Vampire and Slayer-(11 Backing Off)

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This chapter is an ode to breaking an addiction. That's all I have to say.

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Chapter 11

Backing Off

Ben drove me to school in his car. I couldn't help but run my finger up the leather of the seats. It was even nicer inside than it was on the outside. But, the car was the only nice part to the ride.

I knew this was the end. I couldn't be with Ben and this was the last time I could be with him, happily. Him looking out for me and treating me specially and me loving him for him and enjoying being with him. It was what I going to miss, happiness and him. Sigh.

I was backing off after this. I wouldn't come back to bother Ben. He would be an asset to protecting the people of Alsea, and he would be in all my classes, but no more. He couldn't be. I wouldn't let it happen. I couldn't let it happen.

It's not that I didn't want him around. I wanted him more than anything in the world, but wouldn't he be happier knowing I was alive rather than dead? Dead because of him? I wouldn't blame him. Never. But God knows he would. So I was backing off. I would extricate myself from the situation. I would do what no vampire could do, only a slayer. I would leave love and commitment.

And I couldn't help but wonder, had Ben really been committed to me? Would he have been able to leave, or was he truly as in love with as he said he was? How many people had he left before? Would I have been the first? The second? The fifth? How many of those slayers that he had lived with had been a little more than friendly with him? Should a few a kisses from a few boys in New York seem like a random hug to a passerby? How committed was he?

* * *

Ben held the door open for me and ran his fingers down my cheek. I turned my head away and waited for him to move so I could leave; the library parking lot was not the place to show off my super strength. But he didn't move. Instead he kissed me. That timid little boy, who had shown his face Sunday morning, as he was careful with my every move, was gone. Quite.

"Move, Ben," I whispered as he broke away from my motionless lips.

"I love you, remember. Remember when you are tired and grieving. Remember when you are alone and wanting someone. Remember when you start forgetting. Remember and open this," he held out his fist. "Take it," he prompted when I just stared at his hand. I obeyed by holding out my hand, about six inches below his.

He let the little silver heart fall and then the chain, it unraveled as it fell. "Ben," I moaned.

"Shhh," he put a finger over my lips, kissed my forehead and then walked away. That was the last time I touched him that day. He up and walked away at that point and I didn't do the same until the five minute bell rang.

He didn't talk to me or look at me, and I could tell that was for my sake; he wanted me to have some space. I appreciated that more than he knew.

It wasn't until I got home that I opened the locket. I pulled it out of my pocket and held it in the sun to watch it glitter. I could see my face reflecting off the surface. With a small smile, I opened it, thoroughly surprised by its contents.

In the left side of the locket was a little picture of Ben. He was happy and almost human. It was the Ben that I loved. The right side, however, held a little slip of paper with a miniscule fuchsia on top. Hesitantly, I pulled it out.

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