Chapter 26: Lies

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Sting POV

"Ha! That's funny Rogue." I chuckled. He shook his head. "Sting, I'm serious." My face just kept showing the same expression though. "Dude, Rogue. I'm waiting for you to say you were joking." I said, nervously.

"I'm not joking, Sting. That was a pregnancy test. And since it said positive, it means Lucy is pregnant with your child." he stated. Everything froze. My breaths paced, slowly. Words couldn't come out. All I did was stand up and leave, regardless of anything.

The whole way, I was just thinking on how Lucy will tell me this. How will she do it? Make it an awesome surprise? Just straight up tell me? Morscode?

"Argh! This is killing my brain!" I groaned. Finally, I arrived at her apartment and immediately knocked on her door. No answer. "Surprise party it is." I whispered, opening the door. Yes it was unlocked.

"Lucy?" I called out. A short and soft groan came from her bed, and there she was. "Sting?......oh thank goodness." she smiled patting an empty spot in her bed. "Do you want anything? Sorry about earlier." she said, getting out of her bed. I shook my head. "How are you feeling?" I asked.

She nodded. "Better, thanks." I sat down on her bed and stared at her stomach. "Hey....uh... Sting? What'cha doing?" she asked. "Oh, uh. Nothing. Just admiring the weather." I laughed nervously.

"Mm. Admiring the weather, huh? Didn't know the sky was on my tummy." she looked at me weirdly. "What's wrong? You wanna tell me anything?" she asked.

"Nothing. Why, do you wanna tell me anything?" I asked. She stared into my eyes for a few seconds and giggled. "Of course not."

But I didn't buy it. "So, if anything happens that includes me -- make sure you tell me." She nodded her head in response and smiled. "Don't worry."

To be sure. "Promise? No secrets?" I asked. She glanced at me with an unsure look. "I... I don't know. I mean, yeah. Yeah."

"So -- how's Wendy been?" I asked. She furrowed her eyebrows. "Huh..? She's good but."

"That's good. Ha! You know them kids they be getting into trouble ya know. Cause children are just children who don't know a lot. Don't you agree about children ?" I asked.

Lucy POV

You don't think. He knows right? "Sting, by any chance did you stop by my apartment?"

He nodded. "Oh Lord." I mumbled. "By any chance did I bang you so hard your pregnant?" He smirked. My face burned. "Just s - shut up!"

"And you said no secrets either." he sighed. "Look, I was gonna tell you."

He laughed. "Really? You were gonna tell me? After you said you didn't have anything to tell me!" he yelled. "Okay, yes! I wasn't planning on telling you!" I shouted back making him smile like an idiot.

"God. So you were lying? Maybe everything you ever said to me was lie! Maybe when you said you liked me, maybe that was a bunch of crap! I just-- I don't even get how you were planning on carrying a baby that's mine, and not tell me."

He kept shaking his head and looking at me. But I gave him that unsure look and he noticed. "I am the father. Right?"

"Look--" I started. He chuckled and sat down. "So theirs more guys? Theirs more guys that you slept with? Let me guess, this probably isn't even your first kid then, huh? Oh..... oh God! Ha. I know now, its Natsu isn't it? It's him! You gotta be kidding me." he wiped his tears and walked out the apartment.

"Sting!" I yelled chasing after him, but he was gone. "No...." I sobbed.


Levy came over later on that night. I was currently laying under my blankets hearing Levy beg me to come out. "Lu-Chan. Please come out. Talk."

"I don't wanna." I said stubbornly. "Fine. I guess we aren't best friends." she said. I sighed and got out from under the blankets making her smile. She grabbed my hand and gave me a reassuring grin. "You can tell me. I'm here for you."

I smiled feeling tears build up inside. "So, you know how I'm pregnant? Sting, he broke into my apartment and found the pregnancy test. Later, he came by and played it cool but next thing you know he's yelling at me for not telling him and that he might not even be the dad! He got all emotional and started to cry. I just...." I covered my face as tears gushed out.

"Shhh. Its okay. It's okay." Levy hugged me and I hugged her back. "I don't know what to do."

She pulled back and looked at me in the eyes. "Do you love Sting?" she asked. I gave a fake chuckle and wiped some tears away. "Come on. What are you talking about?"

She nodded. "Do you love Sting?" she asked again. I furrowed my eyebrows making her sigh. "Lucy. Do you think Sting loves you?" but I just shrugged my shoulders.

"He does. If he didn't he wouldn't be going through all this pain and trouble just for fun. He loves you Lucy. You said he got emotional in front of you and even cried. Lucy, when a boy cries over a girl, you know he really loves her. But the real question is --- do you love him? Or do you love Natsu?"

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