Chapter 43

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x Lucy POV x

"Hold still Lucy!" Mirajane shouted, brushing out my hair, I squirmed in annoyance. Levy just smiled at me as she was doing my make up. Hopefully, it wasn't heavy make up or a weird hairstyle that they were doing. "Lucy, you look marvelous!" Erza nodded, patting my head. She wanted to help with my appearance but it didn't turn out so good at first. Let's just say I looked like a clown. "Thanks Erza." I grinned.

"All done!" Levy announced. I was really curious so I attempted to look in the mirror but Mirajane stopped me with a glare. Shivers were sent down my spine. "I'll wait.." I mumbled. She wanted me to be totally surprised so I'll have to wait till I have the dress on and everything. Levy and the other girls went to get ready themselves while Mirajane stayed and did my hair still. "I'm so happy for you Lucy!" she squealed causing me to giggle, "Thanks Mirajane. I'm serious you know, you've been such a great help. I don't know what I would've done without you." I was waiting for a response for awhile until I finally heard her sigh, she walked in front of me and grinned deeply and did some stuff to my hair and said, "Beautiful. C'mon Lucy, no need for any gratitude just yet. Now time for your dress." I watched as she led me toward where the dress was and then smiled to myself, "Thanks everyone.."

x Sting POV x

"Rogue how do you tie this piece of crap?" I shouted drastically, tugging on the tie on my tuxedo. "Here you idiot." he muttered, fixing it, making me look stunning. "Thanks man!" I patted him on the shoulder. We were in one of the back rooms at the church and Lucy was at Fairy Tail getting ready. Both Natsu and Gray were fighting outside. Nothing out of the ordinary. "You nervous?" Rogue asked, but I just shook my head. "Why would I be?"

"The whole Fairy Tail guild is gonna be there. Sabertooth is gonna be there. It's not really your scene to do this 'affectionate' thing publicly." I sat down on a nearby chair and shrugged, "I guess I'm nervous. But I love Lucy. So whatever it takes for me to show her I love her, I'll do it." Rogue stared blankly at me for a second then grinned, "Congratulations Sting." I grinned back, "Thanks bro."

There was about 2 hours left till the wedding officially started. Me and Rogue went out and saw everyone hanging up decorations or just fixing things here and there. They did most of it yesterday so they didn't have to do much. I noticed Natsu and Gray glaring at each other from across the room and wondered why they stopped fighting. But then I saw Makarov watching them from a distance. "Have you ever heard about those stories of the groom crying?" Rogue asked. I shook my head, "Why would they cry?"

He laughed then shrugged. "You'll see." I gave a concerned face but just ignored it. "Where's Blondie? She doesn't take this long." I complained, sitting down on the ground. "Oi, get up idiot! You're wearing a white tux, don't get it dirty before your wedding even starts!"

x Lucy POV x

I looked down at my dress and twirled a bit, watching it flow nicely around. "Ooo! You look so cute! Sting will love this!" I smiled and nodded. "We don't have much time left Mira. You should start getting ready." She shook her head and grabbed a beautiful white veil out from a bag she brought. "Mirajane! Where did you get that?" She just smiled and placed it neatly on my head. "Almost done.." she mumbled, placing fresh pink flowers in my hair. "Are you ready to see how beautiful you look?"

I nodded vigorously and looked in the mirror. A gasp escaped my mouth when I saw how ravishing I looked. "Wow Mira, you did a great job..."

"I know."

I giggled and twirled over and over, I just loved how the dress would flow and move swiftly. When I stopped I stared at the mirror, feeling tears swell up in my eyes. "Lucy?" Mira questioned. "Mm. I'm sorry. I know how hard everyone worked for this. I need to thank everyone after this." Mirajane placed her hand on my shoulder, "No need for that. We were happy to do this for you. Don't cry okay? Everything will be fine. You're a Fairy Tail member. Keep your head high Lucy." I nodded and smiled.

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