Chapter 37

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× Natsu POV ×

"What a job....." I slummed forward and kept walking. Since these past few days have been such a pain, I took my first job since then. Been taking a couple of jobs without anyone else which is pretty boring. But their really is no one for me to go with nowadays, of course theirs Happy and everyone else in the guild but I wanna go with Lucy.

It was pretty late cause it took awhile to get the job done alone. I was planning on stopping by the market to buy some fish for happy until I saw a familiar figure laying on the ground in the distance. "Is that....."

When it was more clear I saw Sting laying on the ground covered in blood and bruises. "Sting!" I ran over to him and saw him awake. Well, barely awake. "Sting! Sting! Oh man, c'mon get up!" But his eyelids started to fall heavy and eventually closed. Hurriedly, I rushed to Fairy Tail, as soon as we got inside I shouted, "Wendy! Mirajane!"

× Lucy POV ×

After Natsu told me what happened I sat on one side of Sting and stared at him, I tried to recall how this started. How I got involved with him. That's right.

My hand slowly traced up my neck and searched for it until I felt the Dragon scales.  I looked down to my side and saw Sting in pain, "How did this turn turn my life upside down? I wanted to live my life for a little longer then maybe settle down. Now it was all rushed because of this."

"So you regret it all, huh?" I gasped and watched as Natsu walked in, "You made it sound like you regret everything you've been through with Sting. So let me ask you this Lucy, Do you wish Sting never marked you?" I looked at Natsu with disbelief, did he really ask me that? But on the other hand, how do I really feel? I mean I really had a lot of goals for my future but all I can ever think about nowadays is Sting.

"So how do you really feel Lucy?"

I blinked a couple of times and let my eyes dim down, yet again I felt the mark and memories of me and Sting came to mind. But then I looked down at my Fairy Tail insignia and mumbled, "Fairy Tail was my first priority..... I mean of course it still is! But my first priority isn't just Fairy Tail, now it's Fairy Tail and  Sting."

He leaned on the wall across of us, his arms crossed over his chest. "I didn't ask about that."

I sighed, "I love Sting. If I never fell in love with him I would've said I regret it. But, I can't lie. I don't regret anything that happened. Things happened, but it was worth it."

"What a relief......"

I looked down at Sting who was smiling softly, his eyes closed. "I thought you would've regreted meeting me." He grabbed my hand, "Are you okay?" he asked. I grasped his hand, pulling it close to my mouth. "Are you crazy? Are you okay? Why are you worrying about me?"

"I asked if you were okay."

Tears streamed down my face, my voice not as strong and was breaking as I talked. "I-I'm okay. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Because I broke your heart for the millionth time."

I laughed through the tears. "It was worth it."

He sighed deeply, "I'm glad you're okay." I shook my head. "What were you thinking? Beating someone up. Are you okay?"

"Hell yeah I'm okay." I laughed hard through all my tears. I looked up at Natsu who was watching us with a smile across his face. I smiled at him to show my gratitude, he nodded and quietly left.



"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

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