New kids in school. by Eclipse_Rose
New kids in school.by Angel of Chaos
Aphmau is a YouTuber, Hybrid, and Superhero rolled into one. She also goes to Phoenix Drop High. Now let's see how she feels when her old friends go to her new school. H...
  • secrets
  • thegang
  • highschool
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Aphmau? by Jade_Brady04
Aphmau?by Crazy_Fangirl_Vibes
Aphmau's Minecraft serieses rolled into ONE!!!
  • superman
  • ladythor
  • divorce
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Secrets Of A Goddess  (Slymau ) Mystreet X Super minecraft Dayly by Mimibella793
Secrets Of A Goddess (Slymau ) My...by Mimibella793
Jess but as her new friends call her aphmau was the daughter of Thor and been sent away to a island .she made friends and a lover on her time on the island . Something n...
  • superminecraft
  • aphmau
  • slymau
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Babyjay by THGLoverGirl
Babyjayby Hannah
It's five years after the rebellion. Katniss and Peeta quickly grew together after hypnosis was able to restore Peeta's memories however, that never stopped the hijackin...
  • fire
  • games
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Aphmau's Dimension ((Discontinued)) by awesomegirl20o
Aphmau's Dimension ((Discontinued))by Cookie Dough Llama
  • sky
  • thefew
  • minecraftdiaries
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Dirty downer by Rhyan921
Dirty downerby Sparkleboy
It's just self indulgent we happy few porn. I love Arthur and I love the bobbies so here it is. It's garbage lmao.
  • we
  • wenaughtyfew
  • undertheinfluence
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Being and Breathing by ChanseStorys
Being and Breathingby Chanse`s Stories
A few seconds later she closed her eyes and fell asleep.
  • cry
  • winter
  • life
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Absurd by Nonsensically_free
Absurdby Adis W.
A personally written collection of absurd Tall and dwarf Poems. Personal Quotes... And more stuff in the abstract world of words and thoughts...
  • peace
  • mẹ
  • few
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Unforgiven Few by illthinkofsomething
Unforgiven Fewby Eh
Stepping foot off the bus into Hazel, California, Vasilisa hopes this is the last time she has to suddenly up and leave. Wanting a fresh new start, Vasilisa realizes Haz...
  • newbeginning
  • club
  • romance
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Sly x jess by isabellarose1104
Sly x jessby isabellarose1104
Jess gets a note that says to leave the few by Loki so she packs every thing and goes to earth and goes to PHD well she fit in read to find out
  • slymau
  • bestship
  • phd
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Missing him by irt110407
Missing himby irt110407
Jessica Jess lady Thor miss stark atheana aphmau theses are some names for the one and only Jessica aphmau Phoenix divine oddsin
  • ladythor
  • few
  • aphmau
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Creepy Few Sentenced Stories by ThePastelBabyBoyJack
Creepy Few Sentenced Storiesby ~JackTheBitch~
Just for spooks.
  • shook
  • short
  • true
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Abused love by irt110407
Abused loveby irt110407
Jess was forced to move from Asgard by Loki and she starts to get bullied and depressed when she goes to high school and starts to cut what happens to Jess read to find...
  • few
  • pdh
  • thor
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