Vampire and Slayer-(17 What We Will Do For Love)

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Okay. This chapter is supposed to make you say, "What the hell?" I'm looking forward to seeing if people keep reading after this chapter. So, please read and make your decision.!

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Part 3

Chapter 17

What We Will Do For Love

My plans played out for most part. The last week of school came and went, and I reduced leather to a once a week thing. I hugged April and Sillyte and even kissed Thai's cheek, to his great satisfaction. Ben had kept his distance only speaking to me about slaying and I respected that. I gave him a good-bye hug too, which I knew pleased him ever so much. School let out on Thursday and Friday I towed Kaylee to Salem. She worried at first, but was genuinely happy about the event.

A few more weeks passed and I did my best to stay in contact with everyone. April and I went hiking near the falls a few times, Sillyte and I went kayaking twice, and the three of us drove down to Sunset Bay together one weekend. Thai, Allen, a few other girls named Kelly, Nena, and Brietta, a couple boys, Jack and Taylor, and even Jason showed up on Sunday for a big bonfire on the dunes. It took everything in me to kindly invite Ben too, like I would any friend. He accepted but then cancelled Friday morning when he decided to go with a few other boys to Mount Saint Helens to scale the mouth of the volcano.

The party was great until the cops showed up and searched everyone for alcohol, crack, and marijuana. Of course we came up clean, but they made us quiet down. We giggled about it for a couple hours then found some ocean cliffs to dive off. Around three in the morning we set off a few fire works which brought the cops back. We swore to not make an audible peep and obey the law, but decided it would be more fun to set up a shooting range out of cans of soda, pillow cases filled with explosives, and water bottles of paint. I have to admit, watching the BB's blow everything up and the contents fly everywhere was fun, illegal or not. They eventually chased us off the beach.

One day, Ben called me. He said he wanted to talk to me in person and asked me to meet him at his house. I promised to myself I was going strictly as a polite friend, but things turned out a little differently.

I found him in the conservatory sitting in his magical year-round flowers. "What are you smiling at?" I asked as I sat down across from Ben, folding my legs criss-cross applesauce, pulling the yellow dress over my knees, my black leggings cotton sheaths I still wasn't used to. I even went so far as to take the yellow woven straw platform sandals off and set them beside me to show I didn't plan on just walking out anytime soon.

He smiled wider and said, "I was thinking about the meaning of your name and how it relates to you."

"Since when does my name have a meaning?" I demanded as he pulled himself across the grass so he could be closer to me.

"Since I looked it up."

"Alright, I will play along. What does my name mean?" I asked sliding back a few inches.

"Do you want to hear your preferred title or your official one?"


He grinned. "I could have guessed that. Alright. Aerie comes from the Japanese name Airi. They sound the same, but this name is spelled A-i-r-i. 'Ai' comes from the Japanese word meaning love or affection and 'ri' comes from either a word meaning jasmine or another meaning pear. Also, its direct translation in the dictionary in a dictionary is a birds' nest high in a tree or any habitation or stronghold up high like eagle's nest. It is also thought to be a misspelling of eyrie, 'e-y-r-i-e'."

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