Chapter 10: Lets Go!

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Lucy POV

"So Levy-chan what you said is true?" I asked

"Yes I might find the cure but with the little information the book I have is giving me it will take a while until I find the exact cure" sadness filled in it

"It's ok Levy-chan I can wait" I reassured her and she just nodded

"Hey Luuuccyy someone is staring at you" Mira cooed as I looked at where she was pointing at I locked gazes with Sting

His charming sea blue eyes were devouring me by the second, it was unexplainable it was like I just entered another universe his eyes said a million words I practically drowned in them, I could tell he was getting the same thing with the way his eyes were looking at mine

I knew Sting was handsome but looking at it closely gives you a better thinking on him yet again I just got lost in his eyes

Sting POV

When Lucy noticed I was staring at her I was obviously going to turn away

But that is up until her chocolate brown orbs stared deep into me, telling me things through her eyes I practically got lost in them, her eyes their.... I don't know they are beyond beautiful and believe me I have said that to a woman one to many times but saying it truthfully...

Man that's a first

Her eyes could tell a story it could make you just stare at her forever it's like once you get caught in her eyes you can't escape, they would just drag you down and show you something beautiful

Lucy POV

I could stay like that forever that is until Mira nudged me with a smirk on her face

"What're starin at?" I asked roughly

"Oh nothing much.... Just the fact that you and Sting were staring at each other for oh let's see..... 8 minutes now" her smirk grew wider

Wait we staring for that long?

I stood up making Sting snap out of his thoughts

"Ok minna me and Sting will be taking our leave" I Said and everyone waved goodbye

"You and me?" Sting asked with a smirk

"Don't get the wrong idea Stingy-bee" I smirked back making him frown

"Yea don't call me that"


"Luce!" Natsu yelled


"I'm coming with you I ain't leaving you alone with this douche" he pointed at a pissed off Sting

I punched Natsu on he shoulder "It's not nice to call people that!" I scolded

"Ouch Luce your violent" Natsu rubbed his shoulder

"Fine...." Natsu pouted and went to start a fight with Gray

"Let's go Sting!"

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