Vampire and Slayer-(6 Love)

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Big step here. I'm not going to go saying it's one of my favorite chapters cuz some of the ushy gushy stuff makes me uncomfortable, but It is a good one in my opinion.

I mention book titles and author here. I own nothing. I thought I'd say that. They are merely mine and the characters favorite books.

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Okay. Off to the right we have a picture of Arijanna, Aerie's Old Best friend. Remember her? I'd thought I'd show you a picture. Okay. To the story. :)


Chapter 6


I woke Wednesday morning determined to see Ben. I wanted to get to school as soon as possible to assure that he was real. He was too good to be true. He wasn't a vampire, just a really nice boy. And he liked me. That was the best thing that had happened to me in a long time.

However, as soon as I got back from my shower, I about had a nervous breakdown. What was I supposed to wear? When my frantic tears were dried and my unorthodox criticisms that I was too fat for any of my clothes and too ugly-which may be true-I calmed down enough to pick out three different outfits to try on. After the disturbing decision was made, I put on the bunchy-sided blue tank top, the black leather pants with the blue silk belt and the self-replaced blue silk ribbon ties, the black six-inch heels, and the blue head band, (all bearing crosses somewhere-I couldn't completely rein in the slayer). I dared on the black chocker but stopped before I went into the bathroom and put on blue lipstick. I was getting carried away.

I toyed with my hair until I settled for a braid tied at the top with a silky blue ribbon. My mother would be pleased to see me so happy these past two days, but unfortunately she was not here, something I hadn't ruled out as a negative yet. The positives were: one, I got my space, two, I didn't have to deal with the nagging about my dreams and clothes, and three; I was free to spend as much time as I wanted with Ben. No, it definitely was a positive.

I grabbed breakfast, downed another glassful of grapefruit juice, shuddering, and jumped on my bike. Going far too fast, even for me, I raced the wind to school. Ben wasn't there yet. I was still a little early, so I would have to wait. I took my time in getting off my bike, making sure my book were secure in my bag, my helmet chained to the handle bars, the kickstand poised just right, but even I was done, still no Ben. That was when Thai strolled up.

I stifled a groan and turned to smile at him. "Good morning, Thai!" I said, perky because I was still excited about seeing Ben again.

"Hey, Aerie. Where's your boyfriend?" he didn't sound too happy.

"It's nice to see you too. And I don't have a boyfriend. Remember, I can't date?" I asked trying to sound incredulous.

"Fooled me."

"If you are only going to be rude, why did you come over here?" I demanded.

"Well, actually, I was going to ask you to a study date this Friday. But then I remembered you weren't single, so I felt stupid. But, obviously you still are, so how 'bout it?" His spirits seemed too brightened.

"Thai. The same thing applies to you that applies to Ben. I can't date. Get. Over. It," my perky voice was demoted to a snap. So much for being happy for Ben.

I heard a car pulling into the parking lot and whipped around to see the purplely red car I had been waiting all morning to lay my eyes upon. Instantly, I perked up again, all my anger at Thai fading.

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