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Jacked UP!! (Hunter x Hunter: Illumi x OC x Hisoka) by DreamerOfClouds
Jacked UP!! (Hunter x Hunter: DreamerOfClouds
Jacked - by definition, it means physically or mentally stimulated from the effects of a drug or a stimulant. That's how I always feel when I'm with Hisoka. The stupid...
  • hunterxhunter
  • zoldyck
  • jacked
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Sleeping Stars, You Stole My Heart.  (Sans X Chara) HIATUS & EDITING by Arie_Xona
Sleeping Stars, You Stole My Arie Chi
"when people didnt love me, you loved me, instead."
  • romance
  • arie
  • feels
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The Captain  by bluestrip_jerika
The Captain by bluestrip_jerika
This is not like the rest it's kids tell u what the story Finna be about or if imma make a new abt ti so go read it there also tea ☕️😂 🖤
  • raja
  • jerika
  • khalil
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Neighbourhood Chan!(one_shot) by Mee_CB_Zi
Neighbourhood Chan!(one_shot)by Hatsu Malfoy
When he came into my heart ❤💛 Birthday_present. Fot ✨Tiny ✨
  • chanyeol
  • arie
  • puppy
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He's the White Tail Fox  by jerika0326940
He's the White Tail Fox by jerika0326940
In this Story Jake was Born in a demon in side of him self and the only people he trust is His little sister Sunny find out
  • junny
  • rockygarcia
  • whitetailfox
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👄All About ARIE✨💅 by itsnotarie
👄All About ARIE✨💅by verbatim🍃
Lo que ocurre en mi graciosa, tediosa, interesante mente para crear tantas novelas.
  • escritora
  • crazy
  • novels
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Flowering Heart Chess X Arie love story! by ChelSebastian
Flowering Heart Chess X Arie Chelsea Tsukiyomi
What if Chess and Arie met as kids?,find it out! - Chelsea Tsukiyomi (Chess)
  • romance
  • arie
  • flowering
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Sunkissed by athenamaddox
Sunkissedby Athena
• In honor of WattPride and Pride month • Josiah catches me with both hands wrapped around my arms, forces me in front of him. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, little bro, where...
  • mako
  • love
  • fluff
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Butterfly Wings by dark_bubbles62
Butterfly Wingsby Paige
If you had the chance to do everything you always wanted, but never really had the opportunity to do, would you risk everything? Would you risk your life? Arabella jus...
  • love
  • arie
  • butterflies
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Walking the Line by Navyscone1
Walking the Lineby Navyscone1
This story can be read as a stand alone story. But it is connected to two other perspective stories. One written by @TinyFics, and the other by @TheOtakuGirl4. To get...
  • arie
  • jedimasterchipmunk
  • forafriend
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Broken Crown by bergamotfragrance
Broken Crownby soul of blues
Hace un año, Leifrerin Fleury murió; dejando a su hermano pequeño Arie sólo y cargando con la corona de Suecia. Ahora, él tiene 22 años y se siente muerto por dentro y...
  • historicalfiction
  • arie
  • love
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End my torture  by Blackpink_Bts_Jamie
End my torture by Jamie_Kp0p
This is a book about @BOYSTORY_arie made me go through torture and sending me memes of boystory I am not a fan of boystory (their cpop btw) and she's always talk about t...
  • arie
  • boystory
Arie Updates! by Arie_Xona
Arie Updates!by Arie Chi
Hello! You might already know me, but if you didn't, check out my profile! anyways, I'm here to keep you guys up with the latest updates! (Ha lol I'm lonely....;-;)
  • updates
  • ineedopinions
  • helpmechoose
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Carnage by sayruq
Carnageby Fatuma
Set in Ancient Rome in the reign of Augustus. Arc 1 For years, Nadu and Arie roamed continents after the death of the Parthian king, her father. With very little prospec...
  • gladiator
  • slave
  • arena
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Inside Outside by PsychoSisters
Inside Outsideby PsychoSisters
While staying in a cabin with a bunch of her old friends her eyes were opened to the truth. Not only was the boy who used to live down the street suddenly acting like a...
  • friendzone
  • louis
  • jarie=james
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You don't know me that much by ahseeaj02
You don't know me that muchby Jaeesha Reen
This story is about a NERD. Not an ordinary Nerd. She has 1 secret that only her bestfriends know. You must be careful with her words. You just think that she is a NERD...
  • sweetadmirer
  • jarrenlau
  • arie
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A Desperate Vampire by weirdo___person
A Desperate Vampireby Lost_girl
(WARNING: THIS DOES HAVE DDLG IN IT) A Vampire that can't stand being without somebody finds the surprise of his life. But, him being a vampire stops him from being with...
  • daddy
  • liampayne
  • loveyou
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the last people on earth by Arys_Stories
the last people on earthby Ariana hurley
It was a normal Sunday for Arie, watching her friend's football game until everyone freezes and disappears. Arie, Dylan, Harri, Minnie, and Kevin have the whole world to...
  • harri
  • dylan
  • endoftheworld
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