Vampire and Slayer-(4 The Message)

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Okay. This is the starting chapter in the crucialness. The pace picks up a little and it paints the picture for the rest of the book.

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the song: Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell

This is the closest I could come to Sillyte. She's actually modeled off of one of my friends. but i didnt havea picture of her with her hair down .


Chapter 4

The Message

Friday afternoon at last! I felt so relieved as I shoved on my helmet and shot home. As soon as I got there I jammed my books in my into my desk and changed into better slaying clothes. All my clothes that I wore were slaying clothes, but I had certain outfits I like the best.

After successfully changing into black leather pants with side ties that revealed three inches, a black leather halter bikini top, and corset that only covered my stomach and had metal armor embedded into it, I skipped down stairs and to my bike. I grabbed a snack before taking off for a hunt in Corvallis.

When I got to the city however, I decided that I wanted to get as far away from Alsea as possible, so I kept on going. Forty minutes from home, going at my speed, I parked in an alley, and set out of foot, senses alert.

Ten blocks later, I found an undead. She was kneeling over a body, just getting started. I ran down the street full speed, holding my breath the whole way. All I hand to do was let my fingers brush her arm and I understood that her name was Keylee, she had been a vampire for three years, and she felt no emotion other than determination when she was hunting.

The monster ripped away from the man when I touched her and rose like she was being pulled up by her shoulders. "Don't mess with me, Slayer," she snarled in her bell chime voice.

Blood ran down her chin and her fangs slipped the rest of the way back into her gums. "But I would be glad to," I called, now standing ten feet away from my prey.

"Oh, I know that."

"I would bet you do," it was always easier to stay focused when I was killing a female vampire. The only emotion I had to deal with was jealousy.

"Let's skip the formalities and get strait to the fight. Cause I don't suppose I can finish my dinner first?" she grinned and licked the blood from her face.

"Would you wait for you me to finish my dinner if I was busy eating a vampire?"

"As long as I didn't know him," she laughed then swooped into the air, like she was being pushed by the wind. I jumped backwards out of her reach and forwards again when she landed. She lashed out her arm and I swung the cross around her wrist.

"AHHHH!" Keylee shrieked the pain more than evident in her voice.

"Still want dinner?" I taunted as I staked her in the back.

"Always," the words were said through gritted teeth as her free hand reached for my head. I turned and let the vampire wrap her fingers around my cross covered hair tie. She pulled back and I lit the fire on her hip. Sobs and shrieks pierced the air as I hurried to move the half-dead man out of the flames way.

The man would wake up at the mouth of the alley with a bandage around his neck and a bottle of Advil in his pocket. But by the time he did, I was back in Corvallis, chasing a male vampire around a secluded section of town that was no more than blocks and blocks of rundown buildings and broken cars.

"Watch your back when he comes!" he cried and turned down another road. He run was slowed because he was so weak.

"Who is 'he'?" I asked a made the turn myself.

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