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Now a new person, freed of her everlasting ties of love to Ben, her hair, and her cares Aerie enters a new period of her life where she wants no more than to be a friend to all and to be the perfect daughter she can be. Putting her slayerly duty in the backseat she starts concentrating on being a child a little longer, and in turn, pleasing her still bitter mother.

However, when Ben calls her to his conservatory one morning in the summer, what will happen to the happy little life she created for herself? Will she be pulled back into their two-way unrequited relationship or will she be able to escape it? Will Ben's dying breath in trying to woo her capture her or will it enrage her? What will her old slayer friends think and in Ben and Aerie's attempts to protect themselves who are they willing to enlist?

Vampire and Slayer.

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