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Cerberus (Wolves MC) Book 1 by StoryPrincess16
Cerberus (Wolves MC) Book 1by Story Princess
Gena needs help. Her drug-addicted mother had just kicked her out and at the age of seventeen, she can't support herself yet. Her only hope is a father that doesn't even...
  • truelove
  • protector
  • psycho
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My Blind Love For The Alpha by janexdoex
My Blind Love For The Alphaby J A N E D O E
Gemma went blind in the same accident that took her parents. Now blind and depressed, Gemma is physically and mentally stuck in the dark. Her family try to help her, but...
  • humanmate
  • romance
  • mates
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Bad Boy Jhase by Ximone
Bad Boy Jhaseby ximone
« b a b y g i r l » ♣♣♣ © copyright 2017. ẍ ⚠ mature content
  • hate
  • gắng
  • badboy
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Soren by claudicorn
Sorenby Claudia
Having lived in the forest for almost as long as she can remember, Soren is used to solitude. Her only company the trees and the winds, she lives happily off of the natu...
  • human
  • protector
  • pack
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Property of a Gordon by TalatheWolf
Property of a Gordonby tala
He just kept smiling while shaking his head. "After you, Snowflake," he said, sweeping his hand, but I only growled at him, thoroughly unamused by the name. &q...
  • royalty
  • protector
  • kendall
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Blossom by b_funk22
Blossomby It's Just Me
"I was about to turn into the bathroom, until someone pulled me into the storage room closet. I squealed and tried to run but the person who was holding me captive...
  • protector
  • meangirls
  • return
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"ONE SIDED LOVE IS ALWAYS TRUE." In which Scott McCall has a twin sister that Beacon Hills' strawberry blonde is head over heals for. OR A story about friendsh...
  • jacksonwhittmore
  • derekhale
  • savannahmccall
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Protector Of The Werewolves by Invisible_xShadow
Protector Of The Werewolvesby Christina
She's no hunter. She doesn't mess around. She's the hotest, smartest, powerfulest Protector. She's Cassidy Ruth. Cassidy is full of dark secrets. Only May Smith, her rig...
  • combat
  • daggers
  • alpha
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The Protector (Complete) by cmfahnlander
The Protector (Complete)by cmfahnlander
Greta Klassen is a human teaching at a school for Lycans or werewolves. Only she isn't aware of it. She also not aware that Alexander Walsow (a Lycan) has been declared...
  • mates
  • lycan
  • protector
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The Not So Sad Rejection by SeeBritFisher
The Not So Sad Rejectionby Artemis Fisher
Book 1 in the Rogue War series. Life has a way of yanking the rug from beneath one's feet. Katrina knows that better than most, after being rejected by her mate, other h...
  • rejection
  • luna
  • protecter
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When A Murderer Hates You by Elaine213
When A Murderer Hates Youby Elaine213
Mason Blackwood is a murderer. Everyone in town stays away from him and he stays away from everyone. But Elora is not like everyone else. When she first sets eyes on thi...
  • wattys2018
  • obsession
  • horror
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When The Gang Leader's Son Hates You by Elaine213
When The Gang Leader's Son Hates Elaine213
Cordelia Holland had everything and then in one second she lost it all. She was the girl that everyone was jealous of but when her father gets imprisoned for embezzlemen...
  • dangerouslove
  • gangs
  • romance
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The Timeline Protectors (An epic crossover [Remake]) by BC_ItzShafiqHere
The Timeline Protectors (An epic [Sυя۷ι۷σя]
The Timelines Protectors are well-known because of the people and not because of their title, position,strength and ect... But every story must have a beggining right? ...
  • protector
  • minecraft
  • mlbb
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The Protector || JJK ff  by Babysucian
The Protector || JJK ff by Babysucian
World full of Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, human and many more. A high schooler meets 7 Rebellious vampires. she had a secret she hides. Started : 16 Feb 2018 Ended : 8...
  • pjm
  • bts
  • army
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Life | A Jasper Hale Love Story  by OriginalReh
Life | A Jasper Hale Love Story by ☽ℜ𝔢𝔥𝔱𝔞𝔢𝔥☾
||Book one in The Protectors Series ||Twilight ||COMPLETED: October 3, 2017 "Seventeen, running from innocence, like it's a lion." DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN TWI...
  • werewolves
  • jaspercullen
  • vampires
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You Are No Mistake | Alpha Book 4 by xxFatherOfLukexx
You Are No Mistake | Alpha Book 4by 개구리 🐸
Brought together by the rain, kept apart by the fire. Jack's story. Can be read as a stand alone. Jack hasn't always made the best choices as Beta of the Ridgewood Pack...
  • rogue
  • beta
  • mistakes
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A Tale Of A Lifetime (HIATUS) by bluecolora
A Tale Of A Lifetime (HIATUS)by Sici Lee
Maxine Gosiasco, a well-known writer with a special interest about romantic fairytales, got dumped by her two-timer ex-fiance. Driven out by her sorrow and heartbreak, s...
  • timetravel
  • lovelovelove
  • romance
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Dream Of Me - BTS Fanfic by PanaXe
Dream Of Me - BTS Fanficby PanaXe
"If she's meant to protect you in this life, she'll find you." Amelia is a regular student, with a part time job in a local cafe. She has strange dreams that d...
  • taehyung
  • bts
  • jimin
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Lullaby ~ Ghostbird Fanfic  by StAl2LiGhT
Lullaby ~ Ghostbird Fanfic by Brooke Butler
(Based on the Academy series by C.L.Stone. Do not copy as a lot of this is original work from other stories I'm working on. I just wanted to play around with them in a f...
  • blackbourne
  • siren
  • protectors
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Taming the Rouge by Hate_You__Love_You
Taming the Rougeby Hate_You__Love_You
Demi Lovato, the new teacher at the local private school. After growing up watching her dad teach, she wanted nothing more than to follow in his footsteps, so here she i...
  • lgbtq
  • dominant
  • lovato
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