Chapter 5

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×Lucy POV ×

"Sting? What do you think about it?" I asked him as I was in the bathroom. I had to talk a bit louder just so he could hear me.

"What do ya mean?" he asked, though it sounded like he was eating my food. No! He can't! I feed one dragon slayer and a cat. That's enough. I'm already short on food.

"Hey! Don't tell me you're eating my food!" I stormed out of the bathroom really irritated and ready to serve a Lucy kick.

×Sting POV×

Why the hell is she yelling for? She's so annoying. All she does is yell, it hurts my precious ears. But I just shrugged and continued to help myself to her food.

I heard a door slam open and when I looked up my face turned bright red.

"P-PUT ON SOME C-CLOTHES!" I stuttered. She was in a short pink bath towel, water droplets scattered over her exposed skin and dripping down from her hair.

"Yeah, yeah. Pervert." she grumbled and rolled her eyes while walking towards her closet. "Last time I checked, this was my house. Is this something all dragon slayers do? They be rude and eat all the food! I wonder if Gajeel does this to Levy?" She said looking through drawers and clothes hanging.

"Who the hell is Levy? And what about us dragon slayers?" I then noticed she was about to change right in front of me.

"W-why don't you go change in the bathroom!" I yelled at her.

"Shut up you are so annoying! Its too hot in the bathroom and since we are mates get use to it." she said. But she was struggling with her bra. I've seen girls in magazines wear stuff like that but never with my own eyes.

×Lucy POV×

"Blondie do you know how to use that?" I heard Sting chuckled to himself.

"Yeah but Natsu usually helps me so it doesn't take long." I said still struggling to hook it on.

×Sting POV×

Wow lucky bastard gets to see this everyday. He's so blessed.

"Need help?" I teased.

"Yeah if you can." she said which caught me by surprise.

Did I hear her right? She finally let her guard down?

I walked up behind her and grabbed a hold of her bra.

Lucy POV

"Don't try anything funny."

Then I felt his hands twitching and shaking nervously which made me snort. "What are you laughing at?" 

"Nervous much?" I teased still laughing.

"Why wouldn't I be? I'm touching a girls bra with the girl in it!" he said still trying to hook it on.

"Yeah yeah yeah all I hear is excuses."

"Tch." he sneered making me giggle some more.

But then he yanked at my bra in annoyance, "What are you doing?" I complained. He yanked it again for me to shut up but I didn't. He yanked it again but harder making me fall backwards on him. I guess you could say it was my fault but I don't like to point fingers.

"KYAAAA!" I looked at our position and my boobs were in his face, both our faces were bright red.

"Geeoggmhe." (get off of me) Sting said but his mouth was muffled. I shot straight up and covered my exposed breasts and ran into the bathroom, totally in shock.

×Sting POV×


I'm not complaining about what just happened but she's heavy. I stood up and slapped my face a couple times to shake myself out of it and decided to lay on her bed "Ughhhh, it's been a long day."

×Lucy POV×

Why the hell is my heart beating so fast? I have this feeling I have with Natsu. 

But I shook my head and  walked out with my bra on and a shirt that just so happens to be in the bathroom. Lucky me, huh?I looked for Sting but couldn't find him until I heard a loud snore from under my sheets. "Oh hell no!" I said yanking the blankets off.

"Oh, wow." I said looking at Stings shirtless body. But again I shook my head and decided to ignore him. I walked over to my desk and started working on a new chapter for my novel about me and Natsu.

After what felt like hours I stood up and stretched feeling pretty satisfied about what I wrote. I walked over to Sting who was still sleeping in my bed. I tried pulling on his leg to get him off but he didn't fall off like I planned so I pulled on his arm, "Come .... on..... Stingy bee." I said pulling on his arm so hard that I'm on my heels and my back is arched.

Then suddenly, Sting pulled on my arm and I landed next to him.

Wow why couldn't I do that?

"Stop annoying me Blondie." Sting said going back to sleep. "Shut it Stingy- bee! Get out of my bed!" I yelled but he fell asleep already. Wow.

I tried squirming, I tried prying his muscular arms off, I tried everything but he wouldn't budge. I started falling asleep and next thing I knew I'm cuddling with Sting

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