Vampire and Slayer-(20 The Bloodworths)

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Sorry its been soo long! I think this is my longest chapter. 20 pages on word.

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Chapter 20

The Bloodworths

Ben's car took us to Portland which took via a big plane to Boston, where we spent three hours running around town seeing what all we could see in that time. Ben then bought our way back into the airport; search free, just as he had in Portland. That small plane, at 7 PM, took us to us to Presque Isle where a sleek black limo was waiting with the darkest windows I had ever seen. The gentleman in sun glasses, a suit, gloves, and a thick coat of makeup on his face gave me the chills and I on sight wanted to stake him. He was obviously a vampire but in the evening light, the sun amazingly shining, he didn't look like a vampire; he had every give away taken care of. High class vampires of these days actually were able to pull it off. I was amazed.

"Mr. Arrient. It's been a while," he said in the strangest voice. It was heartbreakingly beautiful but disturbingly awful at the same time.

"Yes, Franz, I believe it has." Ben leaned forward and held the vampire's shoulder for a fleeting moment, a hint of passion in it. I had to wonder...

"I presume this is your lady, Ariel Millon, the slayer," Franz iterated, his head inclining ever-so-slightly in my direction.

"Yes," I said quickly, stopping Ben from saying anything. I shot my hand out to let him take it in an ever so revealing shake. A terrified man, Franz was, up until he was changed by Ben's father himself. A strange love he felt for Mr. Bloodworth, or Bryc as he called him, and the hate he felt for Bryc's lady, Vietta. He knew she didn't know how much he hated her, only that he felt an unearthly disgust for her existence. I could see the blood he had spilt in his hate for her, a way to make him calm down, when he got so angry. I could hear the screams of the unlucky victims he had taken out in his haste, many of the screams his own. I knew the things he had thought about her and I could feel the love he reserved for Mr. Bloodworth. In all, it was strange, and I in a way wished I knew more, but didn't pursue my desire. I was in six feet too deep with vampires as it was. I was here, wasn't I?

"She's you," he said, releasing my hand and turning back to Ben. "Everything you are she is. I can tell. Your father was wrong. She's perfect for you."

"What did my father say?" Ben was almost anxious.

"That you are a fool boy meddling in affairs too complex for you and that she is merely a tool at your feet. He believes she's wrong for you and even has his suspicions as to her loyalty to you. Your father is under the impression that this is something he will be able to use against you in the long run. I suppose the right words would be, 'make the two of them into my weapons.' Or maybe I'm paraphrasing." He shrugged, his eyes rolling back into his head, almost loving mocking in his voice. "You never know."

Ben looked like he was going to hurl on Franz' feet and I couldn't quite make out the jumble in my brain.

But Franz seemed unmoved. "I will take the bags you don't need with you for the duration of the drive." He grabbed the suitcases and strolled breezily to the trunk.

Ben didn't move when Franz returned and held the door open.

"Get in the car, Ben," I muttered severely. He just stood there, his eyes dazed.

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