Vampire and Slayer-(7 Unusual One)

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This is probably the book's shortest chapter. I think its one of the most creatively constructive of them all in the way of the style. But hey, that's just my way. I'm wierd with my style.

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Song: Sound of Pulling Heaven Down by Blue October

Okay. We have Jordin off to the right. Remember her? She was the one trying to prove that Aerie was a freak during basketball and running and stuff.


Chapter 7

Unusual One

"Poker?" I asked and held the deck of old cards for Ben's speculation.

"Perfect. What are we betting?" there was a sly tone to his voice.

"Hmm," I got up and walked over. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I boosted myself up as far as I could in high heels. "These?" I suggested in my most innocent voice. He met me half way. This second kiss was just as good as, if not better than, the first.

"Hmm," he contemplated at last. "Yep. That works for me."

"I hoped so," I breathed.

I set the cards out on the floor, and sat cross legged in front of them shuffling a half of the deck. He grinned and sat down next to me. "You shuffle these," I ordered as I hopped to my feet. "I'll turn on some music. What do you want to hear?"

"How about some...Linkin' Park? Minutes to Midnight perhaps," I turned in time to see a sly smile.

Returning it I murmured, "No Eighties Power Ballads?"

He laughed. "I'm not against it."

"Me neither, but your first choice sounds better to me."

"I agree entirely."

"You're so positive all the time. Where'd you get that?" I opened iTunes and selected the songs.

"You're so cynical all the time. Where'd you get that?"

"Love and loss."

"Same here. I guess we learn to deal with things in different ways, right?" I didn't hear him move, so when his arms were around me, I jumped.

"Sit down boy," I snapped teasingly. "I'm about done."

He pressed his lips to my neck then murmured, "Alllright." With that, he began dealing the cards for a game of Texas Holdem'. Quickly and ever so discreetly I switched on the web cam and tweaked the system so it would take rapid photos. Satisfied, I sat cross legged on the floor across from Ben and announced my bet.

The evening continued like that, easily and perfectly. I couldn't help but enjoy it. It broke up when my mother called and decided she wanted to chat.

"Hold on Mom. I need to do something really quickly," I said, my voice a lie of perkiness.

"Alright, Honey. Take your time."

"Mmmhhhhmmmm." I sighed as I set the phone down. "She wants to talk. It'll take her awhile," I whispered as I turned.

"That's alright. I should be getting home. I have plants to water," he chuckled, he eyes decorated with a mysterious twinkle.

"Okay." My crooked smile was then smothered by a set of warm lips. "Okay, okay," I breathed between kisses. "I have to talk to her or she'll freak out and show up here in a few minutes!"

"Okay, Aerie. You go be what you got to be. I have to do the same. I love you. Remember that in the morning." With that, another quick kiss, and the brush of fingers on the cheek, he was gone. I stood there wondering what he meant by 'remember that in the morning.' Why would my opinion of him change by morning?

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