Chapter 6

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x Lucy POV x

I woke up feeling nice and warm. But then my eyes shot open, "GET OFF OF ME!" I screamed feeling Sting squeezing my butt. "Ughhh...why so loud?" Sting groaned. "STOP TOUCHING ME!" I screamed once more while squirming around. "Oh shit." he muttered and released me while I rolled off my bed to get away from him.

"PERVERT!" I yelled and threw the closest thing to me.

Too bad for him because it was a lamp so let's just say .. But you didn't hear it from me, that he blacked out.

After Sting Woke Up

"Mmmmm." he groaned looking at me and started to blush. "W-why is your chest hovering over me?" He asked. "I'm taking care of your head Baka" I said wrapping a bandage around his head. "Done!" I said as I tied the bandage, watching him sit up. "T-Thank you" he muttered.

"What? I couldn't hear you?" I teased.

"Thank you...." he said softly, again.

"I still couldn't hear you!" I sang in a teasing voice.

"DAMMIT LUCY I SAID THANK YOU!!" He yelled making me flinch.

"Sorry blondie, I didn't mean to say it like that." he said reassuring I was okay but I stood there shocked then shot a smile at him.

"Why are you smiling like a weirdo? Oh no, don't tell me you finally fell for the almighty Sting Eucliffe!" He boasted making me laugh.

"No it's just that you called me Lucy." I said standing up.

"Oh, is that not your name?" He asked raising an eyebrow at me.

I heard the window open behind me. Oh crap. Perfect timing eh?

"Hey Luce! Ready to go to the g-" Natsu paused, him and Stnig exchanging glares.



"Let's finish what we started!"

"Bring it pinky!"

"What'd you call me you yellow haired freak?!"

"You heard me! -- hold on, Lucy's hair is yellow. You trashing her hair color too?"

"That sounds so stupid! -- and no, Lucy's hair is golden making it more attractive than your damn piss like hair!"

"Oh yeah? Says the guy who looks like he got gum stuck in his hair!"

"Better than piss!"

"Now you've done it!"




"ITAI!" They yelled in unison because I smacked their heads with a frying pan.

"Damnit Luce / Blondie what was that for?" They said in unison rubbing their heads.

"What was that for? I am not gonna let you destroy my apartment or even the whole Fiore Kingdom!" I said yet they just glared at each other with hate. I sighed, "Sting it's best you just go back to Sabertooth considering you're the master." I suggested but they were too focused on killing each other.

"Hey is that food?" I asked, pointing randomly, hoping to catch their attention. Which it did but wasn't as surprising. "Idiots," I mumbled, "Sting go to your guild." I commanded but he shook his head and stood his ground.

"Nah. There's nothing to do there so I'll just hang with you." he said, causing Natsu to literally glare at him with fire in his eyes.

I sighed, "Fine whatever. But just don't complain if someone murders you." I said, hearing a loud and clear gulp come from him.

"Awww. .. Sting-kun is scared~" Natsu teased in a high pitched - girly voice.

"Why you...."

"What? You can't hurt me remember? Luce doesn't want us fighting!" Natsu said proudly, slinging his arm around my neck. "Right Luce?"

But I just rolled my eyes and huffed, "You guys are gonna be the death of me."

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