Chapter 28: Missing

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Sting POV

I stared at Lucy with fright. I don't know why, but I was scared at that moment. When she saw me she had the same expression I had but it changed. She was looking down at the ground with sorrow in her eyes. "Sorry. I should've watched where I was going." she slurred a bit. While she was getting up she almost stumbled over and I ended up catching a whiff of her scent. It was mixed with something.

Lucy was bending over as if she was about to puke. "Hey! Are you okay?" I shouted, putting my hand on her back. But she fell forward into my arms, knocked out. When I caught her I was panicking, yelling and gently slapping her face and calling her name out but had no response. So I carried her and ran back to Sabertooth.


Worriedly, I was pacing back and forth over and over outside the infirmary. After about an hour Yukino came out and closed the door softly behind her. "So what's going on! Is she okay! Tell me now!" I shouted. Yukino flinched and looked a bit frightened. "I'm sorry Ma - Master Sting, erm, it seems Miss Lucy consumed quite a bit of alcohol."

I furrowed my eyes feeling a bunch of mixed emotions. "She -- She what!!" I screamed, heading into the infirmary but Yukino bravely stopped me. "I'm sorry Master Sting. But you cannot go in there. She told me not to let you in, and I understand about her situation. But she needs space right now."

Deeply, I glared at her. "Yukino. Move. Now." my deep and serious voice got to her so she just simply sighed and moved. When I walked in Lucy was standing by the window, gazing outside. But when she heard the door closed she didn't even look back. "What the hell were you even thinking?"

"Its not like you care. You should've just left me there." her once happy and energetic voice sounded lifeless and cold. "What are you even talking about? Why would I even leave you there, you would've died!" I shouted.

Lucy POV

Slowly, my hands started to ball into fists and I looked back at him. "Leaving me there to die is the same thing I've been going through. Death, when you feel nothing at all. That's how I feel right now!" tears started to stream down my face. His facial expression was stone cold. "And what? You think I'm thrilled and happy?"

All I did was sigh and turn around. "Well, thank you for what you did. But I'm leaving now." I said and tried to walk past him but he grabbed my arm and pulled me in, and he kissed me. His lips felt the same, soft but hard. I guess I missed it to much because next thing you know we were leaning on the wall, making out.

He stuck his tongue into my mouth with ease and started to lean his crotch part more onto me, while his hands were squeezing my butt. "Lets go back .... to my room." he gasped.

The door squeaked open along with a short scream, it was of course Yukino. Sting pulled back in extinct and his face lit up. "Yukino!" he shouted, Yukinos face was bright red. "GOMENESAI!" an she shut the door.

I looked at Sting and shook my head, quickly I ran past him and towards the door but yet again he caught my wrist and looked at me with worry. "Where are you going?" I sighed. "I knew it. Coming here with you was a mistake." tears filling my eyes.

"Wh - Did I do something wrong?" he stupidly asked. "Yes! Did you think getting me in bed would make things all better? Did you think kissing me would solve all our problems?" and he just shrugged. "Yes - uhm no?"

Softly, I hissed under my breath. "See you around , Sting." I shook my hand out of his grasp and walked out.

Sting POV

This is what it felt like. The love of my life just slipping right out of my hands. I saw her silhouette walk through the door and I knew I had to do something. But I didn't know what. And because of that I lost her.

xx 1 Month Later xx

Lucy POV

I smiled a bit as me and Levy walked around looking at all the shops and people in Magnolia. Levy wanted to buy Gajeel something since she admit she liked him, finally! So she wanted me to come along because she's been saying how depressed I am cause I haven't left the house for the past 2 weeks. "Hey Lu - Chan do you think he'd like this?" she held up a long iron chain necklace. I nodded my head in agreement. "Yeah."

Her eyes lit up and right away she bought it. We decided to look around a bit more and I didn't really care. But I noticed Levy stopped by this magazine stand and when I walked by her she totally flipped out. "Lu - Chan! I'm hungry! Are you hungry? Lets go eat something!" she pushed me away but I kept squirming. "Levy! What's the deal?" I protested. In her eyes were worry, but she brushed it off. "Nothing! Just starving."

Then, I gave her that look and walked back to the magazine stand. My eyes widened in shock seeing this. On the front page of a recent magazine showed Sting. But it was different. In bold letters it said this:

Master of the Guild Sabertooth , Sting Eucliffe Gone Missing?

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