Chapter 9: Asuka and Sting

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Sting POV

I watched as Lucy was talking with three girls.One with white long hair and a pony tail holding up her bangs,another with blood red long hair and armor and the other with crazy wavy blue hair which was pulled back with a yellow headband

But than Natsu stepped into the picture making my heart ache

I clenched my chest at this feeling

Why do I feel like this?But I snapped out of my thoughts when something small hit my leg

I looked down to see a small cute little girl with black hair which was in a braid and wearing western cowgirl clothes and she was holding a toy gun.Well I hope it is

"Hi mister have you seen a blue cat with a green thingy on his back and.....goes by the name of Happy?" She said in a little girly voice

"No sorry little girl but what's your name?" I asked bending down to her level

"Asuka Connel!Whats your name?" She said giving me a cute smile

"Sting Eucliffe"

I swear I saw her shiver when I introduced myself

"Uhmm... Are you f-from S-Sabertooth?" She squeaked as she pointed her gun at me

"Yes but don't worry I'm a friend I came with that girl over there" I said pointing at Lucy

"Oh ok than,but why did you come with onee-san?" She asked lowering her gun slowly

"Wait is she your real sister?" I asked curious at the thought of her calling Lucy onee-san

She smiled and shook her head "I wish she was cause she's always caring and happy all the time that's why I wanna be like her and my mommy when I grow up" she said proudly while puffing her chest out

I laughed "Yea I can tell she's like that just by looking at her" I said now staring at Lucy

"HAPPPPPY!!" Asuka yelled while shooting her real gun at a blue cat flying helplessly around to avoid the bullets getting shot at him by a little girl

"Hey Asuka how old are you?"

She turned to me and stopped shooting "4"

"And Sting Eucliffe I like you now you remind me of my daddy, he's a nice and good looking guy" she smiled while yet again this 4 year old made me laugh

"Thanks Asuka I like you to"

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