Joe Sugg Imagines by Mrsniamhymurs
Joe Sugg Imaginesby Crєσlє Lαdч Marmαlαdє ❤
A series of Joe Sugg imagines that involve you and Joe. Joe Sugg x Reader.
  • joesuggimagine
  • joe
  • alfie
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Family Dinner by thezookeeper2013
Family Dinnerby thezookeeper2013
A big family. Sunday dinners and a lot of drama.
  • dinner
  • crying
  • death
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A Chance by angmodernongsisa
A Chanceby azi
I'm Mandy and I don't believe that "everybody deserves a second chance." No matter what, I'll never forgive the guy who broke my heart. Well, hopefully, I can...
  • day
  • talk
  • remebering
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Haiku ✓ by Calculatedness
Haiku ✓by A. B. Calculatedness
A compilation of very short Japanese poem with seventeen syllables and three verses.
  • haiku
  • tuesday
  • mema
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Tea time parties every Sunday ! A book where I spill nothing but tea and facts about your faves 😘 ! Have anything you want me to talk about ? Message me in my pms !♡ E...
  • gossip
  • teatime
  • drama
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sunday school ✄ lashton by mistudies
sunday school ✄ lashtonby moved to @SUKIWIS
"there's this guy at sunday school who stares at me, but never says a thing." [lowercase intended] ✄ started: september 12th, 2016 ended: ongoing book ✄ © pria...
  • school
  • christian
  • innocent
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sunday ; a graphic shoppe by spiceyeol
sunday ; a graphic shoppeby 𝒹
it's sunday somewhere . ⇢ a graphic shoppe batch one is u/c .
  • sunday
  • graphics
  • graphicshop
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Date|Night by vobokangbolaklak
Date|Nightby boboka
"I didn't know that the guy I had dreamed before, will always remain as a dream.This time, there's no chance" Not that date,the saturday. Only that night. #wri...
  • oneshots
  • ghost
  • date
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Sunday School Lessons by Kayla-Writes
Sunday School Lessonsby Kayla Smart
Lessons from Sunday school! What started as lessons from my church group has now become intense studies of Scripture. Hope you can take something from this and give it...
  • projectfightforfaith
  • lessons
  • believer
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Mornin' darlin' [McHanzo] by EvieTounsend
Mornin' darlin' [McHanzo]by Evie Tounsend
Just a quick, fluff McHanzo oneshot. (Cover image credit to Xotara)
  • sunday
  • mornings
  • sundaymorning
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Besties stick together  by WeirdHippoThing
Besties stick together by WeirdHippoThing
We have been besties for life. But will it all end over one boy? Or can Katy stop before an explosion? ~ cover made by @lexicescaxo
  • heat
  • love
  • sunday
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What Happened To Monday  by littlemonsterddlg
What Happened To Monday by littlemonsterddlg
Seven kids same mother and father in a world where everyone has to have only two kids. Living in secret these kids soon well want to be open to society but society won't...
  • tuesday
  • siblings
  • action
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Sunday Garden [ A RoyEd One Shot ] by RoyEdisMyAesthetic
Sunday Garden [ A RoyEd One Shot ]by RoyEdisMyAesthetic
"Are you asking me out on a date?" Edward questioned with an amused smile as he brought the half empty glass of lemonade back up to his lips. ...
  • sunday
  • nature
  • garden
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Petals Of Pink Perfection (K•SJ X READER) by kaythekat1
Petals Of Pink Perfection (K•SJ kaythekat1
Kim Seokjin is someone who likes things to be a certain way, but he really likes pink. Most boys would pick on him saying 'its a girls colour' and a lot of other means t...
  • btsjin
  • bangtan
  • ff
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Falling For Sunday by Molly_me12
Falling For Sundayby M
You know the story boy meets girl, they fall in love and all that stuff but did you also know when it is told from a girls point of view you dont get to know the boys po...
  • teenfiction
  • hello
  • mysecondbook
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Beside | Joshua Hong✔ by ChweCaramelMachiatto
Beside | Joshua Hong✔by [SVT's V]
Jule is just an ordinary girl with a great life in highschool. Until this new kid named Joshua came and they have to be seatmates for the whole year.
  • joshua
  • fanfiction
  • beside
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This is a true story about the day i got to meet the Monkees impersonators PLEASANT VALLEY SUNDAY!
  • impersonators
  • micky
  • themonkees
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F L A R E S by WritewithYellow
F L A R E Sby Kariana Alexa
"Picket white fences were never really my thing." "Would you prefer a dark metal one?" She smiled at this. It was their first date and they were disc...
  • chick
  • teen
  • fiction
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Letters For Him by iamhannahboo
Letters For Himby banana
New set of for hims. Letters that I've written and will never send.
  • shortchapters
  • letters
  • forhim
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dear, lauren by softcamzi
dear, laurenby camila
in a book where a girl named karla (camila) sends her favourite singer letters. one day lauren notices. and maybe karla (camila) will get one back.
  • camren
  • wattys2018
  • monday
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