Chapter 7

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We were walking to Fairy Tail since I didn't want to be stuck in my apartment with these two idiots arguing over the stupidest things for hours. But it was inevitable considering they were still yelling at each other about who's hair was 'sexier.'

I let out a large sigh, "Sting?" I called out. They both walked up beside me, "Yo." he answered. "We're here -- I'll be sure to be at your funeral but on a completely different note, can I have your earring?" I teased making him roll his eyes deeply at me.

I opened the guild doors and when we walked through the piles and groups of people I started to notice how the loud commotion started to die down, softer and softer. But it got to the point where absolutely no one was talking. Which we all know that Fairy Tail is never quiet.

So I decided to break the intense silence and greet everyone, "Ohayo minna!" I waved but some only replied with a glance.

"Sabertooth!" Gajeel grimaced from afar. He had the same disgusted face everyone else had. After what Sabertooth did at the Grand Magic Games the guild started to have a strong passion of hate for them. But I really just let it go.

"Why are you with a Saber?" some asked from the crowds. 

I let out a sigh, "Maybe it's time to let them know.." I nudged Sting. "You haven't told them yet? Well, I'm Blondies ma-" I slammed my hand over his mouth in annoyance. 

"Shut it! I'll tell them. Okay?" I reassured him. I brought my hand back down to my side and looked back up at everyone nervously.

"Well everyone, if you don't know about dragon slayers -- they can mark a person to be their mate forever -- and so ...." I trailed off hoping they wouldn't catch on but I could feel a deadly aura coming off from everyone. A glow of hate sparked from their eyes.

"STING EUCLIFFE!!!" The guild yelled in unison, sending shivers down both me and Stings back.

"They're terrifying .... especially the armored dude and white haired demon." Sting muttered, pointing at Erza and Mirajane who were giving a sinister smirk.

"Do you know how long I've been waiting for NaLu?" Mira asked in a demonic voice.

"Do you know how long I've been wanting my Lucy to be happy?" Erza said glaring daggers at Sting.

The only thing I worried about was --

"NaLu? What the hell is NaLu?" I asked.

"Natsu and Lucy duhh. You see it's a ship I created. And a ship is practically a couple -- you know what it's not important." Mira said totally forgetting the big issue.

"But instead he had to ruin it and now instead of NaLu it's StingLu!" Mira protested back in her demonic voice.

I sweatdropped, "StingLu?"

"Sting and Lucy duh!" Mira and Erza yelled sending shivers down my spine, "Gomen..."

Until we heard --


Our attention directed to Master who was standing on the railing of the second floor. He scanned over the room and his eyes bulged out of their sockets when he saw Sting, "A Sabertooth member?" he said jumping down and onto the bar counter.

"What brings you here?"

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