Holiday Special Chapter!

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Just dusting the dirt and cobwebs off of this book to add a little fun holiday chapter! Yes, it's been over a week since Christmas but whatever. Enjoy this Holiday Special! Happy Holidays and I hope 2019 is a great year for you all! 

may have grammar errors sowwy :)


"Merry Christmas!" The guild of Fairy Tail exploded into a fit of laughter and cheer as Christmas Day was just hours away. It was one of the most happiest days of the year — the weather was colder so that meant you could snuggle into some warm pajamas, holiday lights were hung up on houses and buildings that made the cold weather seem warmer and everyone seemed happier.

The town of Magnolia was peaceful as the sun began to set and snow started to make its way onto the ground. But in the heart of the quiet town, two loud children were arguing.


"My dad is stronger than yours!"

"Nu - uh! Mine is!"

"No! Mine can shoot out light! He's so cool! My dad goes pew - pew!"

I felt a hand ruffle my hair that followed an exaggerated sigh, "Keep it down Wess. You're hurting my ears." But I just glared at my older sister; Layla, before swatting her hand away from me and pointing at my nemesis. "Grayson is saying his dad is stronger than ours!"

"Who cares who's dad is stronger? Let's see which one of you is stronger."

Soon, a wide grin grew on my face before I lunged forward and started throwing punches at Grayson. He groaned in pain before biting my arm making me yelp, "What the hell! No biting you idiot!" I screamed.

"Hey! Watch your mouth!" A pair of hands grabbed the neck of my shirt before dragging me behind them aggressively. "Let me go you bastard!" I yelled, squirming around. But before I knew it, I locked eyes with the person who was dragging me, "M - Mom?" I muttered, turning pale with fear.

"Who taught you those kind of words!" She scolded.

"Dad ...."

"Ha-ha! You're in trouble!" Layla popped her head out from behind moms shoulder and trotted away while laughing. Though I just stuck my tongue out at her and crossed my arms over my chest, knowing moms gonna kill me.

"Wess Eucliffe! How many times have I told you already? Do not use that kind of language and do not be starting fights with the other kids."

"But mommmm ~"

"No but's. Now go play nicely."

"Yes mom." I groaned before walking away with my head hung low. My stupid sister always gets away with things but I'm the one who gets in trouble for it! So I just sat with Grayson and the exceeds while glaring at my sister on the other side of the guild.


- Lucy POV -

I watched my eight year old son walk away with guilt washed all over his face. While my daughter, Layla was taunting him from afar. "Jeez ...." I muttered.

"Merry Christmas hon!~" Sting slurred. Natsu and him were chuckling while taking large gulps of booze from their mugs. I scolded them but they quickly shut me down and replied that I should let loose considering it's Christmas Eve. But I couldn't help but be that one annoying parent that supervised everyone during a party.

"Oh gosh! Sit back and let Cana take care of you with some of her best alcohol!~" Cana jumped in, pushing me into a seat before shoving a huge mug filled with an oddly colored drink. I swear I gagged a bit when I took a good whiff of it, "What the hell is this?"

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