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Vision by Lauren_Sophie_
Visionby Lauren Sophie
COMPLETED Nineteen-year-old Charlotte Benson was always known as a freak. From a young age, her pack shunned her because she was special. Some said she had a blessing, s...
  • unusual
  • alphafemale
  • premonition
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Thrown into Marvel (Loki Fan Fic) by TFALokiwriter
Thrown into Marvel (Loki Fan Fic)by Ivy
A woman is thrown into Marvel while picking a lock. Yes, that is how she makes her grand entrance to Marvel. She finds herself in a familiar area which makes her think s...
  • humor
  • midgard
  • unusual
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Ember by Lauren_Sophie_
Emberby Lauren Sophie
COMPLETED I am powerful. I am strong. I am fire. Rose Everett never intended to be destructive, it just sort of happened. She never knew why she was chosen to be the f...
  • packhouse
  • humanmate
  • power
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Vampire girl x male reader (a bit slow updates) by Creepypastaemofreak
Vampire girl x male reader (a bit...by Unknown
You were a new student at school. Soon you come to meet a girl who definitely isn't average, she's more of strange and creepy type. You had many warnings from others to...
  • boy
  • girl
  • vamp
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The Owl Mate by Squarely_Asleep
The Owl Mateby Masha
Alpha Lexington Reid is now 25 years old and he has no mate. Waiting for almost ten years for your name now is like hell to him so he is giving his mate only one more ye...
  • rare
  • aha2017
  • supernatural
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[Alpha] The Mating Games, Slow Updates by x_Trebelle_x
[Alpha] The Mating Games, Slow Upd...by En
When one of the most powerful Alphas in the United Island loses his mate in an unfortunate incident as she betrays him, Alpha Damien is given one more chance from the mo...
  • mating
  • luna
  • moon
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My Brother Was Destined To Be My Lover?? by ChinksSoriano
My Brother Was Destined To Be My L...by Chinks Soriano
Rachelle and Trent grew up together. When Trent reached the age of sixteen, their family decided to move and transfer them into a new school. A lot of things started to...
  • player
  • chubby
  • twists
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Unusual and unique character names by sabrinast
Unusual and unique character namesby Sabrina
Have you ever had trouble picking a name for your character? Are you tired of hearing the same overused names over and over? Here's a list of over 130 unique character n...
  • fiction
  • characters
  • name
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Ichiji fan fiction by RenMitsukai
Ichiji fan fictionby RenMitsukai
Ichiji x OC
  • cool
  • red
  • sparkingred
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Random Disney Facts by oliviamatarazzo
Random Disney Factsby 。 . : * liv * : . 。
In which the admin offers you random, strange, and little known facts about Disney that are probably completely useless. They're still pretty cool, though. Although you...
  • disneyfacts
  • mickey
  • awesome
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The Secret Life of The Loveable Daughter (The Secret Life Series #3) by wldstrs
The Secret Life of The Loveable Da...by Esque Marani
Orang-orang dengan hidup yang mudah selalu berharap mendapatkan sesuatu yang lebih rumit untuk memberikan hidup mereka sebuah tantangan. Namun orang-orang dengan hidu...
  • chicklit
  • unusual
  • band
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yo idk by MalthelReaper
yo idkby EdGeLoRd900
What lengths would a man go to, how do you think he feels? (yall plz give me a fuckin name for this story)
  • unusual
  • mystery
  • horror
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The Unusual Forced Marriage (TUFM#1) by melissaray10
The Unusual Forced Marriage (TUFM#...by mel
Who would have known that.... • One car crash can change your life • One death wish can mend problems • One deal can twist your plan? • O...
  • billionaire
  • mafia
  • uncover
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Victor Bruntly Imagines by Charlie25emma
Victor Bruntly Imaginesby Char.lie.music
(Requests are open!) For some reason, even though he's dead he's still my favorite. Is anyone else like that, well here's just a bunch of imagines for when he was still...
  • peculiar
  • book
  • amazing
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The Greatest Showman by CaptainAmerica_2000
The Greatest Showmanby CaptainAmerica_2000
Samantha Wheeler was a gymnast, which was a very strange thing to people her age. Her two older siblings were trapeze artist. People though me being flexible and being a...
  • zacefron
  • thegreastestshowman
  • beardedlady
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The Unusual Luna by siska_yuri
The Unusual Lunaby Ÿùûrï Sïskä
Winner of the 3rd place in The Poe's Awards 33#in werewolves and 338# in werewolf 01/12/2018 1# in Healers 27/07/2018 4# in Unusual 17/08/2018 ***********************...
  • beta
  • boyxgirl
  • wolf
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Unusual family RPG by Natalis004
Unusual family RPGby Natalis004
No, co k tomu dodat. Neobvyklá rodina...
  • animal
  • brother
  • fun
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SCP Foundation Manuscript by Joojyohncel
SCP Foundation Manuscriptby Joojyohncel
The SCP (Secure. Contain. Protect.) Foundation Manuscript brings all discovered SCP findings from the laboratory to the internet for public use. Classified information i...
  • scp-682
  • weird
  • place
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The Rain- George Ezra Fanfiction by greatestread
The Rain- George Ezra Fanfictionby greatestread
*BASICALLY A NEW BOOK* Under Editing. Actually being edited-editing. George Ezra wants romance in his life, a girl that actually stay with him as he sorts after a caree...
  • cheesy
  • unusual
  • wattys2018
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character names 2 by fluffybun_bun
character names 2by fluffybun_bun
Please, Please, Please tell me if you use any name and the book Does it take you forever to come up with character names? Do you want a specific name? Do have a meaning...
  • creative
  • characters
  • nature
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