Vampire and Slayer-(2 First Day)

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Chapter 2

First Day

Well, Ms. Millon will be happy, I though with grumpy and invaded, but honored feelings, referring to my mother by her last name, which I only did when I was mad at her, feeling lazy, talking to her when she was acting like a teacher, or not able to get her attention. I guessed it was the first.

Within two minutes of sitting down for class, a girl walked up and introduced herself as April Freewalker. She was nice and polite, but I guessed that she was only here to take claim on me before anyone else could, people were predictable like that. However, I enjoyed her presence, and felt a wave of guilt sweep over me as soon as that horrible thought about her motivations for meeting me came to mind. I asked her if I knew her from before, but she didn't know what I meant by before.

"Oh. Well, my mother pulled me out of school in the eighth grade and I have been home schooled ever since. I do not remember you, but I am not positive that I did not know you."

She laughed. "I came here in my freshman year. My parents moved to Paraguay but couldn't afford to bring me too, so they sent me here to live with my Gran. I haven't seen them since."

"Do you not miss them?" I asked, curious by her breeziness about the subject.

"I try not to because I know they don't miss me, but I can't help it sometimes. They are my parents; it's hard not to miss them. I guess you see your parents all the time though, being home schooled and all, right?" Her smile was pretty, her lips were full, and her cheeks didn't get pudgy. I was still estranged by the fact that she could talk so cheerfully about her parents not missing her, but I didn't dwell, I had enough on my plate of reputation. When she heard the stories she wouldn't want to be my friend anymore.

"Actually, I spent most of my time in my room for the first two years. I went book crazy and wanted to be alone so I did not see my mother much then, only for lunch and dinner, on the weekends, dinner on week days. However, last year, I went to New York to live with my aunt, but for the last eight months I have been getting a good fill of having a mother again." I tried to sound as breezy as April, but I knew I could never pull it, I was too unsociable. When I spoke, I spoke with meaning.

Class was called then, so all she had a chance to do was nod and take a seat next to me. It was then that I noticed that she had a runner's body. Nice posture, lots of muscle, squarely space hips, she was pretty. She had wavy tan chest length hair and silvery blue eyes. How she managed the tan she had, I did not know. It was winter wasn't it? I do remember that you didn't see the sun during the cold months in this town.

Being as I had started school two months before the end of the school year, mid-April, I was sort of in an awkward position, but when the teacher handed the critique on the movie I needed, I realized I had studied it. Man on Fire was a movie I had studied at the beginning of this year. I sighed, and sat back for easy breezing.

While the teacher, Mr. Iltnew, droned on about tone, I relaxed and let my mind wander. I started thinking about body types. April had the runner body. Why body did I have? I was strong and durable, but squishy and missing muscle. I was thin and not too tall, but not short either. I looked good in leather and black, but not the fraying biker stuff. Why body type did I have?

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