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Vision by Lauren_Sophie_
Visionby Lauren Sophie
COMPLETED Nineteen-year-old Charlotte Benson was always known as a freak. From a young age, her pack shunned her because she was special. Some said she had a blessing, s...
My Brother Was Destined To Be My Lover?? by ChinksSoriano
My Brother Was Destined To Be My L...by Chinks Soriano
Rachelle and Trent grew up together. When Trent reached the age of sixteen, their family decided to move and transfer them into a new school. A lot of things started to...
The Owl Mate by Squarely_Asleep
The Owl Mateby Masha
Alpha Lexington Reid is now 25 years old and he has no mate. Waiting for almost ten years for your name now is like hell to him so he is giving his mate only one more ye...
Ember by Lauren_Sophie_
Emberby Lauren Sophie
COMPLETED I am powerful. I am strong. I am fire. Rose Everett never intended to be destructive, it just sort of happened. She never knew why she was chosen to be the f...
The Greatest Showman by CaptainAmerica_2000
The Greatest Showmanby CaptainAmerica_2000
Samantha Wheeler was a gymnast, which was a very strange thing to people her age. Her two older siblings were trapeze artist. People though me being flexible and being a...
Unusual and unique character names by sabrinast
Unusual and unique character namesby Sabrina
Have you ever had trouble picking a name for your character? Are you tired of hearing the same overused names over and over? Here's a list of over 130 unique character n...
Thrown into Marvel (Loki Fan Fic) by TFALokiwriter
Thrown into Marvel (Loki Fan Fic)by Ivy
A woman is thrown into Marvel while picking a lock. Yes, that is how she makes her grand entrance to Marvel. She finds herself in a familiar area which makes her think s...
Academy of Excellence in Academics (School) by JawnLittle
Academy of Excellence in Academics...by JawnLittle
3 little girls sent off to a boarding school to make them "obedient". Will they bend the rules? Or will they be trained? #9 unusual - 27 May 2020 #4 domineerin...
The Unusual Forced Marriage by melissaray10
The Unusual Forced Marriageby mel
Who would have known that.... • One car crash can change your life • One death wish can mend problems • One deal can twist your plan? • O...
Fixing Delilah by dellie0209
Fixing Delilahby Dellie
"You could stay with me." I laugh in spite of myself. It sounds watery and pathetic. "Funny." "I'm serious-" "Khan, please don't mess...
[Alpha] The Mating Games, Slow Updates by x_Trebelle_x
[Alpha] The Mating Games, Slow Upd...by En
When one of the most powerful Alphas in the United Island loses his mate in an unfortunate incident, Damien is given one more chance from the moon goddess, that she will...
Beyond the dimensions by NadineMcgee
Beyond the dimensionsby NadineMcgee
(BxB and GxG) The fae are mysterious yet beautiful creatures. They are protectors and they keep the world in order. Humans are boring in comparison though they can be so...
SINNED by serrated_soul
SINNEDby serrated_soul
I thought he was harmless but I was wrong.......,. no woman could resist him.....no man can fight him. He was born with incredible power and was the master of manipulati...
Behind It All (Charles Leclerc FF) by amimsie
Behind It All (Charles Leclerc FF)by amimsie
"who's the real you?" [formula one] [charles leclerc] [oc] [multifandom] [can be read as as a non-fanfic]
Alleviate by Dakiane
Alleviateby SevenScyres
"I started to find a sadness that governed the place where men came to fulfill their satisfaction, hidden behind the playful and happy smiles of the people here,&qu...
Finding Tobias  by sukoonx
Finding Tobias by ز
❝People are black holes,❞ He whispers, looking up at the stars. The place is dark but I still can make out his face's features. His eyes shine like a lion with eager for...
My Favourites BL Novels and Great Stories that I want to Share by VioletEldin
My Favourites BL Novels and Great...by Violet Eldin
My favorites Bl novels and those great stories that remain in your heart, continuing to accompany you in your life. Hoping that more will appreciate them.... --- Picture...
Pretty and Unique Character Names by die_t1975
Pretty and Unique Character Namesby gene
Hi! These are just some unique names for your characters if maybe you're writing a dystopian novel like The Hunger Games or Divergent, or maybe for a fantasy novel. Most...
CHÉRIE by domilla_88
I was snapped out of my thoughts when he approached my work area. "Do you need something, sir?" I emphasized the 'sir' and gritted my teeth, giving him the mos...