Chapter 8: Masters Advice

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Sting POV

"Oh hi master Makarov I'm here visiting Lucy" I bowed

I looked up and saw him raising an eyebrow "I see....may I ask why and please no need to be formal" he said waving his short arms in front of him

"Oh master Makarov I'm here to discuss something about me and Lucy" I said and he nodded, motioning us to come to his office

I looked at Lucy and she gave me a smile

But for some reason something inside me felt nice.... I feel warm inside

Sting you can't love a fairy!Snap out of it!

I didn't realize it but I was staring at her for a while and people were snapping there fingers in my face but didn't realize it till now

"Yo Sting you up or did you die already?"

"Nah he just had a crush on Lucy"

"Oh hell naw he can't have a crush on my girlfriend!" (You can guess who that is

"Let's go Sting" an angel like voice said poking my face

"Hmm....uh oh yea!" I said and walked away like nothing happened

I walked up the stairs hearing Lucy follow behind, I stood in front of two big oak doors but Lucy with no hesitation she opened one slowly and nodding towards me to come in

"Hi master we have some personal things to talk and share for your advice" Lucy said as she sat down on a small velvet seat

"I understand, Sting you may sit down" Makarov stated as I made my way towards an identical chair as Lucy's

"Now my child,Sting, what would you like to discuss?" Makarov said as he placed his hands on his big brown oak desk that was piled with mountains of paper

"Well you see...." Lucy started

Lucy POV

I explained everything to him, I added in every detail from the moment I walked out of the guild and met Sting to this very moment, I was feeling all kind of different emotions and it didn't help at all when Sting is just staring at me and Master just nodding every now and then

After I finished explaining Master had his eyes closed in deep thinking while Sting was already snoring his ass off

"Hmmm....." Master said still in his same thinking position, Masters thinking made Sting wake up still a little half asleep but after a few seconds he was fully awake

"Well that's depressing" Master said now frowning at us. Wait hold up I'm confused

"What's depressing?" Sting finally friggin spoke up

"I guess NaLu babies aren't coming....So instead it'll be StingLu but I guess your babies will be cute" he said tapping his chin and staring at me and Sting

I sweatdropped "Have you been spending to much time with Mira?" I asked he looked taken back from my statement

"What would make you say that?!" He protested

I giggled "Oh nothing much the only thing that gave it away was....hmmm....everything you said" I smirked

Masters face lit up and laughed a little but realized our situation

"Ahem....well this situation is...not really my concern but I just wanna make sure no one is hurt physically and mentally during this because whoever sorts this out is between you,Sting and Natsu not me" he stated, I felt sad but who wouldn't when you just told and asked your father/master for help and he wouldn't

"But could you give some advice to us Makarov?" Sting asked with a hint of desperation

Man who would've thought the cocky Eucliffe would be desperate and even show it?

"All I can say is...."

I crossed my fingers and prayed to myself to what Master might say

He gave a goofy toothy grin along with a thumbs up and said "Make me some cute grandchildren!"

I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose knowing the Mirajane disease spreaded

"Yea well that didn't help at all but thanks.. I guess" Sting said as he stood up and bowed leaving me in the office with Master

He spoke up and I knew he was just kidding yet I think he took it to serious

"Lucy my child I take it that you know that I was kidding and I don't have the Mira disease?" He asked making me stare at him stunned

"How did you-"

"Fathers senses" he grinned making me roll my eyes playfully

"I was just kidding about not giving you good advice yet the parts with I'm not really concerned in this and about making me cute grandchildren were true but I was only kidding because I wanted to tell you this without Sting nor anyone else's presences" he said yet wasn't finished

"So I get the situation you three are in and my advice to you is that you go with your gut, you need to trust who are you going to spend your life with?Its either Sting or Natsu but under your circumstances with the mark I take it that you stick close with Sting but it's not my position to tell you who to be with, Lucy my dear follow your heart, and in the mean time we will try to find a cure for the mark" he stated and couldn't help but smile at what Master said to me

"Thank you"

I walked out of Masters office, and sighed

Follow my heart huh?Its Natsu of course!

Who would want to be with a cocky guy like Sting anyway?Not me


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