Chapter 12: So Close

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Sting POV

Dam blondie is a handful....

I walked back to her apartment

"Hehehe... where was it again?" I asked no one in particular cause blondie was sound asleep

I turned a corner only to find a closed bookstore well almost all the stores were closing because it was around 10 o clock

Dammit I've been walking around the city for hours

An inner voice told me "You were suppose to follow the path you and Lucy were taking the first time not go down corners!"

"Well sorry how was I supposed to know?" again I asked no one in particular but I must look crazy talking to myself

Strawberries and Vanilla.....

I sniffed out the scent coming from the left side of me. I followed it and came back next to the river but not the exact same spot but it looked familiar

"I go it" I caught the smell again and followed it until I came to a small cute two story apartment. I got inside and placed her on the bed

My eyes were locked on her, the moonlight shown down on her hair giving off a bright golden glow, her milky white skin shown off, her body was as curvy as ever and her lips.... I started leaning down and down until


I snapped my head back and stared at Lucy shocked, was I really going to kiss her?

"Y-Yeah?" I asked

"What were you doing!?" She yelled

"Uhm.... I was trying to see if you had a f-fever" I stuttered

"Oh...uhmm thanks?" she said as a question

"Well.... I'm going to sleep on the couch... that is faaaaar away from your lip- I mean from the window" I rushed towards the couch and I immediately went to sleep when I touched the couch

Lucy POV

He! He was going to kiss me!

Seeing if I had a fever! As if!

I touched my lips, why does it feel so... lonely when he's not by my side?

My eyes fluttered open and it was...

"12:45?!?!?" I screeched

"Aghhh!" Sting fell to the floor covering his ears

"I have sensitive ears you know!"

"Yea! We overslept!" I said rushing to the bathroom to get ready

Sting POV

"Ughhh" I groaned while falling onto her bed

Strawberry and Vanilla

I inhaled the smell repeatedly until the bathroom door slammed open. "LETS GO!"


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