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Aphmau? by Jade_Brady04
Aphmau?by Jade Brady
Aphmau's Minecraft serieses rolled into ONE!!!
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Few Facts About The Bermuda Triangle by -Baandss-
Few Facts About The Bermuda Triang...by -Baandss-
These are a few facts about the Bermuda Triangle.
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We Happy Few - One shots by Xerothermal
We Happy Few - One shotsby Xerothermal
One shots for different characters! Requests are open until further notice, and I'll be updating as frequently as I can! (So like every day/other day)
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Finding Lost Friends[Book 1] by Jade_Brady04
Finding Lost Friends[Book 1]by Jade Brady
This is about a young girl named Jessica, or as some of her friends know her as Aphmau . She has been keeping a secret frim them for far to long.... Wll multiple secret...
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Dil E Nadaan Tujhe Hua Kya He by phoebee1515
Dil E Nadaan Tujhe Hua Kya Heby
Rajveer naina
Sly x jess by isabellarose1104
Sly x jessby isabellarose1104
Jess gets a note that says to leave the few by Loki so she packs every thing and goes to earth and goes to PHD well she fit in read to find out
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Just a Few Quotes by maplefoot
Just a Few Quotesby maplefoot
Yeah, everyone does a quote book. Yeah, they can be boring and pointless to read. But No, this one is a little different, sort of. I'm not gonna throw in every Disney Qu...
Remembering or forgetting? (Arthur Hastings x reader) (Paused) by misstsundere101
Remembering or forgetting? (Arthur...by Misstsundere101
Arthur Hastings, a tall intelligent ex-reporter who used to conform into the joyful society of Wellington wells, remembers his Brother and gets chased out of the parade...
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Secrets Of A Goddess  (Slymau ) Mystreet X Super minecraft Dayly by Mimibella793
Secrets Of A Goddess (Slymau ) My...by Mimibella793
Jess but as her new friends call her aphmau was the daughter of Thor and been sent away to a island .she made friends and a lover on her time on the island . Something n...
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Babyjay by THGLoverGirl
Babyjayby Hannah
It's five years after the rebellion. Katniss and Peeta quickly grew together after hypnosis was able to restore Peeta's memories however, that never stopped the hijackin...
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Dirty downer by Rhyan921
Dirty downerby Sparkleboy
It's just self indulgent we happy few porn. I love Arthur and I love the bobbies so here it is. It's garbage lmao.
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Return by laur-slymau
Returnby laur-slymau
Returning to the Few. Mainly smut. For 16+ and people with dirty minds. Does include some skymedia members who are now not a part of it.
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The Moderate [a Vampire/Slave story] by JumpOvahDahRainbow
The Moderate [a Vampire/Slave stor...by Marmalade.
Milton buys a slave, Hayden. When he first sees her, he confuses her for a boy, but her gender is quickly found out. What will happen when he starts to see her for who s...
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Hero's Crime | Slymau by my_ships_
Hero's Crime | Slymauby dinoror
Can a hero's crime be forgiven?
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The forgotten memories by FlowerPower_blacksun
The forgotten memoriesby Rosalina Sanchez
They were all happy. They were all friends. Until she came into their life, she took over everything that belonged to her and she was NEVER going to forgive or forget. ...
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after the war avengers x Smd x PDH x skymedia/Skyarmy by Mimibella793
after the war avengers x Smd x PDH...by Mimibella793
aph is alone . no one talks to her at school or has tried to what happens when a hruop of ppl take notice of the scars that tell a thousand words pdh x skymedia/ sky arm...
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A Few More Days by writergirl_317
A Few More Daysby writergirl_317
A white door. A little boy. A hallway. A tear. A mystery. This story will have SMALL chapters, which will make sense if you start reading it.
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Things I Hate About FanFics by ZBartlett4
Things I Hate About FanFicsby Zachary Bartlett (a.k.a Boggy)
Just a few pet peeves I have when It comes to fanfictions.
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DobiDeku by AudreannaTurnbaugh
DobiDekuby Audreanna Turnbaugh
ok third times the charm lets start and finish this story!!!!!!
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Avengers/Few Story (on hold) by Aarmau_1_2_3
Avengers/Few Story (on hold)by Aarmau/AvengersFreak
A fan fiction of the Avengers and their children who created the Few
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