Chapter 41

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× Sting POV ×

"So that's why you have all those wounds on your back?" Rogue snorted. "Why are you laughing? That's not funny. I lied to her." He just grinned and sighed. "You really are an idiot Sting. You're just making small things into bigger problems." I watched as he stood up and walked away.

"Jeez...." I let out a long sigh as I stretched back and watched the guild.

× Lucy POV ×

"Natsu!" Mira yelled from the bar. From the crowd of people you could see his head perk up, "Nani?" he called back.

"Come over here!" and he did as he was told. He took a seat next to me and grinned, "Wassup Luce!" I giggled and smiled widely, "Hey Natsu."

"So Natsu, have you tried on the suit for Lucys wedding?"

"Oh that piece of crap? Yeah I tried it on, but I used it to clean up the mess Happy made after he ate fish back home." You literally could see the anger in Mirajanes eyes. "Natsu Dragneel! You better be joking or its your blood that'll need to be cleaned up!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs scaring both me and Natsu. "H-Hai!"

"Lovely!" she sweetly smiled at him causing me to sweatdrop. Natsu then left with directions from Mirajane to get the suit cleaned and fixed up before the wedding. She then faced me, "So Lucy, lets decide on a date, hm? Or have you and Sting already come up with one? Or perhaps you want to decide alone with him?"

"Its okay Mira, I'll talk to Sting about it.  I want to make sure he's okay with the date we end up choosing and to be completely honest, I'm really nervous..." I trailed off, she listened closely and furrowed her eyebrows. "Like who would've thought that me, Lucy Heartfilia would get married? I've always read stories about love and romance but never thought I'd get the chance to experience it myself. Who would've thought that I'd experience it with Sting Eucliffe?"

"To be honest with you Lucy, I have always thought Natsu and you would get married. You two have always had chemistry with each other since day one. All the adventures you two had has probably impacted you two a lot." I laughed a bit recalling all the memories we had. "Well me and Natsu and of course the rest of Fairy Tail are going to have lots more adventures. But now we're going to have Sting. I just hope we'll have eternal adventures."

x Sting POV x

It was almost dark out and I was waiting in front of Lucys apartment. About an hour later she finally showed up and was surprised to see me. "Sting." she smiled. "What's up Blondie? Missed me already?" I chuckled, she just rolled her eyes and gave me a hug. When she pulled back I smirked at her causing her to cock an eyebrow up at me. "What? No kiss?" I grumbled.

"Not yet Mr. , we have some stuff to talk about. Come on, lets go inside."

"Coming right up!" I scooped her off her feet and rushed inside her apartment and dropped her on her bed and I flopped down on top of her. She was laughing like crazy, "Haha! Get off me Stingy-Bee! You're heavy!" I rolled my eyes and got off, "So what did you want to talk about?"

She sat up and straightened her clothes. "The wedding. When are we going to have it? Where? All that stuff." I just walked over to her couch and sat down. "I'm free whenever so you can choose the date. I did think about having the wedding at your guild but Mira suggested having it at the Church which I think is a good idea. But whatever you want for the wedding I'll be fine with whatever you desire, your highness."

She giggled and shook her head. "Mm, the church sounds like a great idea. Maybe we can have the wedding soon. We have the dresses and the suits. We can order the cake a day or two before the wedding, food isn't a problem either. Levy is my maid of honor. Erza, Mirajane, Cana and Juvia are the bridesmaids. Rogue is your best man. Natsu, Gray and Gajeel are your groomsmen. Lector and Frosch are the ring bearer. I'm pretty sure I just went over the essential stuff. But I feel like I'm missing something." she tapped her chin in thought.

It was quiet for a few seconds until she pointed her finger in the air. "The rings! I forgot about that! How could I forget? Sting, we need to get those rings." I chuckled, "Okay, if that's what your highness desires."

x Lucy POV x

After all that wedding talk I sat down next to him on the couch and snuggled up close. We started talking about random things and what we were doing while we were away from each other or he'd tell me weird stories about him and Rogue. But then what felt like hours of talking we sat in silence, I then remembered what happened a few days ago. His back.

"My back? Oh -- well, uhm, I got into another fight at the bar. Yeah that guy was totally crazy. I took a real bad beating."

I knew he was lying. But I didn't understand why. What was he trying to hide? What was so important that he had to lie to me about it? "Sting...?" I mumbled and got a soft groan as a response. "You know your back? Are you okay now? Are you feeling better?"

"Well, I am Sting Eucliffe. It healed better then I thought. It left one or two scars though."

"That's good...... you said you fought at a bar right?"


"Where was the bar?"

He paused for a second, "The one by the market in Magnolia."

"Oh, was the guy you were fighting a wizard?"

"Uh, yeah I think so. What's with all these questions? Are you okay Blondie?"

"Yeah.Yeah, I was just wondering. Sorry."

I chuckled and ruffled her hair. "It's all right. Lets get some sleep huh?"

x Sting POV x

I carried her over to the bed and covered ourselves with the blanket and went to sleep.

The next morning I got up and got ready to go back to Sabertooth but I woke Lucy up to let her know. "Hey Blondie, I'm heading out alright? I love you." I kissed her forehead and left. On my way to the train station I felt nervous. Really nervous.

x Lucy POV x

Later that morning, I got up and got ready for the guild but was actually surprised Sting woke up without me having to wake him up and that he actually told me he was leaving. But I pushed all that aside and started heading down to Fairy Tail. When I got to the guild I sat down next to Cana and Levy who were chatting with Mirajane at the bar like usual. "Ohayo minna!" I smiled and they all greeted back.

"So Lucy? You guys come up with any plans for the wedding?" Mira asked smiling at me, I chuckled and nodded. "He said the date doesn't matter to him, we should have the wedding at the church and we're gonna get the rings soon."

They cheered for me. "That's great Lucy! What else did you guys talk about? Hmm?" Cana eyeballed me. "Nothing much. Boring stuff." I shrugged. They didn't believe me for a second but didn't question me any further. Mirajane started to look a bit annoyed as she kept taking orders from everyone in the guild. "Oh jeez..." Mira started to sigh, making glasses of booze for people or starting to cook for the others. "You need help there Mira?" Levy asked. "Yes, please.Thanks."

Levy left and helped Mirajane behind the bar. Cana was sipping a glass of wine at the moment and offered me some, "Care for a glass Lucy?" But I shook my head. "You know I'm not an alcohol kinda gal."

"Suit yourself."

Every now and then I glanced at Cana and after a while she noticed. "Something bothering you? Like I said, if you want a glass I'll be happy to pour it for you." But again, I shook my head. "Cana.... could I ask you a question?"

"Yeah sure. Whats up?"

I had second thoughts about asking her this. But it was bothering me. "By any chance do you know if there's a bar in town near the market?"

"Well that's an odd question. Why do you wanna know? We got plenty of booze here!" she grinned but I shook my head at her for the hundredth time. "Can you answer it, please Cana." She nodded and started to think. "Sorry Lucy. I've been to every pub and bar here in Magnolia and there isn't one near the market. Why?"

I blinked at her a couple times, unsure on what I should say. How I should react. "Nothing. Just a random question. Thanks."

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