Chapter 23: Encounters and Mistakes

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Sting POV

"Are you okay....?" I asked Lucy as me and her were laying in her bed side by side. Her face was stuffed into my chest as she sniffled from time to time. "Yeah.... thanks." she managed to say.

"Wanna tell me what happened?" I asked. She shook her head and hugged me tighter. "Okay. Rest for awhile then." I told her.

What the hell did that idiot do to Lucy? I thought about how Lucy was talking about her and Natsu spending a night together and she couldn't remember anything after and now I can smell his scent in here. My mind is telling me what happened that night but I don't want to even believe that happened. No. I won't believe it.

I pulled Lucy close to me and kissed her head. "Ne? Lucy?" she made a soft groan noise. "Can we date? Boyfriend, girlfriend kind of thing." I stated but I got no response. Only then I noticed she fell asleep. "Oh my gosh. And after a million years it took me the courage to ask you that you fall asleep in the middle of it."

Lucy POV

I woke up and saw that me and Sting were sleeping close together. If we weren't this close I would've got a frying pan and smack the crap outta him. But instead I got out of bed, changed my clothes, brushed my teeth, did my hair, left a note and left my apartment.

While I was walking outside I just took the time to breath in the fresh cold morning air. "Peace and quiet." I sang in a low voice. I walked over to the park and sat under a cherry blossom tree. "Ugh. I don't even know what life is anymore." I leaned back against the tree.

Sting POV

My eyes opened slowly to adjust. I smiled and turned over to one side of the bed. But I didn't feel Lucy there so I turned over to the other side of the bed. But I didn't feel her there either So immediately I shot up from the bed and yelled her name out. No answer.

I got up from the bed and searched around until I found a note.

Out to do some thinking. Make yourself useful. If you need me I'll be at the park

-Lucy xoxo

I groaned out loud. "Your such a pain the ass Blondie." I hurriedly ran out of her apartment, I noticed how cold it was and only then realized I was shirtless. Oh well! She needs me.

Natsu POV

"Natsuu! I'm hungry! Fish!" Happy whined. I just smiled a bit and ruffled his head. "Just wait a little longer lil buddy, we'll be at the store soon." I kept walking.

While we were walking I caught a whiff of strawberry and vanilla. Lucy. I followed the scent and it lead me to the park, where she was sleeping under a cherry blossom tree. A smile formed across my face seeing how beautiful she looked. Some petals from the flowers were in her hair and her cheeks glowed from the lighting, making her look like a goddess. I told Happy to go to the store and wait for me there and he did.

I sat closely next to her and tried to put her head on my shoulder but I accidently woke her up. "Oh...Lucy.." I stuttered. She looked at me then her whole face became red. "Natsu!?"

"Yeah..." I simply said. She just scooted away from me a bit and stared at the ground. That's it. "Don't do this. Its sick to watch." I said.

"What?" she asked. "Seeing us like this! I mean we are partners. Best friends! But the way we're acting is killing me! I miss hanging out with you!" I yelled getting closer to her.

"Natsu. Stay away." she warned. "I really miss you Lucy." I got even closer. "Don't come closer Natsu!" but I didn't listen. I put my hand on her cheek and leaned in.

Lucy POV

Oh no! Natsu started leaning in for a kiss. This is bad. I need to move but I couldn't my body couldn't. It was as if I was glued to the ground.

"Natsu....." I cried, so I closed my eyes. Seconds passed and I didn't feel anything. When I opened my eyes my eyes widened in shock.

I watched Sting punch Natsu on his cheek flying him a couple yards away. Sting had fire blazing in his eyes and his fists were balled up. He looked down at me and gave a small smile. "You okay Lucy? Lets go home?" he asked pulling me up. Tears were in my eyes and I tried not to let them out but it was to late. "STING!" I cried and ran into his arms.

"Ah.." I heard Natsu groan of pain. When he got up and looked at us his jaw clenched. "What's he doing here? Especially with no shirt?"

"I'm here to save her you molester." Sting spat. Natsu lunged at me and Sting but Sting was to fast. Sting stepped to the side and carried me in his arms making Natsu fly onto the ground. "Sting!" Natsu yelled.

Sting just gave him a pity look. "What?" he asked. "Fight me! Fight me for Lucy!" Natsu declared, igniting his fists on fire and getting into stance. I expected Sting to accept his request but he didn't.

"No ways. I would never fight you for Lucy. It's not that I'm scared of loosing to you cause I know I'd win. But I wouldn't ever fight you for Lucy because Lucy isn't a prize. She's a human being who has feelings you know. And sometimes you use that feelings to choose who you love." Sting explained holding me closely. Natsu just looked down in sorrow. "I'm sorry Lucy..." Natsu apologized. I smiled. "Its okay Natsu. Really it's okay. It isn't your fault." I comforted him. He frowned deeply then fell to the ground. "I'm sorry...." he whispered. Before I could go to Natsu, Sting pulled me away and we left. But before we left he said one last thing to Natsu leaving me shocked. "Next time you touch my Lucy again your dead meat, Salamander. I know you did to her and if it happens again, I swear I'll murder you."


Sting POV

Me and Lucy sat awkwardly across from each other. We both avoided contact and tried not to talk. "So..." she said.

"I'm sorry on how I acted today. It's just. I got overprotective. I don't wanna loose you." I said, me and her looked each other directly in the eyes. "I really, really, love you Lucy." I admit making her face turn red. Lucy walked over to me and hugged me. "Sting...." she started.

I hugged her back and when we pulled apart we stopped halfway and as soon as possible I roughly kissed her lips. It tasted like strawberries....hoo..... dayum.... It was really good strawberries.

I stuck my tongue in her mouth and we started to get a bit rough and next thing you know we were both naked in bed.

Oh no.

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