Vampire and Slayer-(18 The Army)

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Chapter 18

The Army

Ben put his cell phone on speaker and I listened to it ring as I leaned against him. He was still ridged, but he wasn't angry anymore. I think he was appalled know. Took you long enough, I sighed.

"Andrew?" a low male voice demanded. I jerked upwards too fast and startled Ben. He almost dropped the phone.

"Sorry," I mouthed.

"Yes, Father," his tone was wrong. It was hating but restrained. I took his hand to comfort him. He shot me a weak smile and waited for his father to respond.

"Well, I can surely say it is a surprise to hear from you. I thought I would never come into contact with you again after you left. Your mother has been worried," the man didn't sound too concerned. His heavy English accent was more diabolical than concerned.

"This isn't a social call. If I didn't need your help..." he trailed off and glanced at me out of the corner of his eye. The rest of what he wanted to say, we all knew. It didn't need to be put into words for it to be affective. I didn't remove my eyes from his as he went back to staring at the book shelf blindly.

"You need my help? Oh my boy, you were so independent and distant. You never wanted my help. Now of all the times!" now he seemed even more conspicuous than before.

"My apologies, Father, but I don't have time to revel in my past exploits. What is happening that I require your assistance for, is soon and urgent. Can you help?" he didn't seem to want to tell his father want the problem was.

"Now Andrew, I need to know what you need first," he took on an authorative tone.

"I need you and Mother to get me troops. There is a war on the horizon and I need help."

"And what may this war be over?" the vampire was truly curious now.

Ben hesitated, then with one last needlessly apologetic look at me he said, "I have fallen in love with a slayer and because that is against slayer law, her life is now threatened. There is a week before the war will commence and the slayers will have an army. We need one too. Can I have your help?"

"My son! A slayer? Of all the people in the world!" the man yelled, furious now.

"She is whom I love Father and she has agreed not to harm me or my family, so I see it as a fair trade for me to protect her. Besides, she makes me happy, is that not what you want? You are my father, it is your duty to want me happy," Ben was impossibly calm and polite for how much pain I knew this was causing him.

After a minute, his father spoke again. "We are willing to get you an army and provide our help under one condition." From the way he said the words, both Ben and I knew what that condition would be.

But Ben asked anyways. "And that condition would be?"

"Change her."

The phone went off of speaker, and he turned to me and covered the mouth piece. "I told you."

"I know," I whispered.

"It's not happening. I won't let you condemn yourself," his voice was low.

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