Vampire and Slayer-(3 New Life)

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I hope you all like chapter 2 and that it lived up to what I tried to make it out to be. I really like this particular chapter. It kinda goes into who she is more, just as a person. You get to relearn some stuff from the first chapter but you also get to learn more into it.

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(sorry hilary duff haters out there. I know you are huffing and puffing now but the message goes.)

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Chapter 3

New Life

I was wearing red leather pants with buckles up the sides that sealed completely. My polyester tank top was the same shade of red and was held closed in the back with buckles matching those on the pants. My boots were black, and leather jacket was too. I sported a chocker with a cross on the front that Jackie had given me, it had been her favorite. Of course my belt was black with the cross buckle, but that only added to the perfection of the coordination. I even sat in front of my make-up bag for a half an hour deliberating actually applying it.

If it was done right, it looked nice. But I never did it right, and it took so long, that I never saw the point. I gave it one last evil glare before turning hopelessly to my hair. I tried every exotic style I knew, but settled with a pony tail high atop the back of my head. I shoved a bottle of lotion into my purse, nestling it next to a stake, then hobbled downstairs, my feet still aching.

"Coffee?" my mother asked as I wandered into the kitchen.

I shook my head. She knew that I didn't like coffee and that I didn't do well with caffeine, but she always asked every morning like she was hoping that I would someday accept. I opened the cupboard and stared at the food, but felt only nauseated by the site of it. I made a disgusted noise as I slammed the door.

Kaylee raised her eyebrows, but didn't make a sound. If I was in a mood, she would back off and wait for it to expire, they always did.

"Love you," I mumbled as I slipped out the door.

"You too!" she called.

I referred to her as Kaylee when she was acting more like a friend than a parent or a teacher. When she shied away from my moods she was Kaylee. My mother would press the subject for what was wrong and Ms. Millon would scold me.

I mounted the bike and stared uselessly at the speedometer, as if I thought that it would suddenly shoot upwards as it did when I was riding it. With a sigh I put on the helmet and started the engine.

Why my mother had to live so far away from the town, I did not understand, but she did. So I had to leave home earlier than other students in order to arrive on time. Not too early, however; I wasn't known for respecting traffic laws too well.

So, going seventy by the time I was about three hundred yards from the house, I sped down the road, leaning forward, embracing the wind. I reluctantly brought it back down to forty when I was within eye sight of the school, and shot into the library parking lot like a bullet, slamming down the break so hard it left skid marks on the pavement. I mentally apologized.

"Nice entrance!" a male voice called from behind me.

Oh please don't let it be Thai, I begged. I cannot deal with him right now. I'm out of it as it is.

"Hey! It's Thai! Yeah. Remember me?" he demanded as I slowly eased off the helmet and turned to look at him. I couldn't feel what expression I was giving him, but from his, I could tell it wasn't what he had expected. "What's wrong?" he asked, his voice more concerned now.

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