Chapter 39

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× Lucy POV ×

I slumped forward and sighed loudly in boredom. Sting hasn't come to visit me yet, it's been a week and a half already and I still haven't seen him. "Hey Lu-chan!" Levy smiled and took a seat next to me. "Hi Levy." I beamed a smile back at her. "No Sting again?" Instantly, I frowned and nodded. "You don't think.... you know what, never mind." I shook my head. "No no no. Tell me whats on your mind Lu-chan." I sighed loudly, "You don't think Sting would back out of the proposal right?"

"What? No way! He's a good guy Lucy, don't lose faith in him." she winked making me giggle. "You're right."

× Sting POV ×

"Jeez...." I rubbed my aching neck. 'I hope this is enough'.

When I got back to the guild I headed over to the bar and ordered a mug of booze. "Its past midnight where have you been?" Rogue asked but I just shrugged. "Ya' know, I was here and there. Just took a walk." He stared blankly at me, "A walk that took 10 hours? Are you drunk?"

"What? No. Well not yet." I started drinking more booze from my mug, he simply sighed and shook his head. "Hold on.... is that a bruise?" he started to reach for my shirt but I whacked his hand away. "No," we stared at each other for a split second then I huffed, "I need more booze."

× Lucy POV ×

The next day I went over to the guild and saw Natsu looking at the mission board. "Ohayo Natsu!" I greeted. He looked at me and smiled widely, "Ohayo Luceee!" he ran and dragged me over to where he was. "Lets go on a mission yeah? Just me and you." he grinned while picking one out. "Just me and you? What about Erza and Gray?"

He shook his head, "Nah, they're all busy. Ah-ha! This one." he handed me the flier. 10,000 Jewel to take care of a couple of bandits. "Seems easy enough."

× Sting POV ×

I blinked a couple times and sat up. "Ohhh..." I groaned, rubbing my head. Jeez, how much mugs did I drink last night? I was about to get out of bed but I noticed someone under the covers . Oh hell no, I did NOT do anything. Right?

I inhaled loudly and took the covers off the figure. When I saw who it was I exhaled in relief. "What the hell are you doing in my bed Rogue?" But he didn't answer and continued to sleep. I got out of bed and threw a shirt on and left my room. I called Lector over and we exchanged our greetings then we were off. "You ready Lector?"

"Yosh!" I grinned at him causing him to frown a bit. "Are you okay Sting-kun?"

"Of course, don't worry Lector. Sorry to drag you along."

"It's okay Sting-kun! I'll always be here for you!"

I just chuckled softly, "Thanks." We were walking through the town then all of a sudden Lector shouted, "Fish!! Can we get some Sting-kun?" I turned around but someone bumped into me causing me to hiss in pain. "Watch where you're going!" They apologized and hurried off. "Sting-kun! Are you okay?" I held my shoulder in pain for a few seconds then exhaled heavily. "Yeah. Don't worry."

"Maybe we should go back Sting-kun. You should get rest." But I shook my head. "No, I can't. We have to go Lector, c'mon. We'll get fish after. I promise."

We started walking but my body still ached really bad and Lector was on to me.

× Lucy POV ×

Me and Natsu sighed loudly. "Well that was a fail." I nodded, "That was horrible."

It was quiet for a couple of seconds but then we bursted out laughing. "Haha! You were such an idiot Natsu! I can't believe you let the bandits get away! They totally tricked you!" I laughed. "Idiot? Me? You were the one who fell on their face when we were running after them!" Natsu laughed, pushing my shoulder lightly. I smiled at him then sighed, looking up at the stars. Again, it was silent for a bit but it was a comfortable type of silence. We were sitting in the small town where the mission took place. It was kinda chilly out but the stars were really nice tonight.

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