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Originally , this was supposed to be a NaLu but after the second chapter I decided it was going to be a StingLu / StiCy.

Originally , Lucy was going to have a successful pregnancy and give birth to twins. [and if she did I might've made one of them die.] sorry.

Originally , the chapter named Sting and Asuka was supposed to have a meaning behind it in another chapter but it was never made.

Originally , when Natsu and Lucy supposedly had sex there was gonna be a chapter explaining what happened that night in deeper detail but I left it so you guys could have your own thoughts about what happened.

Originally , on Lucy and Stings wedding Natsu was supposed to object to it, confessing that he still has feelings for Lucy. But I decided to make Natsu be supportive about it. EVEN THOUGH I TRIED SO HARD NOT TO ADD THAT IN.

Originally , this book was supposed to be called 'The Bite' but I thought how horrifying that actually sounds. LOL.

And lastly, I would just like to say that I love Yukino. I didn't mean to put her on blast in this story but you guys didn't care one bit about her. LMAO. But yeah, I like her. I just needed someone for Sting to yanno.

But anyways, thanks for the support. I LOVE YOU ALL! and if you made it all the way to the end of the story, which is here please comment that you loved this book and what you liked about it. I really need feedback.

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