Chapter 14: Keep it a Secret

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"Lucy... I don't want any other man looking at you" he whispered before he did it. He did it! Omfg he did it! •_•

He kissed me

( A/N oooooh wait till I tell Natsu! )

My eyes widened while he wrapped his arms around me but soon, my eyeslids fell and my arms slung around his neck causing the packages of stuff to drop

We stayed like that for a while, we just stood in the middle of the walk way kissing. Its like, when I'm with Sting, I feel so... I feel so happy, I just feel different when I'm with him then when I'm with Natsu. Of course Natsu makes me feel happy to but... just not as happy.

We pulled apart, and when we looked at each other his eye flashed with happiness causing a grin to appear on my face. "I really like you Lucy" he said. He actually called me Lucy.

"Sting, I-"


My head snapped to the voices to see little Wendy and Erza. They both had shocked faces and their mouths hanged.

"E-Erza! W-Wendy!" I squeaked

"Why now..." Sting muttered

I jumped off of Sting causing him to pout. "Lucy..." Erza mumbled

"Erza, please" I walked closer to her

"Lucy.... Are you and Sting.... what?... what about Natsu...I thought.... what's going on?...." Erza was totally confused

"Erza I'm begging you, please don't tell Natsu" I said as my eyes started to get watery

She sighed "Lucy... you know I don't like keeping secrets especially since this one is urgent"

"Please Erza! You don't know how heartbroken Natsu would be if he found out about this!"

"I know but think about how Natsu would feel if he finds out we kept this from him" she said while Wendy just stared at me in disappointment

I furrowed my eyebrows at her in a pleading way "Please.." I whispered

She let out a breath that she was holding "Lucy... as your nakama... I trust that you know what your doing" she said making my lip curl into a grin

"THANK YOU!" I pounced on her


I fixed my gaze onto Wendy, I got off of Erza and waited for what the little dragon slayer had to say

"Lucy-san.... if you love Sting I want you to be happy but.... if Natsu-san finds out he'll be hurt and I don't want that... but I don't want you to be hurt either so.... I'm gonna pretend I didn't see anything" she said walking away with Erza

My legs felt like giving out, my eyes started to feel heavy the last thing I remember was Sting saying "I got you blondie, I will take care of you" then I fell unconscious

Sting POV

Dammit why does she always have to pass out? I started walking back to her apartment forgetting the errand Mirajane entrusted us with. When we arrived at her apartment it was the same old same old. I laid her down on her back and she stirred in her sleep. A strand of her hair fell on her face making me smile, I moved it out of her face making me lean in and plant a gentle kiss on her lips. A smile appeared on her face making me laugh softly

"I like you Lucy..." I whispered next to her ear

I went to take a shower and when I came out she was the same. I crawled into bed next to her and cuddled nice and close. "Night blondie"

My eyes opened, I put my arm around the figure next to me but she was gone. I opened my eyes panicking "LUCY!LUCY?LUCY!!!"

I heard footsteps coming from the kitchen, Lucy came out in an apron "Jeez what's up with you? Yelling first thing in the morning" she scolded while hitting me with a frying pan.

"GOMEN!!!!!" I yelled

Natsu POV

I felt strange, I had this feeling that something bad happened. I called out for Levy and she came right away

"Yeah?" she asked while clutching a book about dragonslayers to her chest

"Found anything?" I asked

"I have some information but not enough" she frowned

I sighed "Thanks anyways"

She left back to a table with Gajeel and Pantherlily. I looked at Erza was sitting next to me, she was just staring at her cake like something was bugging her


She blinked a couple of times before looking at me "Huh?"

"You ok? You've been spacing out"


"I didn't.... Erza what's up?"

She started trembling "I can't hold it in anymore..... I have to tell you something Natsu..." Erza shaked


"I see Lucy and Sting-"

"ERZA-SAN!" Wendy came into our conversation

"Erza-san I-I need your h-help" she stuttered while pulling Erza out of the guild

She saw Sting and Lucy what?

Lucy POV

After I gave Sting a good beating, we ate breakfast and got ready to go to the guild. Apparently he won't be leaving any time soon... but he kept stealing glances from me from time to time

We are walking next to the river in a comfortable silence, it was a peaceful kind of silence

"Lucy..." Sting mumbled


"About the other day...." he fiddled with his thumbs

Memories of yesterday came back, it was kind of blur

The few things I remember were, Mira sending us out to but things, drunk man, flirty girl, me and Sting fighting, Sting and I kissed, Erza and Wen......


I looked at Sting full of shock "So you finally remember?" he asked, sighing


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