Chapter 42

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× Sting POV ×

"Rogueeeee! My mannnn!" I laughed hard as me and him were enjoying a couple drinks. He never really enjoyed booze but he finally let loose just this once before my wedding. "You really are something Sting." he mumbled before taking a few gulps of booze.

We were sitting outside the guild watching the sunset. "Bro, I can't believe I'm getting married. Not that I'm complaining." Rogue grinned at me and shook his head. "Look how far we came. Eh, Sting?"

"Mm. I admit it was one hell of a ride to get here. But we still have a long way to go." I smiled at him but he was totally confused. "C'mon Rogue. You know Fairy Tail, we're not done here. The adventures just begun."

He grinned, "Indeed. But you know what I think about you and Lucys history?"

"Uh. No."

"You both are honestly really, really dumb. You can't disagree with me. You both made stupid mistakes and got angry with one another. Even though it was pretty much the same mistake. You guys had some fights over the littlest things. But you know, that's none of my business."

I laughed and slapped him on the back. "It's cool bro. That's true, I guess."

x Lucy POV x

"Okay Lucy! So have we come to an agreement about the date of the wedding?" Mira grinned. "Yeah. I'm fine with that." She narrowed her eyes down at me and sighed, "What's wrong? You were out of it for awhile." I just shrugged. "Just nervous."

She smiled and giggled, "I understand. So the wedding will be in 3 days."

After Mirajane was done talking and talking about the wedding I left the guild and decided to go home. Throughout the past 2 days all I could think about was what Cana told me. Why would Sting lie to me? He hasn't come to see me since and I've been worried. I have no idea what he's hiding from me. When I walked into my apartment I was surprised to see Natsu and Happy in my room. It was a nice sight to see though.


"Yo, Lucy!" He smiled widely at me causing me to smile back. I sat down with them, "How have you guys been huh?" They looked at each other then back at me. "Good. I guess." Natsu answered. "Hey Natsu! Lucy's being nice!" Happy chuckled mockingly.

"Shut up you stupid cat!"

"Ahhh! She's Lucy again!" Happy hid behind Natsus back. Natsu just laughed, folded his arms behind his head and sighed. "So whens the big wedding?"

"2 days."

His breathing hitched, "2 days.... wow."

"I know."

It was quiet for a bit. An awkward silence for once. "Wheres Sting?" When I looked up at him he instantly knew something was wrong. "What happened? What did he do now?"

"I'm afraid Natsu..."

"Of what?"

"The lies. I'm scared of the lies he tells me. I'm scared of them. I don't know the answers to why he lied to me." Natsu sat there looking a bit oblivious to what I was talking about. "Maybe he has a good reason."

"A good reason?"

"I don't know what he lied about and I don't wanna know. But Sting has been there for you. You both screwed up, so what? He was there for you and you were there for him. Maybe just wait and see how this turns out. If he hurts you one last time then you'll know what kind of person he is. But if he does make you cry again, he's dead."

I giggled and nodded, feeling way better than before. "Arigatou Natsu."

× Sting POV ×

The next day I was on my way over to see Lucy, it was kind of early in the morning when I got to her apartment but she's usually up by then. I opened the door to her apartment and saw her tying her hair up across the room. "Hey Lucy."

She turned her head and beamed a smile. "Hey." I took a seat on the couch and watched her as she got ready. She looked at me through the mirror and chuckled. "What?" she questioned.

"What? I didn't do anything."

"Why are you staring at me?"

I just shrugged and looked away. "I don't know...." I mumbled. I heard her laugh. She then ran and jumped onto me. "Hey hey, Sting. I've been thinking about something.." she trailed off and started mumbling to herself. "What is it?" She looked back up at me and smiled. "Can we go on a honeymoon? After the wedding?" I swear, you could see her eyes light up from a mile away. I chuckled softly and nodded. "Yes. Whatever the princess desires, she shall get."

"Yayyyyyy! I love you!" she screamed, tackling me into a hug. I was a bit thrown off by how happy she was but I didn't say much of it. "Anywhere particular you want to go?"

"Akane Resort!"

Instantly, my face turned bright green from recalling memories I have from there. "Akane Resort.... with all the rollercoasters...?" Lucy looked at me and snorted. "Yup!"

"Anywhere else?"

She pouted and poked my cheek. "Whatever the princess desires, huh?" I sighed heavily then pinched her cheeks ignoring her cries for help. "Yeah yeah. Fine. Akane Resort it is." She attempted to smile but I was preventing it by pinching her cheeks even harder. "Baka..." I smiled.

The next morning we got ready and started to head down to Fairy Tail. While we were walking, Lucy was balancing herself on the edge of the river like usual and I was just admiring her like usual. I shoved my hands in my pocket and grinned while she kept humming softly to herself. "Don't fall in. I ain't saving you."

She stopped and looked at me. "Really?" I nodded , teasing her. "That's not what happened last time." she giggled and continued walking. For a bit, I was confused but I realized what happened before. "You were such an idiot that day..." She instantly shot me a glare, "Hmph," then whipped her head the other direction, "jerk."

"I heard that."

"You were meant to, idiot." she huffed, still shooting me glares from time to time. I sighed and mumbled, "I love you to baka...."

When we got to Fairy Tail there was barely anybody around. "Where is everyone?" Lucy questioned. "Preparing for your wedding at the church. Have you forgotten it's tomorrow?" We both watched as the short old master answered, drinking a mug of booze. "Tomorrow...." We gasped. "Why didn't anyone come and tell me? We should be helping!" Lucy argued.

"Now now child, it's your wedding. And besides, Mirajane didn't want me to tell you guys. She wants it to be a total surprise. She also said something about coming to your apartment tomorrow in the morning to get you both. So for now, why don't you two just enjoy today off, hm?" Master said, drinking a bit from his mug. After a small argument with the short man we  obviously lost and decided to go walking around Magnolia. "So you really wanna go to that place?" She grinned at me and nodded, "Fine fine."

While walking through the streets we noticed there were a lot of people selling things on the sides of the sidewalk. "Let's look around!" Lucy giggled, pulling my arm towards one stand with a bunch of jewelry. I'm practically broke as it is. I spent all my money on the wedding plus another 10,000,000 jewel. Lucy started poking around and glancing at me every now and then, "Are you done?" she hissed at me then frowned, "Pleaseeee!" she whined. "I'm not buying you anything. I just spent a fortune on the wedding." Luckily, she nodded in understanding then pulled some money out and paid for it. "What is this? You have money?"

"Yes I have money."

"From where?"

"My bag."

I rolled my eyes and pulled her cheek, "Where'd you get the money?" She pulled my hair and glared, "From my job!" I used my other hand and pulled her nose. "You haven't gone on any jobs!" Lucy then pulled my ear and shouted back, "I save up!" For about three minutes we were just standing there going back and forth, arguing about who knows what. That was, until the lady running the stand in front of us broke us up. We started walking down the streets again, exchanging glares. "You're lucky she stopped us." I muttered. "Or what?"

"Or things would've got messy."

"Puuhleeease! I could've handled you fine!"


The rest of the day we were arguing. But not in a bad way. More like a married couple sort of way. It was just for fun anyways. By the end of the day we ended up just laughing and falling asleep on the couch together.

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