Chapter 11: Stingy-bee

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Sting POV

"Hey blondie careful!" I yelled as she was balancing on the edge of the river

"Yea yea yea I got this"

"Better be cause if you fall in there I ain't saving you" I said and she stopped

"Really?If I drowned in here you wouldn't care?You wouldn't help?Whats wrong with you!?" she yelled at me mad

"No no no that's not what I meant!I mean I mean-arghhhh..." I face palmed because I couldn't find the right words

"What if I fell in right now what would you do?" she eyed me

"You wouldn't" I said in a deep voice but her face only hardened

"Blondie don't!"

"Let's see..."

My heart dropped as she fell backwards and into the river making a splash


After a few seconds she didn't come up and I was literally having a heart attack

"Dammit why do you have to be so stubborn?"

I jumped in with no hesitation and swam around and finally saw her motionless body floating towards the bottom

I grabbed her arm and dragged her up and placed her on the cement

"BLONDIE!!!" I screamed

She started coughing up water and mumbled something but I couldn't hear


"I told you you'd save me" she smiled

"Your one heck of a girl blondie" I said carrying her bridal style, she snuggled in to my chest making my cheeks warm up

"Thanks...Stingy-bee" she mumbled before drifting off into sleep

"Ok blondie this is the only time I'll let you call me that"

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