Chapter 17: About Last Night

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Natsu POV

I stared intently at the empty bathroom in front of me. I swear something was wrong.

Lucy also stared wide eyed at the bathroom. As if she was shocked to, to find the bathroom empty. "Lucy...."

Lucy POV

Natsu turned and looked me straight in the eye. "Lucy, if you know that someone was in here you have to tell me." he said.

"Natsu.... No one was - " I was cut off by Natsu. He let out some rage and yelled at me. "Lucy God dammit! No more bullshit!"

"Natsu! Why are you being like this?!" I yelled back, defending myself.

Their was a moment of silence. Then you could see Natsus body ease a little more and he sighed heavily before walking up to me. For like the hundredth time today he looked me straight in the eyes.

Then he kissed me. A long passionate kiss. A loving kiss. A meaningful kiss. And I enjoyed it. (A/N get some Lucy! ^_^ jk)

He pulled back from the kiss with hints of blush covering his cheeks. "Because I love you." he said.

"W-What......" I was blushing and stuttering like crazy. I couldn't believe any of this.

"Lucy. Your..... Your precious and dear to me. And I don't want to loose you." he had a small sad grin on.

My heart fluttered. I smiled at him before giving him a hug. "It's alright Natsu. Your not gonna loose me."


I woke up in my bed with the sunlight beaming onto my face. Was it just a dream? No it couldn't have been. I can still feel Natsu's warmth on my body and lips.

But if last night was actually real. Then where the hell did Sting vanish to?

Rogue POV

"Sting. Get up!" I kicked his face. He just tossed over in his sleep and began snoring again. God he's stupid.

I tried to think of a way to get him up. "I don't even want to do this but...."

I coughed lightly. "Oh hey Lucy!" I faked. But he didn't wake up yet. Stubborn.

"Good morning to you to! Oh... What is that? Your gonna make breakfast in bed for me? Okay thanks. Let me just take my shirt off." I rolled my eyes in disgust at myself.

"OKAY IM UP! DONT GIVE ROGUE CRAP!" Sting shot up from his sleep. I just rolled my eyes again but at him.

"The things I do for you Sting. The things I do." I shook my head.

"Where's Lucy?" he stretched with a big smile on his face.

"She isn't really here. I just wanted you to get up because it's 2:00 in the afternoon!" I yelled but he just ignored me.

Sting POV

"By the way Sting. What happened last night?" Rogue asked.

I thought back .....

I got into the shower and was rinsing off my manly smell. "Blondies clothes smell good." I thought about how I was sniffing her clothes left on the bathroom counter.

"Sting your such a weirdo. You have to play it more cool. But.... Lucy is just. To perfect for me." I frowned.

Then all I heard was Lucy talking to someone.  "Yeah, okay, you said you want to be a novelist/ writer not an actor. Take a step back Luce."

Its definitely Natsu-san. I thought about how I could waltz out on purpose and show off that I was showering in her house. But she would hate me for that. And I can't let that happen.

So like any other idiot. I took my clothes and put it on. And jumped out the window.

I looked at Rogue. I'm already an idiot. "I......uhm.... I got lost."

Rogue just gave me a weird look than shrugged. "Yup. Your an idiot." he said.

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