.'"

"Everything except for the voice you have down," I got up and shoved the other flip books in my bag. "Keep that." I walked to Film.

"Hmmm. I guess I do do Aliyyah's voice a little better. I am sorry about last night. I didn't mean to get in your way so much. I'll run a little faster next time if you wish."

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