Chapter 40

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× Sting POV ×

My eyes slowly opened, it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to my surroundings and when my eyes opened I smelt a familiar scent. 'Lucy? ' The sight of her made me feel relieved. She was still sound asleep, my arms wrapped around her. I brought her closer to me and breathed, "I'm not sure how I got here but I'm glad I am."

I was about to go back to sleep but I realized I was shirtless. Shirtless. Does that mean she found out? Slowly, I got out of the bed without waking her and walked over to her mirror. I turned around and looked back at the mirror and saw that my wounds were cleaned and some were bandaged. "Oh no.." I quickly put my shirt on that was laying on the floor and walked over to Lucy who was still sleeping peacefully.

"I'll be back Lucy." I kissed her forehead and left her apartment.

× Lucy POV ×

I turned on my side expecting to feel Sting laying next to me but he wasn't. My eyes opened and saw that he was gone. But I just assumed he was somewhere else in the house so I sat up and stretched. "Sting?...." I softly called out. No answer. "Sting?" I called out once again but a bit louder. Still, it was quiet. Of course, he left. I should've expected that from him nowadays.

When I was done getting ready I headed over to the guild, hoping Sting was there. But when I opened the guild doors he wasn't there. Of course he wasn't. I got my hopes up for no reason. I sat with the girls and smiled, "Ohayo minna!" They all smiled and greeted me back. "How are you feeling today Lucy?" Erza asked. "Great!" I grinned.

× Sting POV ×

I ran, pushed the door open and was gasping for air. "Oh, you're back huh?" I glanced up at him and rolled my eyes. "I have the money. Now can I have it? I made it in time for the deadline."

"You got 10,000,00 Jewel in a week? Impossible!" he laughed hysterically at me but I threw him the sack of money causing him to look a bit startled. "Whaa.." he gasped peeking in the bag. I shot him a glare, "Jeez, 10,000,000 Jewel your highness. No more, no less." He gave me a reassuring grin and gave me what I wanted. "Just like you asked for. No other place gives that out! Custom made! Haha, enjoy!" he gave a loud hard laugh.

Yet again I rolled my eyes and left feeling tired, irritated but satisfied and proud. "It was enough. It was worth it." I grinned and started heading back to Sabertooth. When I got there I whistled happily to myself and walked over to the bar. "Another beer Sting?" the bartender asked but I shook my head, "Just give me water."

"Water eh? Interesting."

I turned my head slightly and saw Yukino taking a seat next to me. "I haven't seen you sober in awhile huh?" I laughed and shrugged at her. "I guess so. You want anything?" But she shook her head. "You know, Rogue has been worried about you. So was I, but as a friend of course! Not like a girlfriend cause that would be weird since you're getting married and --"

"Okay okay, I get it Yukino." I chuckled. "You know Sting, I just wanted to apologize for my behavior and for everything I did. So I just want us to forget about all this and--"

"Forget about what? What happened?"

Her eyes widened then a smile appeared on her face. "Arigatou Sting."

"Mm. No problem."

× Lucy POV ×

"Haha!" I laughed hysterically as me and the girls were talking. "Ne Lucy, when are you gonna marry Sting?" Mira wiggled her eyebrows. My smile faded and my eyes dimmed down, "Hm. I don't know.."

They all glanced at each other than back at me. "You don't know about what? When you're gonna get married or if you still wanna get married?"

I looked away and shrugged. "...both."

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