Chapter 32

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× Lucy POV ×

It was already night time and Sting still hasn't shown up. But I was happy because Natsu was here by my side, just like old times. "Hey Luce! Stop eating ....... you're gonna get heavier." he pointed out. I slammed my palms on the table and shouted, "No I'm not!"

He laughed, "I was kidding. Stop worrying so much. That light freaks gonna come by, he loves you, you know." I smiled and felt butterflies in my stomach. "Yeah I know."

× Sting POV ×

I walked out of the store and started walking towards Fairy Tail. Every step I took the side of my stomach ached.

"What do you mean you had sex with Yukino?!" Rogue freaked out. I panicked and he panicked to. "What in the hell were you thinking Sting!?"  he shook my shoulders. "Punch me Rogue!" I shouted. But I didn't think he'd do it so fast. Instantly, he punched me right in the gut, causing a bruise. "Okay ...... thanks bro ....." I grunted.

When I made it in front of Fairy Tail I took deep breaths. I kept arguing with myself back and forth until Gray opened the guild doors. "I knew I heard you outside. Lucy's been waiting for you all day."  he pulled me in and shut the doors.

I looked up and scanned the room for Lucy, I saw her laughing next to Natsu making me jealous as ever. Although I'm not one to talk. When Lucy saw me her eyes sparkled and she called me over. "Sting!"

As I walked over there my heart started beating harder and harder. Then I felt Lucy's arms and legs wrapped around me. "I missed you." she nuzzled her face into my chest. All I could do was hug her back. It felt so wrong.

So I released her and took out the present I bought from the store. "Marry me Lucy." I said under my breath. I freaked out, so I panicked and did this quickly.

She stared at the ring in total shock. I could see Natsu in the corner of my eye watching in surprise. Lucy looked at me with tears in her eyes. "Yes. Yes of course." she kissed me passiontely.

"You can't do that!" Rogue yelled. "Why not?" I asked taking money from him. "You can't just marry her because you're scared of loosing her. Tell her the truth or you'll have to live with this guilt the rest of your life!" he shouted. "I have to do this."

"Ooh? What's this?" Mirajane peeked over Lucy's shoulder. "YOU GUYS ARE GETTING MARRIED!" she shouted, catching the whole guilds attention. So they did what Fairy Tail is best at. Partying. They congratulated us by having a drinking contest, dedicating a toast to us, and more drinking.


× Natsu POV ×

"Hey I think Rogue's coming to the door." I told Sting. He shook his head. "No he's not coming. He's watching the guild." Sting ran his fingers through his hair. "Well I smell someone from Sabertooth close by. It can't be you cause your scent is different." I sniffed the air a couple of times. "It smells like a girl."

He just shrugged. So I sniffed the air one more time and looked at him. "It's you -- but how can you smell like a girl? Lucy smells different ....... You - YOU BASTARD!" I yelled, felling fired up.

I jumped on the table, igniting my fists with fire. "I knew it! You don't deserve Lucy you scum!" I shouted, launching myself at him. My fist landing in his gut causing us to fly back and right through the wall. We were outside, he was laying on the ground, dust surrounding us. "You're a cheating, no good, son of a -- Natsu!"

Lucy came rushing next to Stings side and glared at me. "What's wrong with you Natsu! Stop this non - sense!" she scolded me, pulling Sting to his feet. "No. This isn't non - sense. Tell her! Tell her now before I kill you!"

"Tell me what? Look Natsu whatever this is just stop! I thought you were okay with me and Sting?" she defended him. " Tell her -- now!"

Lucy looked at Sting in confusion. He had his hair covering his eyes and tears sliding down his face. "I love you Lucy. I hope you know that." Lucy seemed a bit scared. "Of course. What's wrong?"

Sting looked up at Lucy. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. It was a mistake. I was drunk and I was mad." But Lucy stepped away from Sting, practically shaking. "What's going on? Tell me!"

"I slept with someone Lucy. Trust me it meant nothing to me. I was drunk and angry!!" he shouted, trying to hug Lucy until I pushed him back. "Don't touch her."

× Lucy POV ×

I was speechless. He wouldn't do that. Sting just proposed, unless ..... it was just his guilt. I took the ring off and threw it at him. "You're really something you know that? You're trash! I hate you! You wanna know something? This baby isn't even yours!! So get out of here and never come back!!" I screamed and ran into the guild crying.

× Sting POV ×

I felt horrible. Not as much as I'm about to be as I saw the guys walk out the guild looking furious as ever. "You're scum for what you did to Lucy." Natsu spat. Gajeel , Gray , Laxus and the rest of the guys glared at me, some about to throw a punch until Erza stepped up. She looked scary, she had that face when she was battling Minerva in GMG.

"Enough! Sting, you are no longer welcome here at Fairy Tail." she stated. They all gave a last glare and went back into the guild.

4 Days Later

× Natsu POV ×

"It's okay Luce....." I rubbed her back as she was balling her eyes out. "I hate him. I wasted so much time on him. I hate him ....... I never wanna see his ugly face ever again!" she sobbed. I know now I hate him. I never want to see his face ever again here in Fairy Tail.


I rushed it didn't I ?

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