Vampire and Slayer-(23 At Death Do We Part)

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Chapter 23

At Death Do We Part

"You have to stay in focus as much as possible," I told Fairy in a rushed voice. She nodded hurridly and glanced at the approaching army. "See them as the enemy," I suggested.

Ben darted back over from his father's side. "He's going to lead the left flank attack, I'll do right, you and Fairy take center. I rearranged it so you only have slayers to help prevent outbreaks on Fairy's part. Work together like you were fighting an army of vampires. I have to go," he grabbed me and kissed like this was the very last time he was going to touch me. "I love you. Be strong," he rushed then ran away.

I nodded to the air and answered faintly, "I want to see you again in the morning."

"Always," he distant yell sounded.

I looked to Fairy. "Ready?"

She nodded and we ran to the group of slayers we were to lead. Only thirty seconds had passed since Taylor's scream and I was pretty sure I had heard every word Ben had said. Even still, I worried that I had missed some goodbye message he had passed to me.

"Spread out into an array of lethal weapons! Corner and trap the enemy! Fight like they are vampires and do it for the ones you love!" I bellowed with the loudest voice I could find. "Ready, and attack!"

We took off at full speed. I was first towing Fairy's hand with me. I didn't want to loose her in all the hubbub. She wasn't nearly as fast, but she tried and let me drag her a lot. The others were nearly as fast as me, but since I was slowed we were in two even lines.

Taylor's army got closer and closer. In seconds, we were on them. The lines broke out and we created a crescent. Her army stood in circle facing out and formed an outer ring.

I glanced to see if Taylor had stayed behind. She hadn't. I could see Jackie leading the sect of the army fighting Mr. Bloodworth's vampires and Aliyyah leading those approaching Ben's. I guessed that Taylor was in the group I had cornered.

A wave of stupidity hit me when I turned as she was the slayer right in front of me, preparing to fight me to the death. "Ready, Traitor?" she screamed, her face still red.

"Definitely," I said. "Attack!"

The two humans had stayed behind with Mrs. Bloodworth to doctor the injured. They were in the tunnel while she was out on the battlefield watching for fallen vampires or slayers from our side. I was happy they weren't here, this was too traumatizing for even their hardened minds to handle.

In harmony both armies lurched forwards, ready to kill whomever they touched. Taylor's body slammed against mine and I pushed with every ounce of strength in me. She tumbled to the ground and I tumbled with her. Hands grabbed my shoulders and suddenly I was underneath her, the dry grass itchy against my neck.

She straddled me, holding my shoulders down with her hands. One recoiled backwards and she punched at my face. "STUPID SLAYER HATER!" she screamed.

My free arm swung forwards and I shoved her head. What was I doing? I was beating up one of my best friends! I had to stop somehow...

My knee went into her gut as she flipped backwards. I rolled forwards and pulled her hair. Taylor's nails dug into my arm and blood gushed down hers.

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