Dragon Mating Season by superchimchar
Dragon Mating Seasonby superchimchar
The Fairy Tail guild has decided to take a little vacation, only to find out it's mating season for the dragon slayers! Not only that, other guilds are also present at t...
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Fairy Tail Texts by Fairy_Tail_Maniac
Fairy Tail Textsby Fairy_Tail_Maniac
The title says it all. I know that there are MANY of these out there in the wattpad world, but I just thought it would be so much fun to make my own! I DO NOT OWN ANY OF...
  • juvialockser
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  • comedy
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What Love Is {Natsu x Reader} by _moonlightstarlight
What Love Is {Natsu x Reader}by ••별빛달빛••
(Y/N) has just been back from a very long trip, and is finally back with the guild! During this time, (Y/N) has no idea why Lucy if being mean, or has lately been giving...
  • miadragfilia10
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Okay, Master Natsu || NaLu FF ✔️ by Anime_Star_Shipper01
Okay, Master Natsu || NaLu FF ✔️by Be yourself ^u^
Natsu is a very rich person. He rules Dragneel inc. He is everything but kind. Well, sometimes he can be, not very often though. Natsu is very feared by people and he li...
  • lucyheartfilia
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Cursed (Zeref X Reader) by mango_gymnast
Cursed (Zeref X Reader)by ❀
(Y/N) has always tried to lock away her past, rejecting her old magic which was forced upon her by one of the darkest figures in history. Then she meets Zeref, cursed by...
  • cursed
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Don't Let Go (Gray X OC) by SkeeThe1st
Don't Let Go (Gray X OC)by SkeeThe1st
Keiko is the granddaughter of Makarov Dreyar and Sister of Laxus Dreyar. When Keiko came back from Edolas, everyone was thrilled! Gray most of all. But, when reality com...
  • siblings
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Tamer Of Chaos. (New version.)  by Primsgirl89
Tamer Of Chaos. (New version.) by Savannah
From the beginning they feared him. They shut him out of their lives. He grew to be rude and and lonely. He only has one ally and even then he fears him, for a reason no...
  • fearednatsu
  • shewhocalmsthechaos
  • laylaheartfilia
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✔️He Dared Me! - NaLu -✔️ by Kara005
✔️He Dared Me! - NaLu -✔️by ✧Kara✧
Life is normal in Fairy Tail High until a new student transfers. Lucy Heartfilia, the rich nerd who has a handful of friends and thousands of enemies. When she meets Nat...
  • lucy
  • nalufanfiction
  • lucyheartfilia
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Fire of Love ✔️ (Natsu x Reader) by MrsKrystalDragneel
Fire of Love ✔️ (Natsu x Reader)by Mrs Krystal Dragneel
You are a fire mage with unusual fire magic. You make the fire take shape and smell and taste like different things. (For example you can make a fire that looks, smells...
  • lucy
  • mira
  • dragonslayermating
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The Nature Dragon Slayer (Fairy Tail x Reader) by I-am-THE-Random
The Nature Dragon Slayer (Fairy TheREALRandom
[F/n] Marvell is the Nature Dragon Slayer, who was left at the age of 11 to explore the world around her. One day, she stumbles upon a wizard guild, called Fairy Tail. O...
  • grayfullbuster
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(Fairy tail) Will the queen find her King? (Natsu x Reader x Grey) by ShadTheLolli
(Fairy tail) Will the queen find STL
You're a very talented wizard named Y/N, however you don't have a guild... until one day when one comes literally knocking at your door! You meet two amazing guys and fa...
  • natsudragneel
  • grey
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Wouldn't Change a Thing {Natsu x Reader} by TalkLaterBusyFangirl
Wouldn't Change a Thing {Natsu x Manga Reader & Anime Watcher
A young girl was abandoned on July 7 X777 by her dragon Sanda; Queen of the Nature Element Dragons making young (Y/N) the anointed Princess. The five elements of nature...
  • natsuxreader
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Fairy Tail High {Bullied!Readerx Popular!Natsu} by Phantomhive_Butler
Fairy Tail High {Bullied!Readerx Natsu Dragneel's Mate
You are a student at Fairy Tail High. While you are the smartest one in the entire school, you are bullied by the cheerleaders. Lucy is the cheer captain, while Lisanna...
  • grayfullbuster
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I'm Home           Lucy x Levi by JW798741
I'm Home Lucy x Leviby SleepyAnimeNerd101
When Fairy Tail realizes how dangerous Lucy is with her new, uncontrolled dark magic, she is kicked out of the guild. But not before they beat her within an inch of her...
  • erenjaeger
  • betrayed
  • foregiveness
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『Book 1:Fairy Tail x Reader』 by Knightcore7012
『Book 1:Fairy Tail x Reader』by Koyouki
"How many times I should say?I'm bad at my 'GRAMMAR'!" Edited: ✅ [COMPLETE] [SECOND BOOK PUBLISHED] Highest Rank: #880 in Fanfiction ~ 4/29/18 #741 in Fanficti...
  • natsuxreader
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Fairy Tail x Reader by deadpoolxxlux
Fairy Tail x Readerby deadpoolxxlux
A safe place to be yourself and fall in love with your favorite characters!!! I will not judge, you will not judge, they will not judge!!! It's a beautiful environme...
  • oneshots
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Possessive Nalu ❤️ by lunadragneel2428
Possessive Nalu ❤️by lunadragneel2428
Bad boy and good girl Disclaimer Do not own anything
  • partying
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Fairy Tail Oneshots [Book 2] by ari_kim07
Fairy Tail Oneshots [Book 2]by ⁂ star struck fangirl ⁂
Read to find out~! Requests are open, however, I'm limited to who I can write. -Sting -Rogue -Natsu -Laxus -Gray -Cobra -Jellal -Loke -Gajeel -Zeref
  • jellalfernandez
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His Princess (NaLu) by 666reddog
His Princess (NaLu)by Red of Sloth
There was an ancient ninja clan called Fairy Tail. They was known for being the best and helping who ever needed it. They would only show up in times when something huge...
  • guvia
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  • miruxs
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The Lost Memory |Fairy Tail x Reader by Supermaxywaxy
The Lost Memory |Fairy Tail x Cheshire Cat
Y/n is the daughter of the great, elemental dragon, Iris. She held the great power of elemental dragon slaying and Requip Magic. Read as she goes on adventures with the...
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