Chapter 38

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× Lucy POV ×

".....but of course you have to have a beautiful wedding dress! Oh, and a nice tasty cake. Wait, we can't forget all the decorations and invitations, we need to invite all of Sabertooth and of course Fairy Tail. You can't forget the food either, also you need to do your hair and oh, Lucy oh Lucy, I'm glad you put me in charge of the wedding!" Mira squealed causing me to sweatdrop. "I didn't..... But if you're really into it then I guess I won't stop you."

"Mira, I think you're leaving out the most important thing." Levy smirked, Mira cocked an eyebrow up. "No I'm pretty sure I've thought of everything. The cake, the dress, invitations, food, etc. etc. I've gotten everything."

"Well this part doesn't concern you, it concerns Sting. But you know, Lucy hasn't mentioned anything about it." Levy explained, we all were filled with curiosity, "And what is that?"

"Duhhh, the ring? And yeah yeah we know the story. Your knight in shining armor came running after you, you had some romance in the water and he proposed. But where's the ring?" Levy had a good point but I just shrugged. "Hey, maybe he doesn't have enough money for a ring. Maybe he'll just use the ring from when he 'proposed' before."

Mira shrugged and squealed again. "I'm so happy for you Lucy! Finally, StingLu has some real action!"

Ever since Sting proposed to me which was yesterday, when I told Fairy Tail they erupted with cheers especially Mira. So since yesterday thats all anyone has been talking about. The guild doors opened and revealed Erza walking in, but she had some weird look on her face. "Lucy, I know you have an important day that is coming up so as a guildmate and friend I want to take part in this celebration."

"Huh? Oh, of course Erza. You were always invited to the wedding."

"No. I would like your permission to be the flower girl. I mean -- I know it's a position in the ceremony that isn't the best fitted for me. But I want to try new things." But when she was finished I couldn't help but snort. "Gomen, Erza. But I already promised Wendy she would be the flower girl, along with Carla." Erzas eyes dimmed down, "I see, then I will be your best man."

"Uhm, Erza? Do you know how a wedding works?" but she shook her head causing me to sigh. "Erza, you're gonna be one of my bridesmaids along with Mirajane and Levy." Instantly, her eyes sparkled. "Thank you Lucy. I will give it my all!"


× Sting POV ×

"Good for you man! We're happy for ya!"

"Congrats Sting!"

"Cheers for Sting Eucliffe!"

"Bring your fiancé / wife by to the guild one day."

Everyone in the guild patted me in the back or shook my hand, drank some booze, stuff like that. "I gotta say Sting, I'm happy for ya. I'm glad you're gonna spend the rest of your life with Lucy, I really enjoy having her around." Rogue gave a small grin and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Really? You like having her around."

"Yeah, she's annoying but she's a good influence on you. You two have come a long way." Rogues words made me smile in admiration of myself. "Yup, I got lucky huh?"

"Oh and Mirajane Strauss contacted me on my lacrima earlier, she said to come to Magnolia and meet her at the address of, 568 Rosewood Lane. She said that I need to accompany you."

I was a bit confused, though I don't know Mira very well but I know her just enough to know she's crazy. She's
sweet and nice. But crazy.

× Natsu POV ×

"Oh and Natsu?" Mirajane butted in. "What?"

"Go to the grocery store. The new one on 568 Rosewood Lane. Don't come back until you have everything."

"But what do I get?" she shrugged, "Stuff and take Gray with you." Mira beamed a smile. Although I felt suspicious I just went along with what she told me.

× Sting POV ×

"Are you sure Mirajane said 568 Rosewood Lane?" I asked Rogue looking up at the sign above us. "Yeah...."

"Then why are we at a shop to buy suits?"

"Maybe because you're getting married. I see, she tricked us into coming here. Clever." Rogue smirked, we walked in and was greeted by a young lady wearing a formal looking outfit. "Good afternoon gentlemen. Do you two have an appointment for a fitting?"

"What's up. I really don't know. It's either under the name Sting Eucliffe or Mirajane Strauss." she looked down at a clipboard then smiled up at us. "Right this way Mr. Eucliffe."

She led us into a backroom with mirrors everywhere and a rack filled with suits. A lot of them. "Oh no."

× Lucy POV ×

"But where are we going?" I asked Mirajane and the other girls as they dragged me everywhere. "You'll see." They brought me to a store that looked so sparkly and I instantly knew what was going on. "Guyyyys. We didn't even discuss a date to have the wedding." But they ignored all my whining and forcefully dragged me into the store. A gorgeous young woman greeted us and led us to a big room with a few leather chairs, it was amazing. A chandlier cascaded over us and white curtains filled the walls beside mirrors.

"Guys, really? He proposed yesterday!"

But they all just smiled. "Lucy, c'mon go try on some dresses." Levy nudged me, I looked at the rest of the girls and they all nodded. Sighing, I followed the woman named Talya into a small changing room with a rack filled with white dresses.

× Natsu POV ×

"What the hell?" Gray huffed as we walked up to the so called 'Grocery Store.'

"I thought we were going to a grocery store flamehead. Are you that dense where you got the address wrong?" I was about to argue back until I saw a flash of familiar blonde inside the store. I went inside and heard familiar voices as well, the Twin Dragons. "What are you guys doing here?" I questioned Rogue, "Trying on some suits for Sting." he pointed to a room and you could hear Sting struggling.

"Why are we here then?" Gray asked. "Who knows. Mirajane has ideas for the wedding. Stick around." Rogue said and waited for Sting to come out. A few minutes later Sting came out with a smirk on his face, "I know, it took me 20 minutes to put this on but hey, I look fresh right?" and he flexed a bit until Rogue spoke up. "Your zipper is down."

Sting looked down in embarassment and quickly zipped it up. We all laughed getting a sigh from him. "Whatever....."

× Lucy POV ×

"Talya, I'm suffocating in this thing!" I gasped as she zipped up my dress. "It's fine darling. Look, beautiful." she finished me off and I looked in the mirror. It was gorgeous.

"Good ahead." she motioned me to go out and show the girls. When I went out into the open room they all gasped and smiled widely. "My my my Lucy, you look stunning." Erza nodded her head. "Beautiful!" Levy wiped a tear away. "You look beautiful Lucy. Sting's very lucky." Mirajane smiled.

My cheeks heated up a bit, I looked down. It really was a beautiful dress. The dress was of course white, it was a bit simple but I loved it. It splashed down to the floor, the front of the dress exposed my legs and it had a small bow on the right side of my waist.

"Is that the dress Lucy?" Mirajane smiled.

Is this the dress? The dress I'm going to get married in? A life time commitment. To Sting, Sting Eucliffe. The love of my life. Whom, I had a baby with. Yes.

"Yes. This is the one."

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