Chapter 27: I'm Sorry

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Lucy POV

I was breathing heavily from all the running. Since Levy gave me that advice I finally came to my senses. Leaving Sting in the dark about the truth isn't fair. I need to let him know how I feel wether he likes my answer or not.

"STING! , STING!" I called out through the streets of Magnolia. I've been running around for about an hour and heck, I feel like my baby is about to pop out of me already. The Sun is setting and I still haven't found him. What if..... what if he left already? What if he gave up on me? Maybe he was tired of me.

My eyesight started to get blurry of tears. "Maybe he finally got rid of me." I started to walk. All those times we had together, I mean yeah he was a pain in the ass but ya know. A smile formed on my face as I remembered our first official date, he took me up to that hill and watched the sunset. I still remember how I felt, I felt like I had tons of butterflies in my stomach that day. So, to remember it I went back to that same hill.

When I walked up that hill, I gasped softly. Seeing his blonde golden locks glow from the sunset. His eyes dimmed, lifeless almost. A frown covered his face as he was sitting down watching the sunset. He didn't notice me, but I could hear him mumbling. "I really did love you..... and you couldn't give me love back. Instead you just deceived me and lied..." he said, in a low soft monotone kind of voice.

Tears started to gush out of my eyes. "I'm sorry." I said aloud. His eyes widened as he looked over to me. "Lu...Lucy?" he called out. "I'm sorry." I sobbed. He let out a short sigh and stood up, he ruffled his hair a bit and looked down at me from afar and started to walk away. "Where...where are you going?" I asked. His back was facing me and he waved his hand without looking back. "Its not like you care right?"

More tears gushed out of my eyes. "I LOVE YOU!" I shouted on the top of my lungs, my voice echoed. Sting stopped but didn't turn around, but I heard him gasp softly. "I love you Sting. And I'm sorry that it took so long for me to say it. And I'm sorry for lying to you and that you got hurt because of me." I explained with a cracked voice, tears still gushing out my eyes. Sting turned around with his eyes a bit widened. "I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry you ever met me, I'm sorry you fell in love with me...." I broke down. I looked up at Sting, "Please forgive me."

His eyes went from widened to lifeless once again. "I'm sorry Lucy, but after everything I'm not sure I can forgive you." and he walked away, leaving me speechless. "Wh-Sting!" I shouted, but he never turned around to even look at me.

When he was gone I started sobbing. Sobbing my heart out, my life out. "I'm sorry."

××× 1 Week Later ×××

Levy POV

I glanced at Lucy, sitting on the far side of the guild with a gloomy vibe. Ever since Sting left her, she's practically been dead. She wouldn't talk, she wouldn't smile, she'd show none of us emotion. Also, since that day she told us about what happened between her and Sting, Natsu left town and hasn't come back since.

"Maybe someone should go talk to her." Mirajane hinted towards me. I just shrugged and took a sip from my mug. "C'mon Levy, she actually talks to you." Mira said. "Yeah, like 5 words at the most." I sighed. "Its better than nothing, right?"

I stood up and walked over to the table Lucy was at. When I sat down I smelt some kind of odor. "Lu - Chan!" I shouted taking the mug of booze away from her. "What are you thinking drinking this! Its bad for the baby! Don't let some guy make you do these kinds of things! Jeez, what would happen to you if we weren't here?" I shouted. Her bangs was covering her eyes a bit but she immediately stood up, knocking the chair she was sitting on over.

"Well I never asked for you help!! Its my life, My body and especially my baby!! So if you wanna control someone's life go find someone else to be your best friend cause I'm tired of this!!" she shouted, the whole guild was quiet surprised by her outburst. She ran out of the guild, causing the guild doors to slam loudly making me flinch a bit. // Picture: How Lucy looked \\

At Sabertooth.....

Rogue POV

"Now, how much money have we made this month, huh?" Sting shouted with a strong emotionless voice amongst us. No one answered so I said "10,000."

"10....10,000!!!!" he yelled. "Do you know how much loans I have to pay off? Are you guys that weak!!" he shouted. One of the guildmates opened their mouth and said, "Well, maybe you should stop using our money on stupid stuff, Sting." // Picture: How Sting looked \\

Sting looked down at him with fire in his eyes. "And who are you, to talk to me like that?" Sting said, his fists turning white. Sting blasted a beam of white light at him making him fly backwards and making a loud crash into the wall, he was unconscious. "From now on you refer to me as Master Sting."

I watched this with curiosity, for about a week now Sting has been acting up. When we were all dismissed I vanished into a shadow and watched Sting leave the guild. It was a bit weird because he was just walking through the streets, glancing at people every now and then but something made him stop. "Daddy!~" a little girl cried out, from his position he looked a bit unstable. But he started to walk again so I followed him, he walked into this cake shop and talked to the clerk for a bit.

Sting POV

"Hey Lesly." I plainly said, he smiled and greeted me back. "You haven't seen her come in here lately, have you?" I asked. "Sorry, Sting. Miss Lucy hasn't come around since about 4 days ago. She only came to pick up Miss Erza's cake and left." he explained.

"Was their anything in particular you noticed about her? Is she healthy?" my voice, starting to show desperation. He looked up as if he was thinking and snapped his fingers, while talking Lesly was cutting up some strawberries. "Well, Miss Lucy-- how should I say this? Miss Lucy looked a bit sick. I know that Miss Lucy is a nice woman so I asked if something was wrong but she declined sweetly." Worried, I had a panic attack inside. What could be wrong with her? Is something wrong with the baby?

I stormed out of the bakery as fast as I could and ran towards the train station. I'm coming Lucy!


Suddenly, I landed on my back hard from the impact I had from running into someone else. When I sat up I rubbed my head and glared at the clumsy person sitting in front of me. "Watch where your going! Next time you--" I paused. My eyes widened and a soft gasp escaped my mouth. "......Lucy."

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