Chapter 30

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× Sting POV ×

I gulped. "So all I have to do is suck on her neck?" I asked. Levy nodded, everyone staring intently at us. Lucy looked at me, tears lining in her eyes. "Get it over with." Gray grunted.

Lucy walked up closer to me, I grabbed hold of her shoulders and leaned in. My mouth was hovering over the mark, I kept breathing in her scent. Am I ready to let her go? After all the crap we've been through.

My teeth rubbed against her neck, I was about to sink my teeth in until a voice boomed from above. "Stop! Right this instant!"

The whole guild looked up and Master Makarov was looking down at us from upstairs. "What do you think you're doing to Lucy and Sting?" he asked, coming down to the bar. Everyone was speechless.

"Well, Master. We found a cure just like Lucy asked before." Levy answered. Master Makarov gave us a deep, long stare. "Sting. Step away from Lucy."he ordered, I did as he said. "Master what are you doing?!" Natsu shouted. But Master Makarov closed his eyes with an annoyed face.

"My children, what do I always say about making decisions, hm? That you respect everyone's decision or path. Now tell me, have you asked what Lucy and Sting want?" he wondered, yet no one answered. "Thats exactly what I thought."

He looked directly at me and asked, "Sting, what do you want?" Then everyone's attention was on me. I looked at Lucy who was patiently waiting for an answer. "I - I ........"

Lucy looked bummed. She thought I didn't want her. So I bravely grabbed her hand and looked at Master Makarov. "You see this?", I held our entwined hands up, "I love Lucy. I wanna marry her and have a family with her. I never wanted to find a cure. I felt blessed that I could have all this time with her. So I respect whatever Lucy's decision is. But I just felt that I should say what I feel."

The rest of the guild was a bit stunned. Lucy was shocked at what I said but she couldn't help but grin. "That's what I expected. Lucy?" Makarov nodded towards her. Her cheeks had a tint of pink on them, she looked down at the ground in embarrassment.

× Lucy POV ×

I looked up at everyone -- Erza, Gray, Juvia, Levy, Gajeel, and then Natsu. His facial expression was blank. I couldn't tell what he was thinking or even feeling. But I couldn't let Natsu get to me. I can't let him take me over. I need to clarify things to everyone.

"I love Natsu as family. I'm sorry Natsu, to tell you the truth I really did love you. I loved you more than anyone in the world. I still do, but as family. Sting on the other hand was a pain. He still is. But I love him now. I love Sting." I explained. It took a few seconds for everyone to take it in, the first person to speak up was Erza.

She walked up to me and placed her hand on my shoulder. "I'm sorry Lucy. I should've asked how you felt before we contacted you. So I respect what you chose." I smiled and hugged her. "Thank you Erza." Each one of them nodded and smiled making me so happy. The only person who hasn't said anything was Natsu and I'm pretty sure he wasn't planning on saying anything.

"Thank you Master Makarov." Sting smiled. Master smiled at us and nodded. But I felt like I had to announce something to everyone. "Uhm, minna? I have some really big and happy news to announce!" I stated, gathering everyone's attention. "I'm 8 weeks pregnant." I smiled.

The guild was roaring with cheers and screams. That whole night we were celebrating like how we were before. I felt so happy, I think even my baby could feel how happy I was. I really really love my baby.

"Cheers to the newlywed couple and Lucy's baby! Also known as the new Fairy Tail member!" Cana shouted. The whole guild screamed and cheered.


The next day, I woke up in a bed next to Sting. It was one of the beds in the infirmary. I had my head resting on Stings arm while he was snoring his butt off. But I noticed he wasn't the only one snoring. I sat up and saw Gray laying in one bed, Gajeel laying in another and Erza laying in one as well. But she wasn't snoring.

As I tried to get off the bed to use the bathroom I got a sharp pain from my lower back. "Ah....." I grunted, putting my hand on my back and stood up. I tried to ignore the pain but it was really painful. "What the hell is wrong with my back....?" I huffed.

When I got to the bathroom, I did my business and noticed I was bleeding. I started to get really worried. But I thought it was just all part of the process so I just let it slide.

I walked out into the guild, everyone was scattered on the ground -- passed out. A smile formed on my face, I slowly rubbed my stomach in circular motions. "This is gonna be your new home. I know it looks like a building with just a bunch of drunk people but these drunk people will take good care of you. You can rely on them, they're gonna be your family." I whispered to my baby.

Looking around the guild, I walked around and talked to my baby about the guild and magic. "Morning Blondie." I turned around and Sting was rubbing his eyes.

"Good morning ....... he said good morning to." I said, smiling at him. Sting furrowed his eyebrows, "He?"

I nodded. "I think I'm having a boy. I don't know. I just feel like it am." he smiled but it disappeared. "I've been meaning to ask you this but, I'm the father right?"

Before I could answer Levy came into the guild with Wendy and Juvia. "Good morning, Lu - Chan , Sting." they greeted and so we greeted them back.


Later on that day everyone was just having fun. Until I pulled Mira aside and asked for a favor. "So you think you can help me with it?"

She gave a cure giggle and nodded, "Of course! I would love to help you Lucy! Come, let's go into the infirmary."

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