Chapter 29: Cure

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I stared at the magazine intently, in shock. "Uhm, excuse me sir? When was this magazine published?" The old man replied, "About 3 days ago. Would you like to buy it, ma'am?" he asked. Unsure, I nodded anyways and handed him the money.

"Lu - Chan, I'm not sure you should get into this." Levy warned as we headed back to my apartment. But I ignored her and started to read the article inside it:

Sting Eucliffe, Master of the Wizard Guild Saberooth has somehow gone missing? Is this another one of the playful masters pranks or is this something we all should be concerned about?
According to our sources It states that Mr. Eucliffe has taken off somewhere. His brother, Rogue Cheney has given us word that he will be taking Stings place because of his absence. But the guild wizards are searching for his whereabouts.

That is all the information we can give out to the public. If anything else occurs we will be sure to share it with you all. Thank you!

I bit my lip and just kept walking. When I made it to my apartment, Levy followed and sighed. "Lu - Chan, as your nakama and best friend I do not and I repeat do not want you to go out looking for him, okay? You are carrying a baby and I don't want anything to happen to you or the baby. So please promise me you won't go looking for him."

She looked so concerned so I just nodded. We just had a little chat a bit after and she left. As soon as I knew she was gone I ran to my closet and grabbed a bag, packed extra clothes, my keys and belt. Then I went to the kitchen and packed water and snacks. After getting ready I changed into more comfortable clothes and was off to the train station.

On the way there I kept re - reading the article. It just seemed a bit off that Sting would do something like this.

When I got to the train station I got my ticket and boarded the train. The whole way all I could think about was Sting.


I walked through the doors of Sabertooth, gathering the attention of everyone. "Its a fairy!" one yelled. But I ignored them and kept walking in towards the office. "Where do you think your going?" someone else asked, stopping me. "Leave her be." a deep voice said. I looked up and saw Rogue.


Me and Rogue were sitting in the office. "I'm guessing you heard about Stings disappearance?" he asked. "Yeah, what is all this about? What happened?" He just shrugged. "No one really knows, but he's somewhere in the forests in Crocus. That's for sure." I furrowed my eyebrows, "You seem so relaxed about this, while I'm just freaking out."

He just shrugged again. "He's Sting. He'll get by. Don't underestimate him, he can manage himself. Its just that his disappearance leaked out into public and now all this rumors are spreading. Yesterday, I went to a bar and overheard a man saying that Stings dead. But of course it was a rumor. Stings just have a tantrum." Rogue shook his head. "But - But what if those rumors are true?"

Heavily, he sighed. "It isn't. Just go home and we'll let you know when he gets back. But whatever you do don't go looking for him. It's to dangerous for you, especially in your state." I nodded. "Okay then, update me please. I'm really worried."


When I left Sabertooth I left into Crocus. I headed into the forest, who knows what I'm doing. "Sting....?" I called out. For about an hour, I was walking through the forest and the Sun was in sight. But I fell on my knees as I felt a sharp pain on the side of my stomach, instantly I grew scared but after a few seconds it passed. When I stood back up, their it was again but it was worse and it made me scream. "Help....." Suddenly, their were black spots everywhere. I was about to black out. Before, my eyed closed their was a tall man in a black hoodie walking towards me.


"Oh good your up." I tried to adjust to the bright light and sat up slowly. "Your okay. So don't start worrying." Rogue said sitting on a chair across the room. "How did I get here?" I rubbed my head. "Ask the creep over here in the back." he nodded at the same tall man in the black hood. When he put his hood down, I gasped lightly. "Your crazy you know that?" Sting shook his head. I started giggling and tears soon started to fall while laughing. I was so happy to see him.

Rouge left the room, leaving me and Sting. "You shouldn't have gone after me. Its dangerous going around by yourself." he scolded.

Sting POV

"I'm sorry." she said. I let out a sigh, "Its okay." But she laughed. "I wasn't talking to you." I looked at her and she was rubbing her stomach and humming soft tunes to her baby. "I'm just glad your okay. C'mon let's go." I went and picked her up and started walking to my room.

When we got there, I laid her down and not to long after that she fell asleep, I covered her with a blanket but before I did that I slowly touched her stomach. "I won't let anything happen to you. Or your mommy." I whispered.


Lucy POV

"So what gender do you hope your baby is?" Yukino asked, we were sitting just outside the guild taking in the morning air. "It doesn't matter. Boy or girl I'll love them." I smiled and she just chuckled softly. "Thought of any names?" I nodded in response. "If it's a girl I wanna name her Layla, after my mother. But if it's a boy I would want to name him Lucas."

The guild doors opened and Sting called me in. I followed him and he said, "We got a message from Fairy Tail. They said they found ..... a cure to the mark." he said, sounding devastated. "Wait what?" I was shocked. "Yeah, they called on the Lacrima. They want me and you there as soon as possible."

After, I grabbed my stuff from his room and he left Rogue in charge for a bit. The whole way to the train station it was just quiet. None of us would talk. Well, we just couldn't. On the train I took a window seat and he took the seat next to me. Halfway into the ride I felt tired and Sting noticed so he slipped his hand onto mine and grasped it. I looked up at him and he was grinning, so I leaned my head onto his shoulder and drifted into a slumber.


It was the same, as we got off the train and headed toward the guild, it was quiet. But we were holding hands. That's all I could ever ask for. When we were in front of the guild, he didn't look good. He looked as if someone really close to him died.

We walked in and everyone was there, Levy and the girls were waiting at the bar along with Gray and the other boys. Levy smiled and waved, she had her reading glasses on and she had a book in her hand with a dragon on the cover. Me and Sting walked up to them, but we weren't holding hands anymore. Natsu gave a small smile to us and took a sip of booze from his mug. "Lu - Chan!" Levy smiled.

I nodded, to signal I wanted things to get done. Well not really. "Well, good news! We found a cure. It's nothing major. All Sting has to do it suck the part where he first bit you. What he really is doing is sucking it back into his system. Real easy, it just hurts a bit." she explained then looked at Sting. "You ready?"

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