Chapter 22: That Night

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Sting POV

"Hey... Lucy?" I asked staring up at the stars. My arm wrapped around her neck while we were laying down in a field, we were cuddled close together, with her head on my chest.

"Hmm?" she answered back. I didn't know why I wanted to ask this. No. I didn't know why I had to ask this but, "Do you want kids?"

I felt her body shift a bit and the atmosphere changed. "Uh.... Yeah. I would love to have kids someday. Honestly, I love kids so I want some of my own." I felt her smiling against my chest.

That just made my night.

After, Lucy fell asleep so I carried her on my back and walked back to her apartment. When we got inside I laid her on her bed. I moved a strand of hair out of her face and placed a kiss on her cheek then tucked her in. "The things you make me do for you Blondie...." I chuckled recalling our memories together. "But it was worth it. I promise you, I'll protect you from anything....I think I fallen for you Blondie." I smiled than left her apartment.

But what he didn't know was that she was awake this whole time. "I told you a billion times already. Don't call me that~" Lucy whispered before finally going to sleep with a smile across her face.

Lucy POV

"Lusheee!~" I heard a familiar voice say. But I just groaned in my sleep and covered myself with my covers. "Shut up..."

"Ah. I told you Happy, Luce is such a grouch in the morning." I heard another familiar voice say. Then they had a full on conversation with each other. "Natsuu....Happy...." I groaned of annoyance. "Ai sir!" Happy answered.

"Why are you guys in my apartment so early in the morning?" I asked sitting up. Thye just looked at each other than smiled at me. "Cause we miss you!" Natsu answered.

A smile formed on my face. "Yeah, me to."


"Hey Happy. Could you go back to the guild and tell Mira to postpone that mission I set aside?" Natsu said to Happy. "Hai!" he said before spreading his wings and flying back to the guild.

I knew it. He came to talk to me about that thing. Natsu probably wanted to come alone but Happy insisted to tag along. That mission Natsu was just talking about probably isn't even real. Probably just an excuse to get Happy out of here.

So I looked at Natsu who was glancing at me from time to time. "Luce." he started.

"About.... About that night." I couldn't take it. "Tell me! I really need to know what happened ! I can't remember anything. Its been bugging me for centuries!"

He just sighed. "Its... Its hard to say it. Its hard to explain."

"Well just try your best than." I encouraged. He looked at me with regret in his eyes. "That night...."

"Me and you.... We... Uh....." he stuttered. Oh for crying out loud just tell me!

But his facial expression changed. It showed more of bravery and determination. "Lucy. That night. What happened was... pretty shocking I guess. That night me and you had sex."

That night me and you had sex

That night me and you had sex

That night me and you had sex

Those words kept repeating in my head. My eyes widened when I snapped back into reality and I just stared at Natsu who had nothing but a straight face. "Wh...What?" I managed to say.

He sighed. "It wasn't a mistake. It wasn't a mistake for me but your probably regretting doing anything like that with me. Lucy. I'm deeply in love with you and that was my first. It was your first to I know it. But since that night my feelings grew stronger or you. I love you so much." he said.

I just stared at him speechless. We had sex? Nooo. He has to be lying! Like how could I not remember doing anything like that?! When I woke up the next day everything seemed perfectly fine.

"How? I mean. How could I not have remembered something like that? How was it that everything seemed normal. Like, yeah I did feel completely different the next morning but.....HOW?!" I was so confused. Tears slipped out of my eyes.

"I'm sorry Lucy. I shouldn't have done that. But to be fair I asked if we could do it. You hesitated at first but you said yes." he hugged me in comfort. I just cried and cried into his chest.

This is not how I wanted things in my life to go. I wanted to do it with someone I loved. I mean, yeah I love Natsu but.... I don't think I love him the way he loves me. He's like family. At first I loved him in a sexual way but things changed with Sting coming into the picture. The bite and the mark. His confessions. Two confessions. Its to much for me to handle.

"I'm sorry Lucy..... I really am." Natsu sighed while letting me cry into his chest.


Sting POV

I looked in the river, the river right outside Blondies apartment. "Lookin good Sting." I said to myself. "But you know who looks better than you Sting?" I started to talk to my reflection in the water. "Who?"

I turned around and looked up at Blondies window and smiled. "Lucy Heartfilia."

As I made my way into her apartment it was quiet inside there. To quiet. Pretty suspicious. "Hey Blondie." I entered and what shocked me next was seeing Lucy crying into her pillow.

"What happened!?" I rushed to her side. She looked at me than had a sad smile. "Sting." she jumped onto me and sobbed and sobbed onto my shoulders.

I didn't know what was going on or why she was crying but I had to comfort her. "Shhhh.... Its okay." I rubbed her back then kissed her ear. "Its okay Lucy stop crying, I'm here and I'm not letting you go, not just yet."

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