The Captain  by bluestrip_jerika
The Captain by bluestrip_jerika
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Sleeping Stars, You Stole My Heart.  (Sans X Chara) HIATUS & EDITING by Arie_Xona
Sleeping Stars, You Stole My Arie Chi
"Hey, do you believe in love at first sight?" "No, not really." "Me neither." Chara is a male. a crossdresser.
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To Save The Stars - A Zodiac Story by idk_i_love_zodiac
To Save The Stars - A Zodiac Storyby idk_i_love_zodiac
A very long time ago, about a few million years ago, several constellations were created ... Exactly 12, they were called Zodiac signs. Every single constellation playe...
  • aquarius
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The adventures of MattyB by Arie-Smile
The adventures of MattyBby Arie
The Adventures of MattyB tells a story putting MattyB featured artist! Love, Friendship, below his songs and much more! For any and all BFamily!
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Team 10 High School by lmdobrikt10
Team 10 High Schoolby lmdobrikt10
It's the last year of secondary school for Year 13. But this story is focused on a particular group in Year 13. They're known as the jocks and the cheerleaders. Jake Pau...
  • chadtepper
  • jakepaul
  • maverickbyloganpaul
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Histoire de fille. by Arie-Smile
Histoire de Arie
Avertissement: Histoire de fille n'est pas un roman! J'ai décidé d'en faire un blog! Là dessus, je peux vous parler des émissions les plus populaires de la planète, de...
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buy me diamonds  by -moonlightstars
buy me diamonds by аг & ем
❝ save your love and buy me diamonds ❞ [RANTS AND RANDOMNESS BY EMMA AND ARIE]
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