Chapter 35

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Okay hold on. Jesus. I died from the last chapter. The comments were killing me. Like oml. I cant. I just can't. It was to funny. "I'm gonna poison Yukino and kill the baby." LIKE LMAOOO. Or there was this one comment "If Yukino tells Sting they're distant relatives but they had sex." HAHAHAHhahahah . The hatred was so pure and real. I loved it.

× Sting POV ×

"It's okay Lucy......" I hugged her back, she was sitting on my lap with her legs wrapped around my waist and her arms slung around my neck. She was crying her eyes out. "How can you be so strong Sting ...... it was my baby -- our baby."

"I know. But I'm being strong for you. If me and you were crying our hearts out both of us would be broken forever, and I'm not letting that happen to you. I'm gonna take care of you and help you recover." I smiled, using my thumb to wipe her tears away. "It really is okay Lucy. This kind of thing happens to people."

"I know ...... But why did it have to happen to us?" she started crying again.

× Yukino POV ×

I started walking down the streets in Magnolia, getting whispers from bystanders. "Excuse me ......? Where is the wizard guild, Fairy Tail?" the person I asked pointed in a direction and so I followed the routes she gave me.

When I got there I was impressed by how enormous their guild was. "Sugoi......" Making my way inside I could hear nothing but silence, making me curious. Slowly, I pushed one of the oak doors open and saw only a couple of people.

Mirajane Strauss saw me enter and she had a certain look in her eyes. "Yukino?" she walked over to me. "Why is their no one here?"

"Oh ..... well we were grieving over our loss."

My eyes widened a bit, "Nothing happened to Lucy - san right?" Mirajane gave a sly smile. "No, no of course not. It's just that an incident happened." I felt like I shouldn't ask any further so I just nodded understandingly.

"By any chance do you know where Sting might be? I have s - something important to tell him." she bit her lip and smiled. "No. I haven't. Actually I think he went back to Saber tooth, you should go back and check."

That sounded like a great idea, I was so hungry anyway, I gave a smile and thanked her. "Thank you Mirajane - san. I will." and bowed.

× Mirajane POV ×

I kept standing and smiling, watching Yukinos silhouette disappear. When she was gone I shook my head, walking back to the bar. "I had to lie to her ..... I know if I told her where Sting was it wasn't going to help him or Lucy."

×Yukino POV ×

As I was walking down to the train station my stomach growled causing me to flush with embarassment. I walked to the closest grocery store to pick up something fast to eat. "Hmm. What am I in the mood for?" I asked myself walking down the aisle.

While scanning the shelves of food to find something to eat I heard a familiar voice in the next aisle. I walked over to the shelf and moved some stuff to see who was in the other aisle. But I was shocked to see Sting there.

But I thought Mirajane said he left Magnolia already?

× Sting POV ×

Hurriedly, I grabbed some food for Lucy, I left her at home and I have to get back to her as soon as possible. While looking at the shelves of food I felt someone watching me. Quickly, I turned around and saw no one so I just shrugged and continued. But the whole time I felt someone's eyes watching my every move.

"Is someone there?" I called out. There was no answer but I could see someone behind the shelf. "Look, I'm Sting Eucliffe, the Master of Sabertooth. So think twice before messing with me." Still, no response. I felt so annoyed by this so I lit my hand with light and walked to the other side of the shelf. "About time I get to have some action."

But there. Right there, when I saw her. My heart nearly stopped. "....... Yukino?"

× Lucy POV ×

I sat on my bed, looking out my window waiting for Sting to come back. He wanted to buy food since he thought I was a skeleton for not eating for days. But I wasn't hungry.

"I wonder ...... what it would've been like, if my baby was still here ......" But then I remembered what Sting said before. "But I'm being strong for you. If me and you were crying our hearts out both of us would be broken forever."

He's being strong for me. Then I should be strong for him to.

Literally, I forced a smile onto my face but it would only last a few seconds until it turned back into a frown. But I had to get out of bed. Slowly and steadily, I walked outside and enjoyed the gentle breeze and the feeling of the Sun's rays bouncing off my skin. The sky was a beautiful orange and the fishermen waved to me like usual.

"Do it for Sting Lucy. Do it for Sting." I mumbled. Off in the distance I could hear arguing approaching. But oddly, they sounded like familiar voices. Gray and Natsu? No. Natsu and Erza?

Waiting for the sources of the voices to come closer but I was in total shock to see who it was. Sting and ..... Yukino. Sting was ignoring her while she kept chattering on and on about something. When they came closer, Sting saw me and facepalmed. "Please don't be mad Lucy. This isn't what it looks like. Also, why are you out of bed?"

I narrowed my eyes down at Yukino, completely ignoring Sting. Yukino gulped and bowed. "Gomenesai Lucy - san! But I have come to tell Sting something." Although my blood was boiling from just the sight of her I wanted to hear what she had to say. But Sting on the other hand just wanted to go back inside. "Please. Can we just go back inside? Yukino can just go back to the guild."

I shook my head and glared at him. "Please Yukino, why don't you tell Sting your important thing." Yukino played with her fingers while her face lit up, "I - If you don't mind Lucy - san, could I talk to Sting alone?"

Honestly, I really didn't want to leave him with her but I nodded and went back inside. But of course I watched from the window. It took time for things to actually start, but when it did Sting laughed for a bit and shook his head. From this I noticed Yukino's expression changed, she was sad yet I could see the fire in her eyes. She was angry.

All of a sudden Yukino started stomping her feet and shouting inaudible things. She pointed at my window and started shouting again until Sting yelled back at her and pointed away, signaling for her to go. She ran away crying, so I sat on my bed waiting for Sting to fill me in. But as soon as he got in he literally ignored me and laid down next to me on my bed.

"So what happened?"


"What do you mean nothing? Something happened."

"Yeah something happened. But it isn't a big deal, really. Look I'm really tired so we should get some rest."

I scoffed at his actions. "Well then, if you're tired I suggest going home. You can't sleep here until you tell me what happened." But he gave  long sigh and shook his head. "Just leave it be Lucy. It's not important."

"No. It is important. I can tell. Now you have to tell me what happened or you're never allowed back here again." Sting grunted in response and sat up, looking down at the bed. About a minutes passed until he got himself together and speak, "Yukino asked me to --"


To be continued. :)

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