Chapter 1

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× Lucy POV ×

I sighed as all my nakamas are partying for winning the Grand Magic Games. Natsu and Gray are fighting, Erza is eating her cake and Cana and the rest are having drinking contests but you wouldn't believe who Cana started dating.

"Hey babe! I challenge you to a drinking contest!" Bacchus yelled at Cana. "Bring it!" Cana yelled back, both holding a barrel of booze. I was sitting at a table with Mira, Wendy and the 2 exceeds.

"Hey Lucy-San why do you look sad?" Wendy asked, fully concerned.

"Oh it's nothing really." I said and gave her a reassuring smile but she wasn't buying it and neither were Mira and the exceeds. "Lusheee you can tell us." Happy said while eating his 87th fish of the night, really not surprising.

"Yeah Lucy, spill the beans." Mira said I sighed in defeat.

"It's just I'm weak and I lost twice in the Grand Magic Games that's it, don't worry." I said, feeling guilty for bringing shame to the guild.

Mira and Wendy looked at me with anger in their eyes. "Lucy, don't ever say that about yourself. What kind of Fairy Tail wizard are you if you doubt your ability? You did great Lucy, don't think less. We got second place and it's all thanks to you." Mira explained.

Wendy nodded and added, "Lucy - san, your one of the most strongest mages I know! Its because your determination and power. Please don't put yourself down Lucy - san, we won!" she cheered.

"Yeah .... I guess your right. But still, I feel so weak and useless." I sighed.

"Luce? Why are you saying your weak?" Natsu asked, towering over me looking really upset. "Uhhh....-" but before I could say more Natsu interrupted, grabbed me and pulled me outside. We were outside the guild and he started, "Luce! Dont talk like that about yourself! That just makes me pissed knowing my nakama, my teammate, the one I love-" he stopped and had his mouth hanging open with embarrassment.

"Natsu? You love me?" I snorted at his stupidity. "Uhhh.....Did I say that out loud?"

I giggled, pinching and stretching his cheeks as if he was 5 years old. He groaned as I did this and when I finished I was laughing hard. Natsu was just slumping over with a frown so I stopped laughing and kissed his cheek making his face glow bright red. "I love you to Natsu."

His face lit up with excitement, he carried me by the waist and spun me around. When he put me down we walked back into the guild holding hands and everyone else noticed causing them to howl, whistle, cheer and also have another reason to party and drink. Typical Fairy Tail.

"LUCY AND NATSU SITTING IN THE TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" they chanted, making me blush but Natsu didn't pay attention to it. He continued where he left off with Gray, of course.

I walked up to Mira who had sparkles in her eyes "Lucy!You didn't tell me you and Natsu are together!" she squealed.

"Well I guess we are now."

"Kyaaaaa! How many kids are you having?" I protested to that remark. Carla was covering Wendy's ears and Happy just made a stupid comment on how I'd be heavier if I had a kid. But then again, I couldn't help but feel useless. The GMG kept coming back into mind and it was painful to think about. "Mira, I'm going home. Goodnight, tell Natsu I went home." I announced to them.

"Okay, I will. Goodnight Lucy, be safe out there." Mirajane waved her goodbye and so did Wendy and the exceeds.

But when I left the guild I knew I wasn't going home, I couldn't sleep. Not yet. I sat on a bench in a small park, no one was really around so I could think in peace. But then I heard a voice, "Hey Blondie!" a voice slurred.

When I turned around I saw someone I never thought I'd see again. "Sting?"

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