Chapter 15: Swim Date

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"No duh blondie, yeesh, I can't believe I marked an idiot as my mate" he retorted

"Hey! Who you callin idiot? Moron!" I protested

"Your the moron!"

"No your the moron!"

"I know your a moron but what am I?" he smirked


We started yelling at each other in the middle of the street until we ran out of things to say to each other

"Ha! I won this round!" he cheered

I glared "And what makes you think you won?"

"Wanna rematch?" he dared me

"Come at me, moron" I teased and you could literally see steam coming out of his ears

"What'd ya call me?" he said in a dark and scary voice

"Why? What are you going to do?"

I smirked proudly

He grinned evilly with a weird glint in his eye, he was even laughing in a low voice "Run....moron"

"KYAAAA!" I ran as he was chasing me down the streets, I swear he could probably run as fast as Jet. I ran and ran until the guild came into sight. I rushed into the guild and hurriedly ran towards the bar and jumped behind the counter and hid myself

"BLONDIE!" I heard Sting yell, bursting through the doors

I gulped nervously and Mira smirked at me "Oh Sting!~" she sang

I heard loud footsteps run to the bar

Mirajane POV

"Mira! Have you seen Lucy?!" Sting pounded his fist on the counter

"Not really why?" I grinned

"Cause I need to give that girl punishment!" he smiled evilly

A smirk grew on my face "What kind of punishment?" I asked and his face grew red

"WHAT THE HELL? W-Why would you think that way!" he stammered

"I didn't say anything...." I nudged him

"Tsk tsk, just tell me where the blonde is!" he pounded his fist on the counter again

I glanced back and forth from him to the bar counter to signal him she's underneath and luckily he got the message

"Ok Mira! Thanks for helping me out! I'll be going somewhere else to look!" he whistled lowly and pretended he was walking away

"Bye Sting! Goodluck!" I waved and winked at Lucy to tell her to come up

Lucy POV

I sighed and stood up

"Hey blondie" Sting smirked

"KYAAAAA!!!" I screamed, he grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder and ran out the guild

"Have fun you two!~" Mira sang happily making my eyebrows twitch

"TRAITOR!" I yelled before Sting ran so fast out of the guild I couldn't even see where we were going

"STING!STING LET ME DOWN!" I screamed but no response

I knew I wasn't getting anywhere so I gave up on yelling

He kept running so fast it almost made me think he was some kind of machine, we have been running around for about an hour until he finally put me down

I was ready to go all out on him but I gasped at our surroundings


"Like it huh? What? You thought I was gonna rape you or something?" he laughed and sat down next to me

Their in front of was a small cave with a waterfall pouring our bright blue water, mist was splashing out when the water collided

I looked at Sting with confusion "What are we doing here?"

He beamed a smile "We seemed stressed so I just thought, hey why not?"

I grinned "Well I feel relaxed just looking at the water"

"That's why we are going in" he smirked proudly

"Uhhh.... I don't remember signing any contract about that" I huffed

"To bad, plus stop frowning blondie your gonna get wrinkles" he teased making my eyebrows twitch

"Keep smirking and smack it right off your face" I cracked my knuckles

He stuck his tongue out and smiled "Seriously though let's go in!" he whined

"No thanks, I'll just watch you swim"

"I know you'd like that.... but come on!" he whined again

"No! I don't even have clothes baka!" I punched his chest lightly

"Who cares? Just take off the top layer" he said nonchalantly while taking his shirt off

"No thanks I would ra...." I stopped when I saw Sting and his perfect shaped abs along with his muscular arms, daaaaaam XD

"Like what you see?" he puckered his lips

"Hahaha" I fake laughed

"Ok you either go swimming with your own will or I throw you in, choose one" he smirked, I freaking hate that smirk

I huffed "Turn around and don't look and if I catch you looking I'll poke your eyes out with your own fingers" I threatened but he just celebrated, he turned around and closed his eyes while whistling

I took my shirt and shorts off "O-Ok..." I muttered

He didn't turn around yet "Yosh! Lets go swimming!" he then turned around and had blood gushing out his nose, he quickly covered his nose but it trickled down his arms

"You've got to be kidding me...." he mumbled while staring at me


Sting POV

Out of all days she had to wear a black tight lace bra and pantie, does she want me to die from a major nosebleed?

"Nothing... LETS GO!" I recovered while picking her up bridal style and going up by the cave

When we got there I looked down and smirked at her

"Ready blondie?" I asked and she shook her head

"3" I counted down

"Sting don't you dare!"


"I'm serious!"


"Weeeeeee!" I chanted as we were falling in midair, we hit the cold water sending shivers throughout my body, we were underwater, her beautiful golden hair was floating everywhere and her cheeks were puffed out while she was glaring at me

I grinned, I grabbed her closer to me and made her look at me. She mouthed to me "I need air"

I was about to swim to the top until I got an idea, I smirked again. I brought her head closer to me and kissed her, giving her air

Her body stiffened but then relaxed and soon she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back

My conscious was chanting me on "Go Sting! You got a kiss! Now what else are you gonna get from her?" Wow what a pervy conscious I have...

When we pulled back her face was completely red making me smirk for the hundredth time today, I swam us to the top and we gasped for air

"I like you blondie..." I kissed her forehead making her smile

"I like you to Sting"


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